When the selfishness,
Has you in its grasp
And you cannot break free
Nor admit to it
You must stay silent

When you want someone
To be yours
Yet they are anothers
Does it make you selfish
To want the one they have?

When you want the one
Someone has
You are selfish
For that is theres
Not yours

Find your own
Although the one
You want
Makes you happy
When the rest cannot

The one you want
May do the same for others
Nevertheless, you want him
For yourself
However, it will not happen

You want the rest
To remain happy
Even when your heart
Cracks every time you see him
For he is with another
And she is expectant
Of your selfishness

Therefore, you stay away
And die slowly
Needing him more
And more

You stay away
And leave him alone
So you do not feel
Your feelings
Although it’s wrong
To leave him confused
You do not want to take anything
Away from another

So although you’re selfish
In your mind
Possibly others
He will never understand
Why you keep your
Distance now

Stay unselfish
Maybe one day
You will get your chance
Thinking this will make you