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The fans pick: by quickly stabbing him in combat
The fans pick: Her friend turned more
Her friend turned more
The villain
The fans pick: Well , It's all about you so go ahead my pal !
Well , It&# 39; s all about you so...
Why the Heck would I want to...
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kpaw05 said …
Hi! I really like to write, so I might put a little bit of my writing in the Forum. Posted 1 month ago
kpaw05 said …
The only bad thing about writing is writer's block Posted 1 month ago
TheLefteris24 said …
Hello everyone. I'm not sure how many of you are aware of this but the Fanpop's Got Talent contest is set to start soon. However, there is a problem. Each category besides the Drawing and Digital Art is short on judges(Including the Writing-Fanfiction one). So, if anyone thinks that he/she has what it takes, please inform us here: link

Any help will be greatly appreciated !!!! Posted 1 month ago