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Opinion by tamore posted 5 days ago
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The pen is mightier than the sword. Writing is more effective than violence.

Words are all I have but the more metaphors you make the less they mean. I stopped believing them; they're as empty as me. My swan song has sputtered and died, and somehow it wasn't enough. I've never been enough. This gaping hole in my chest is still swallowing me whole. Not enough, never enough.

It didn't save Hemingway, after all. No amount of soul on paper could keep that shotgun off his temple. No amount of desperate scribble banished his demons.

I think I knew how he felt, sitting with the gun in his hands his last few moments. I think I knew how he felt, weak and collapsing. Everything in vain, because the problem was in his veins.

At the end of the day, it's your heart or your head that's polluting you and you can't kill those toxins without killing yourself. Blow out your brains, stop your heart. Channel your frustration into writing all you want, but the poison is never-ending. It owns you, consumes you, slowly drowns you.
Article by RainSoul posted 8 days ago
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The nighttime sky and field.
The night air felt humid and hot against the cat’s fur. It stretched its stiff and tense muscles, which in doing so it lets out a blissful sigh from its sweet open mouth. The cat lifted up its head toward the glistening heavens above, and it smirked wistfully showing a sharp, deadly fang. The cat loved the nighttime when the world slept peacefully under a white waning moon, its tranquil and soothing to a hunter. The cat’s fiery, and orange pelt lit up and seemed to glow red under the moonlights shimmering essence. It’s lavish, alluring, and enchanting violet eyes flashed and gleamed, the stars, moon, and shadows danced within them. The rich dark green grass felt itchy and prickly under it’s soft, plump, and fluffy paws. The cat’s name was Nyx, which literally means night in Greek, and it was about three years old. Suddenly a loud, squeaky meow ringed throughout the land and night. Nyx twitched her ears in annoyance and put her paws over them. She hated loud noises they made her ears hurt and bleed, and they are very sensitive….
Guide by Britt601 posted 19 days ago
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We've all been there.

We've all seen it (at least once).

Perhaps even committed the "easy" crime.

You know what I'm talking about.

"His cheeks were red with embarrassment."

"Anna checked the balance sheets again, coming to a conclusion the the financials were a deep crimson."

"I stared into his blue eyes as deep as the ocean."

Colors, like anything else, are powerful descriptive pieces. When used as a comparison or a contrast, the reader is painted a picture of the person/object's look and the setting as a whole. It should make the scene come together in a seamless flow.

For example, the "red with embarrassment" idiom has... wore out its welcome if you will. Many of us have seen this written and do you ever wonder what else you could describe embarrassment with?

Try this sentence.

"Our teacher announced Jake Foreman as the winner of the poetry contest. I had to nearly shove him out of the chair to get up to receive his award, standing up on shaky limbs. After he reached the teacher's desk he grinned like crazy, cheeks brighter than...