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The fans pick: A dark creepy forest in the autumn
A dark creepy forest in the autumn
A snowy city
The fans pick: My Decision
My Decision
A Girl And A Gun
The fans pick: Genevieve & Deryk
Genevieve & Deryk
Genevieve & Xavier
The fans pick: Adventure
The fans pick: story writing
story writing
story telling (audio)
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2 fans have answered this question
2 fans have answered this question
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jarellano1992 said …
I love writing. I write so much every time. I write about so many things, when I get bored. Posted 1 month ago
hermionicole commented…
that's good 3 days ago
peacebaby7 said …
Remember, I before E except after C. Posted 2 months ago
peacebaby7 commented…
Unless your eight cleidoic, overweight, weird, beige, foreign neighbors seize a feisty heist using science while drinking protein shakes and wearing veils. Neither are they self-deifying nor heinous, nor do they seek other deities or sovereign figures in society, for their conscience would never deign. The children would play with their dreidels and feign with the eiders or forfeit their heifers. Women in their peignoirs presciently awaiting the seining sheiks with a surfeit amount of heirs with lack of height. 2 months ago
hermionicole commented…
love it! I'm a speller and it's great! 3 days ago
kimmyvip said …
sometimes u look at some situations n u'll find yourself saying i can't do it but don't listen to that negitave voice in your just try even if it doesn't work the millionth time keep trying cuz when u reach that finish line you'd be glad you tried. Posted 2 months ago
hermionicole commented…
very, very true... 2 months ago