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Opinion by LunaNotLoony posted 10 days ago
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Anna flicked the T.V from channel to channel, bored: there was nothing worth watching. Sighing, she left the news on and flopped back on the sofa, not really intending to listen.
'The war in Iraq-.'
'Oh no, you don't,' Anna muttered, grabbing the remote. Her Dad had joined the army after her Mum had died of an overdose. Anna didn't really blame him, she'd have got out of the house as fast as possible too if she was an adult. The whole house was contaminated with the memories of Mum, of her laugh, of her accident... suicide... whatever it was. Even so, Anna missed Dad like it was painful. She'd already lost one parent, and though she'd always thought it would be brilliant to have no one who cared if she revised for her GCSEs, or if she failed them, no parent who forced a curfew on her, or who tagged around embarrassingly at her school prom, it wasn't brilliant at all. She felt she could just die, and nobody from her family would care. Well, maybe her uncle, who had moved in to take care of her when Dad left, would know he was supposed to grieve and cry.
Article by zanhar1 posted 11 days ago
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“Bow before oh bow before the Mistress of the Blade.”

She dances in shrouds of silk scarlet.

Heel over heel in spinning in time.

Fabric twisting ‘round her delicate ankles.

“Praise oh praise the Mistress of the Blade.”

The sword an extension of her graceful arm as she twirls it about in Mid-September air.

Crisp September air.

The blade slashes through leaves as they fall.

Hilt of gold adorned in ruby and diamond.

Gleaming and glistening as it slides from her grasp. Wailing through that oh so crisp Mid-September air.

“Watch in wonder oh watch the Mistress of the Blade.”

By night she finds herself clad in black satin.

By night her feet and wrist sore.
By night the dance continues long and strong.

Swords still cutting through the air, gleaming under pulsing moon.

And still her feet dance gracefully.
Article by MocingJay posted 25 days ago
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A strange girl started walking towards us, everyone was staring at her. Then they realized that she came to talk to us.
She had mid back length black hair with glowing blue streaks, dark blue eyes that seemed to glow. Pale almost white skin, and dark blue crisscrossing markings on her arms. She gave an angry no nonsense vibe, I was instantly worried.
“You need to come with me.” She said, crossing her arms, her markings pulsed with light as she did so. ”We’re not going anywhere with you, a stranger, and we have school.” Remy stated, the fact that she was unafraid scared me, this was one intimidating person.
“I need your help, and there are problems that are way worse than just missing a little bit of school.” She said her arms practically glowing with power.
Just then I got a vision. That girl was with us, we were standing behind her, as she was angrily talking a strange boy.
The vision ended just like that.
“Jessie, are you okay? What did you see?” Meghan asked, her concern clearly written on her face.