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Awkward and Cute VS Awkward and Annoying

There is a character in my recent story that I want to be awkward and a little fidgety but cute. Any tips on how to make sure she's not awkward and annoying?
 WritingBookWorm posted over a year ago
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Firewriter said:
I have experienced writing a cute character and having them come off as annoying to my readers. It's hard to change it. Everyone sees different characters differently, usually based off of their emotion or mental relation that they subconsiously find.
Here's some suggestions:
- Try not to repeat too many actions and words as often (since then people would pick up on the consistency) so try and find synonyms of those words.
- Since she is fidgety, explain how and what she fidgets in different situations. And if it's in another character's POV, just say how they found it adorable.
-Focus on facial expressions!!! This is crucial in making sure a character doesn't come off as annoying! Be as descriptive as possible so that your readers can visualize it well.
Along with that, explain emotions and thoughts as descriptively as you can. This helps readers connect to the character and 'put them in their shoes' so to speak.
I HOPE THIS HELPS!!! Please PM me if you have ANY other questions. (:
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posted over a year ago 
sarabeara said:
I agree with the other person who said it's difficult to do.

I think the key is to give the character a personality outside of her being awkward. A lot of times, awkward females are Mary Sue types (exhibit A: Bella Swan), so it's important to make your character have a strong personality that's likable. Possible solutions could be: revealing her true inner feelings so that the reader sympathizes with her awkwardness, making her awkwardness funny, or having her make self-deprecating remarks (out loud or internally) about her awkwardness.

It's a case-by-case, situational sort of thing, so I can't give any specifics. Especially since I don't know the tone you're going for or what person this is written in. Those are my general tips though.
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posted over a year ago 
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