Red splatters the walls, the floors...

The Eagles yellow eyes
His claws tear, his beak rips

His malicious intent present in its speech
His black shadow falls
Its darkness full and everlasting

Leaving no physical mark but
Its evidence in the eyes of the Knowing
Only they can see
Only they recognize the signs

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder
Pain is in the mind of the sufferer
Invisible and dangerous
It strikes silently
Clouding the mind

It consumes
It feeds
Never backing off
Happiness becomes the past
Anger the present
What of the future?

No one knows
No one can know
No one understands
No one can understand
The inflicted is left alone
Even in the presence of others
All is left behind

Red splatters the walls, the floors
Inside the heart
All becomes dark and painful
In the mind
The world disappears
And the mirrors appear
Self reflected from within
Only the Sufferer can know

What really goes on
Within the mind?
Those who know
Are those long gone
Are those who've suffered the least
Are those who left behind the victims
And traded themselves in
For the hope of something better
A hope never realized

The Knowing are never there to end it
To stop it
To prevent it
To help it
And the future doesn't seem bright
Only the Sufferer knows
Only the Sufferer understands
Only they know what's in the mind
And only the Sufferer knows
When the Eagle will strike