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Article by tamore posted 18 days ago
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This is an excerpt from something I wrote for English. I just liked it and wanted to share!

When it storms, we are reminded of how little of nature we can actually control. When it storms, Mother Nature is scolding us for our arrogance, reminding us that none of these animals are ours. They are independent and uncontrollable. The land too has seen more than we could ever fathom. It knows the truth that our history books keep from us and our stories prevent us from finding.

The storm’s introduction is deliberately elaborate. It rolls in slowly over the land, nodding a warning to each leaf and animal. “This isn’t really for you, but don’t forget how strong I can be.”

The clouds are the first sign of the storm, the shadow under the door before a knock. They cast a uniform haze over the land as they gather their strength for the upcoming hours, formulating their thoughts and mapping out their battle plans. They announce Mother Nature’s intent before she rides in on lightning.
Article by InnerMermaid posted 27 days ago
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Hi!! This is my own mermaid spell. don't send any rude messages if it doesn't work.
What u need:
. water
. salt
. symbol (bracelet, necklace , sorry but u can't really use earings)
. 2 sea shells (has to be from the sea)
.bowl or cup
Put the salt in the bowl or cup of water then stir for about ten seconds then dip the bottom of each shell in the water. Then rub them on your legs. After that blow on each leg for about 5 seconds. Then hold your symbol while saying this:
Mermaid witches of the sea please listen to my deepest wish and plea I wish to be a mermaid with the tail colour..(colour) and the power of....(power)just one drop of water will transform me but let me not see the moon for it will transform me into a mermaid for 24hours.oh mermaid witches of the sea please make my wish come true so more it be. Dip your symbol in the water lick it don't take it off.
Opinion by mermaidsofpeace posted 1 month ago
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First get a cup of water and fill it half way then take your favorite necklace or bracelet and dip it in the water the add some salt and stir it with the jewelry in it once it has dissolved add your favorite lotion only 3 squirts then dip your finger in and say the spell below

Creatures of the sea give me a (color) tail with a top to go with it give me the powers of freezing heating and shaping water please let my dream come true and make me into the mermaid I wish to be

Side affects:
Itchy legs
Legs crossed
Rash on legs
Wanna swim a lot
Sing a lot