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legend_of_roxas said …
I wish I had the creativity and writing skills to write an entire book. That would make me super happy. Posted 8 days ago
kpaw05 said …
Who else here wants to put their ideas out there but is afraid of rejection or of people judging you? Posted 20 days ago
Karoii-chan commented…
I also fear plagiarism. 11 days ago
Firewriter commented…
It is a big issue in the writing industry. I believe it's a great idea to start with sharing ideas in a small group of people you know and feel will back you up until you feel confident enough to release your ideas to a more public group. But one thing to remember is that there will never not be someone who judges you, but it is always good to have someone to back you up when it does happen. It's one of the hardest parts of being a writer or having a wide open imagination(which is never a bad thing) 10 days ago
Firewriter said …
Okay, I need some input here. Does anyone know of a good editor and publishing company that I could possibly try to send my book to??? Posted 3 months ago
BennieBear27 commented…
Funny, my school just announced this writing contest we can submit to for Scholastic! I don't know if it's just for the school or is others can do it, too, but if you win you'd be able to get it published! 3 months ago
BennieBear27 commented…
I'm doing it, actually! I chose the catalog but I still don't know what I want to write about 3 months ago
BennieBear27 commented…
Yeah but the thing is that I have a very dark sense of...everything, really, and there isn't a horror category so I can't submit that there. Most of them might not be horror per se but that would be the best to put them under 3 months ago