• Rusty x Spottedleaf. A Rusty x Spottedleaf photo manipulation. Wallpaper and background images in the World of Warriors club tagged: cat warrior cats cats firestar firepaw fireheart rusty spottedleaf thunderclan.

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    A Rusty x Spottedleaf photo manipulation (Source: Me @ linkAND...)

    Keyword: cat, warrior cats, cats, firestar, firepaw, fireheart, rusty, spottedleaf, thunderclan

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    This World of Warriors photo contains tom, tomcat, cat, true cat, kitten, and kitty. There might also be tabby, queen, tabby, and tabby cat.


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...fireheart has green eyes.
posted over a year ago.
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the eye color needs to be switched.... but, other then that, it's a AWESOME pic!
posted over a year ago.