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Firewriter said …
Okay, I need some input here. Does anyone know of a good editor and publishing company that I could possibly try to send my book to??? Posted 2 months ago
BennieBear27 commented…
Funny, my school just announced this writing contest we can submit to for Scholastic! I don't know if it's just for the school or is others can do it, too, but if you win you'd be able to get it published! 2 months ago
BennieBear27 commented…
I'm doing it, actually! I chose the catalog but I still don't know what I want to write about 2 months ago
BennieBear27 commented…
Yeah but the thing is that I have a very dark sense of...everything, really, and there isn't a horror category so I can't submit that there. Most of them might not be horror per se but that would be the best to put them under 2 months ago
TheLefteris24 said …
Voting on Fanpop's Got Talent for this year has already began. Please support the participants with your vote !!!!

link Posted 3 months ago
Firewriter said …
Does anyone use Wattpad?! I need some stories to read for Winter break! Posted 3 months ago
BennieBear27 commented…
I'm on Wattpad! I only have one story completed and two that only have one chalet that I'm still working on so unless you're okay with that I don't think you should check out my profile. But you should totally read the story The Shy Girl Has a Gun if you haven't already! 3 months ago
Firewriter commented…
I have it on my reading list, I plan on reading it (: I will look for you on Wattpad 3 months ago
BennieBear27 commented…
Got it! I'll definitely follow you ASAP! 3 months ago