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Can I have some help with names?

I have a character and I can't think of a name for him.
He's 6"0 and has longish black hair and blue eyes. A lot of people are scared of him. He automatically pushes people away and is rude to most people. I'd like a unique name that you don't hear often.
 PerfectWeapon_ posted over a year ago
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Firewriter said:
Jackson Alexander
Bradley Christopher
Liam Mitchell
Brooks Jackson
Lucca Riley
Fletcher Daniel
Jackson Alexander
Owen Christopher
Bradley Christopher
Spencer James
Hamilton Quinn
Aiden Michael
James William
Abel Cody
Oliver Dylan
Steven Jace
Chase Liam
Logan Peter
Jacob William
Evan James
Drake Jaxen
Nathan John
Tristan James
Julien Alexandre
Parker James
Madden Smith
Alexander 'Xander' Maxwell
Jackson 'Jacks' Wyatt
Everett James
Cole Damien
Tyler Kaden
Peyton Brett
Kaiden Gray
Blake Heldon
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posted over a year ago 
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