In this life everyone is thankful for something. And the most miserable, the most pessimistic and the most unlucky person in the world, in some point of his life will feel grateful for something. It might be the simplest thing that others take it for granted, but it might joy to him. And now, on the “Thanks giving” day we should think about all those things that we are grateful for, and see how we can become better. That’s how we can make the world around us better.

Personally, I am thankful that I live in this democratic country, where no wars take place and we all have the freedom of speech. This is really important for me. I –theoretically- have the right to express my opinion freely and to defend my self and my ideas. I heard on the news that two teenagers from Israel went to a Christian school and they were finally beheaded for this reason. I am really thankful that I am not in a great dander because sometimes I disagree with the authority and I try to fix some things in this world that noone even tries to correct. I am thankful that I will not be put to death when I try to defend myself against someone superior because my beliefs are not the same with everyone else. There is a Latin quote which says “Nobody should be punished for his thoughts”. And I am really grateful that I have the strength to try to change this society which always dictates me “don’t speak, you’ll get in trouble you can do nothing to change the world”.

One other thing that I am grateful for is the support that I usually get from my family and my friends w hen I face a difficult situation. Except for some times that everyone disagrees with me and noone wants to support me, I generally have the help needed to overcome my problems. I am thankful that I have my parents who are with me whenever I need some help and I am grateful that I have my friends which I can trust. I have a great time with them, we share our secrets, we laugh, we usually gossip with others and of course they make me feel that I am not alone. I am grateful to know that those real friends will never let me down again.

Now that nothing is permanent in this world, we should think about all those things that we are thankful for and try to appreciate whatever we have because one day we might wake up and have nothing. We should all be thankful for our life and enjoy every single moment without misery.