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Help designing a character?

I'm working on a new story lately, but I just can't decide what the main character would look like. I thought it would be interesting to see how others would picture her.

The character is a 13-year-old girl named Brooke. She's from a rich family, and because she rarely ever spends time with her parents, she's always trying to get their attention, making her pretty stubborn. She hates being ignored. Brooke's always been able to see bizarre things others can't (the story's a fantasy, by the way), and because of her curiosity, she often searches for that weirdness, which almost always results in accidents and detentions. She is, however, determined to prove that what she's seeing is real. She claims that she doesn't care what others think of her, but secretly longs for her parents' approval.

I've only recently started working on the story, therefore I haven't spent that much time on the characters yet. This is, however, the basic idea for Brooke's personality. So, what does she look like to you after reading that description?
 Nojida posted over a year ago
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Firewriter said:
That sounds like an amazing book! I would so read it!
Okay, so, for Brooke, I see someone who would have long light brown or black hair that is usually curled. Of course, I see her wear nice make up or even just under eye liner. I know a lot about fantasies and supernaturals. I've been writing alot of those lately. So, if she sees things, or has the gifting of a seer, she most likely should have either grey, or icy pale blue eyes. Those eye colors mainly represent the cross in between the supernatural and mortal realm. I would believe that her finding more about this gift, can dictate her behavior and natural mood. But I see her of course skinny, but she is very strong. Emotionally and physically. Adverage height. If she is 13, i'd say about 5'3". Black shirts or tanktops and skinny jeans. I also see her wear scarfs. Idk why, but i believe its something to hide their necks, since it is a main resource for creatures of the supernatural. I hope this helps. If you have ANY questions what so ever, please dont hesitate to ask. I would love to help this story become something
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posted over a year ago 
Whoa, I certainly did not expect an answer this descriptive. And I'm more than grateful! I can totally picture Brooke like that- I don't think I would've done a better job designing her. And thank you so much! This story's far from finished, as I literally started it last week, so any help is very much appreciated. ^^
Nojida posted over a year ago
Totally!!! I'd be glad to help! If you have any questions, please, dont hesitate to ask. I would love to see this in its finished piece
Firewriter posted over a year ago
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