" Your Midnight?" Starpaw asked.

" Yes I am and you are cats from the Clans" she said happily.

" So what the message you have to give us?" Crowpaw asked.

" I dying warrior will lead to way" she said.

" What in the StarClan does that mean!" Starpaw said frustrated.

" I don't know but I do know that the Twolegs will come and

destroy the forest including your clan Starpaw" she said looking

straight at her. " My Clan no, no, no"Starpaw was thinking about

her mother, father, brothers, sisters. " We need to go now" she

said and then Midnight said the wisest thing she had ever heard

" Young one your path is hard and lonely at times StarClan can't

change your fate not even your mate. You must follow your path

and add up the math. StarClan can't change your path Starpaw

they can't you are meant to be with them" Midnight said sadly.

" No! she belongs here with me and her Clan not even StarClan

can change that" Crowpaw was getting angery.

" Crowpaw" Starpaw tried to calm him down.

" No your not going to leave me Starpaw " Crowpaw growled.

" Starpaw you need to go" Crowpaw started to said that

sentence and Starpaw went off like a bomb. " NO CROWPAW


then it was like StarClan themselves were angery the water was

hard and rough and winds picked up Thunder cracked the sun

was showing so brightly that if the cats looked at it it would blind

them forever then sky was the darkest blue ever seen Starpaw

calmed down then passed out.