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Can someone help me on developing my plot?(no hate) Thank you!!!! :D

I need some ideas for my novle,some ways to develop the plot and make it more interesting and less of a boring cliché. I don t want to give too much away but it is about a teen who just started high school(modern day,in FL) . He stars to get weird visions during the day of glowing spirits that no one else can see,and it freaks him out. Later on he finds out h is not entirely human(a hybrid?), an idea for powers is that he harnesses the power of blue stars. The conflict is not only trying to balance these new powers with school, but I m not sure about the main conflict. The Antagonist has the ability to control black holes and their power, he lost his parents/little brother in a shooting/accident, but I need some motivation for him.
The main characters two friends (one, a total tomboy-wants to be an agent when she is older- and the other just simply sarcastic but still loyal) helps him out.
Quotes :
"We harness from the hottest and brightest stars in the night sky" Jalen said."The blue ones." she finished.

Without warning, blue flames burst forth from my palms, and everyone recoiled in a mixture of horror and awe.

"Calm down,just calm down.You can control this, y-you can!"
Some broad topics in the story: The stars,other world/realm/ alternative universe, transformation ,family ,and Revolution.

So what do you think? Should there be others with powers? Thank you for responding.
 alfreadFJones posted over a year ago
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Firewriter said:
There should definitely be others with powers. Strange contrasts or unexpected kind. Like someone you were so sure was normal. About the plot, hmmm. I'm not so sure. This sounds like a freaking amazing story!!! I would SO read it! But as a motivation for this main character, especially if it was in a fight or in combat with the Antagonist, you should have the antagonist know about the character's family and talk to him about his past or something which angers him to keep him going. About the whole plot in general, I'm not entirely so sure. What in specific do you need help with? I would absolutely LOVE to help you!!!
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posted over a year ago 
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