That night Spottedleaf and Fireheart slept together in some moss.
" Spotted?" Fire whispered.
" Yes, Fireheart?" she yawned.
" It's dawn we sould be going" he said.
" Oh! Well, let's hurry then!" she exclaimed.
They travel past Mother Mouth. When moon high came they went back to sleep.
" Fireheart!" Spottedleaf shouted
" What's happening?!" his fur brisling.
" Let's go hunting" she said.
Fireheart stretched " All right."
They hunted for a little bit then went back to camp.
" Come on, time to travel lazy-fur" she teased gently
They travel for hours and then.......
" Stop!" Spottedleaf shouted
" What is it Spottedleaf?" he asked worrily
"This will be our new home " she said proudly.
Fireheart did not see much, but then he looked closer. It looked a lot like a clan camp, like ThunderClan Camp!
"Spottedleaf maybe we could start a Clan" his said finally
Spottedleaf looked at him " Oh, Fireheart a clan with our kit and their kit, and so on. oh, Fireheart I'd love it!"
" Maybe we could let some strong kitty pets join, they'd be help" Fireheart nodded.
So they started right away. They made all the dens, gathered herbs,made a fresh-kill pile, and gathered moss.
When they were finished Spottedleaf said" Fireheart I want you to be leader of the new clan."
He was shocked so he asked " Why me?"
"Because I am going to have your kits Fireheart, our kits."
Now Fireheart was excited "Oh, Spottedleaf this is great! But, you should rest."
"Fireheart...."she warned
"Sorry I'm just so excited!" he mowed.
"Spottedleaf I'm going to try to get a kitty pet to join tomorrow O.K?"
"Of course Fireheart" she replied
Fireheart start to the twoleg place when a cat with a familiar scent try to pounce on him.
He growled " Who are you?"
The she growled back" You know how I am Fireheart!"
"No, I don't know " he said with intrest now.
" Sandstorm" she said
" No, it can't be. No not you Sandpaw!"he said nervously
He smelled the air more ThunderClan cats!
"Who is with you?" he growled.
" Dustpelt,Graystripe,Swiftbreeze,Brackenpaw,Cinderpaw,and Ashpaw,and Fernpaw"Sandstorm said.
"Oh, no Graystripe?"he said carefully
" Fireheart is it really you?" he asked.
"Yes, it is" Fireheart said
" Well, we have to get you back to ThunderClan-"
"Never!" Fireheart yelled" Never, never,never!"
"Fireheart!" Graystripe started
" I'll never go back! not without her!" he yelled again
" Without who Fireheart?" Sandstrom said gently.
" Without Spottedleaf" he whispered
" He's gone crazy!" Dustpelt said
" Not without my kits!" Fireheart yelled again
" Know move I've got to go cats to join our clan" Fireheart said
Graystripe sighed" I'll join your clan Fireheart."
"Really?" Fireheart said
"Yes" Graystripe said
"Us to!" the four apprentices said excitedly
" We've got no choice. We'll all join show us camp" Sandstorm sighed. Firheart brought them to camp.
"Fireheart, who is with you my love?" Spottedleaf asked.
"Well..." he started
The three warriors gasped. "No, just can't be" They all said.
"Yes it's Spottedleaf. Spottedleaf this is Dustpelt,Sandstorm, Graystripe, Cinderpaw, Brackenpaw,Ashpaw, and Fernpaw.
"Nice to see you three" she said
Sandstrom gasped" Spottedleaf...."
"Yes, I'm going to have kits" she replied
"Fireheart travel to Moonstone tomorrow will you?" she asked
" Oh, course my love" Fireheart curled up next to her.
"Guys, could you hunting then meet me by my den?"He asked
" Course, Fireheart" they all said.
When the group finished hunting they to Firehearts den.
"Hello, I was going to tell you that I am going to be leader of StormClan." he said
" Why you?" Dustpelt growled
Because its MY clan!" Fire heart growled back,
"Please go now" he said
The Next morning Fireheart goes to moonstone a tiring journey yes.He puts his nose on the moonstone and he slipped into sleep.
"Hello, Fireheart "said an unusual Tom " I'm Sunstar, old leader of ThunderClan and I give you the life of courage, and use it well to defend your clan Fireheart.
A jolt of overwelming energy came into Fireheart's body. The rush of battle, the pain, the sadness. Only eight more to go, he thought with with worry about Spottedleaf.
"You must Redtail" he said.
The cat nodded " I give you the life of justice".
Pain flowed through his limbs. Fireheart was panting after.
A cat no more than an apprentice came forward.
"I am Sweetpaw, and with this life I give you mentoring. use it well to train your apprentices."
A jolt of pure terror came through Fireheat. He then vowed he would never let a young cat ever exprentice that kind of terror.
Then some other cats he didn't even know have him his next five lives, but then.........
" Hello I am Pinestar and I give you the life of loyalty, gruard your clan well for by now your name is Firestar."
All the cats cheered " Firestar, Firestar, Firestar!"
"Go to your clan Fireatar go to SunClan!" they all shouted.
To Be Continued..........