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WritingBookWorm said …
Summer's finally here and I have a horrible case of writers block. Wish me luck. Posted 18 days ago
Firewriter commented…
GOOD LUCK! 5 days ago
Firewriter said …
Who's glad that summer is here?! Writing and reading sprees, here I come! Posted 1 month ago
Soranaru commented…
I know! I'm determined to finish my current novel before the end of summer! 1 month ago
Firewriter commented…
Awesome! What is it called? 1 month ago
Soranaru commented…
Title still undecided 1 day ago
BennieBear27 said …
Has anyone ever been scared to post a chapter of what they're writing because it's pretty depressing and you know your friends will read it but don't want them to worry about you and your state of mind? No? Just me? Okay... Posted 1 month ago
Firewriter commented…
Same, I deal with the exact same thing. You're not alone 1 month ago
Karoii-chan commented…
I agree... except, the things I usually write are more insane than depressing, so it's more of a hint towards my sanity. xD 22 days ago