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Article by MocingJay posted 14 hours ago
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A strange girl started walking towards us, everyone was staring at her. Then they realized that she came to talk to us.
She had mid back length black hair with glowing blue streaks, dark blue eyes that seemed to glow. Pale almost white skin, and dark blue crisscrossing markings on her arms. She gave an angry no nonsense vibe, I was instantly worried.
“You need to come with me.” She said, crossing her arms, her markings pulsed with light as she did so. ”We’re not going anywhere with you, a stranger, and we have school.” Remy stated, the fact that she was unafraid scared me, this was one intimidating person.
“I need your help, and there are problems that are way worse than just missing a little bit of school.” She said her arms practically glowing with power.
Just then I got a vision. That girl was with us, we were standing behind her, as she was angrily talking a strange boy.
The vision ended just like that.
“Jessie, are you okay? What did you see?” Meghan asked, her concern clearly written on her face.
Article by mermaidgirl1010 posted 7 days ago
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When I woke up I was on a cement floor. My head felt terrible pain and I saw that I had some black and blue on my leg.
''Finally, you woke up. I have been waiting for your name.'' A voice said behind me. I turned around and screamed the sream that sounds like a dying llama. ''Billiam Fergunsun!'' I yelled in rage. ''Yes, tis I ,Billiam Fergunsun."
He is such an idiot. I stood up and brought my knee to his pee-hole and he screamed like a little girl. "Girl power!" I screamed. I didn't notice his friends.
They almost hit me when I heard someone scream now! and I felt light headed and everything went dark again.
Article by mermaidgirl1010 posted 8 days ago
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Crack! Snap! Crack!
Running through the woods barefoot is sooooo not fun. Because one minute you are in the pool and the next you are running for your life from who knows what. Let me start from the beginning.
One late summer day I was getting the mail. There was a letter for me.

You have been accepted at Burkly Spy School for boys and girls.
That was all the letter said. I didn't apply for a school, did I ?
I went to our pool to think it over and when I hopped in the pool
I saw a figure in the shadows. ''Who are you?" I screamed. When the person leaped at me I took off into the woods. I heard someone yell code red and then the person threw a punch. I recovered quickly and threw a punch. He fell to the ground a I took off again. Then I stopped when I thought no one was following me. Every thing went dark.