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Article by ToEkNeE posted over a year ago
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I woke up as usual. But there was something about today that was going to change. Unusual. I stumbled out of bed, opening my eyes to darkness. I wouldn't need to expect sunlight just yet. I clumsily found my way to the bathroom to take my shower.
For some reason, I wanted extremely hot water. Usually, I would have tepid water on, but this time, the water was blazing. The water beat my back with an intensity far beyond a human could ever intake. It was like hail was being shot at my skin, with a beat to it. The burning was far worse. When every droplet hit my skin, there would suddenly be a sharp pain at the spot hit. But in seconds it would go away. Once I had adapted to the water, it became numb. It almost felt, cold now. Could it possibly be that I had been in there so long that the pain had surpassed me? That my nerves had been ripped apart so much that I couldn't feel anymore? Or was the water so hot, it was cold?
I got out of the shower, ignoring my curiosity. I threw on some clothes or whatever I could get my hands on. I hadn't found the light switch yet, and I wouldn't have bothered to. After I had all my clothes on, I fumbled around looking for a particular...
Article by Emoshinell posted over a year ago
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To me, Will is more than a name. This is what it means to me:

W is for the softest whisper in the sweetest breeze of spring.

I is for the icy chill that goes down my spine when you spare me a small glance my way.

L is for the look my penetrating eyes give you when you turn away from me; when I want most for you to stay close to me.

And L is for the unconditional and irrevocable and irrational love I feel for your soul.

Without you, my heart is silent. You arethe only one who has touched my heart and it will always be yours. You are my only love. I've left my heart with you; look over it closely. It's your only responsibilty. Protect it from all harm. You are the only one who who ever has and ever will touch my soul. And it too is yours.

Your curly brown hair is the image that haunts by dreams. The fluff is softer than the petals of a rose.

Each little freckle on your face is like a word left unsaid to me. Oh, how I wish I could read each message to decode each of your thoughts.
Article by iluvtheshow posted over a year ago
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I woke up that morning exhausted and numb. I had no idea where I was, and for a split second I panicked. Then, like floodgates opening, it all came back. The hurt, the tears, the anger; my newest scar. Suddenly I had an idea. What if this was all just a terrible nightmare? What if Lyn was waiting for me in the kitchen like always? I hurried out of bad, pausing to only make sure I was decent for my cousins. I stepped out of the room onto the cold tile. The house had an eerie morning silence, so with every step I took I hesitated. I hadn't prayed in a long time but I did then. "Please, pretty please, let this all be a bad dream. Tell me Lyn will be just around the corner." I was two steps away from the kitchen. I held my breath and stepped in.

She really was gone.
Never coming back.

I think that was when I decided to hate her. Before, I had decided I would just cut her out but now, I would loathe her with a fire that could burn anything. Hate her with a passion. She had left my dad while he was SICK! What self respecting woman leaves her husband when he is SICK!?!? I don't mean with a cold, OH NO. He has a tube sticking out of his side...