You: I love you

Stranger: Oh, wow, that means so much.

You: Yeah :3

Stranger: What do you love about me?

You: It's just...Your personality.. We have so many things in common. Makes me love you so much :'}

Stranger: Oh, stop it. You're making me blush.

You: Awww, really? >////< Just telling you that I love you makes me blush...and so happy ^^

Stranger: But you're going to leave me forever!

You: No! That's not true! Don't even think about it, Love. I'll be with you forever and ever! Or...are you leaving me...?

Stranger: I would never leave you, don't be so silly.

You: ~smiles and giggles~

You: <3

Stranger: Even though you've never really introduced yourself....

You: Ahh...My name is Kristina. And you are...?

Stranger: I don't know if I should disclose that information.

You: Neither do I...So I made the name up <3

You: I mean...Who takes so long to type in their name..? ^^

Stranger: Ouch, I'm hurt, you lied to me.

You: Lol I'm sorry xDD Hold on...I can't breathe. I'm laughing too hard XD

Stranger: I'm beginning to realize you never really loved me

You: How could you say that..?! At least I tried to give out my information...and not hide it from the one I love.....Like you :/ ~hurt as well~

Stranger: I think you should make it up to me.

You: You are right. I should, shouldn't I...? I would do anything you wish for, My Love. You want...?

Stranger: I want your name, date of birth, country of origin, and a photo identification.

You: If you really love me...You have to go first.

Stranger: I haven't even said I love you yet!

You: So...You do not love me..? ~hurt even more~

Stranger: How about, I'll tell you I love you after you prove you are who you say you are!

You: Alright...But, I only have one picture of me to show myself. It's silly but...It is the best I can give you at this moment, My Love. Or maybe...You can see all the pictures you want by adding my VF. Your decision...I mean, I am making it up to YOU.

Stranger: Considering I have no idea what "VF" is....

You: Never mind, Darling. Forget I mentioned it. I will just show you one photo...

You: Well...I will now...Make it up for you, Love.

Stranger: Awh, you're so sweet.

You: Hmm...Yes, My Darling. I will be back in a second. I have to grab my photo code.

Stranger: Haha, okay.

Stranger: So, whatcha' doing over there?

You: (I don't think I should give out my code on Fanpop xDD. And none of this information is true. Just saying...)
My name is Taylor Nix. (for real this time)
My birth date is: February 13, 1995 (age 17)
My country is: Germany
And of course...I love you...Good enough to give you a personal information, Darling. <3

You: I'm even staying up at 1:44AM right now...Just to talk to my

Stranger: Awh, shucks.

Stranger: I love you too.

You: Honey...? Do you believe me now..? And forever..?

Stranger: Mhm! It's kind of late though!

You: Aww, Lovely! Now...It is your turn. You said you would do the same. Same as I did. Correct?

Stranger: Haha, I didn't say I would, silly, but since I love you, I will.
My name is (He did give me his name...but I think it'd be better if I have his permission to give you his name x;)
My date of birth is December 24th, 1995.
My country is Canada.

You: Why can't I see you, Darling?

Stranger: Oh, right, forgot about that.

Stranger: Hold on a second.

You: It would break my heart if I will never get to see you... v.v

You: Take your time...

Stranger: Oh my god, you're going to leave after you see me.

You: Nah! Don't say that...! I thought the same...But the courage you always give me helped me show you my picture.
So...Share your handsomeness with me!

Stranger: But you're really adorable, whereas I am not!

Stranger: (his permission on this, too x;)

You: What are you talking about?! You are gorgeous! <3

Stranger: Awwh, but you're just saying that!

You: No,no, no...I mean it ^^ You are every thing to me, so, I would always be honest with you. And... I am deeply sorry for lying to you, My Love.

Stranger: Oh, you know how to make me feel so much better.

You: I'm glad you're happy, Darling...

Stranger: Are you happy?

You: Yes, because I am with you at this very moment.

You: <3

Stranger: You are so adorable.

You: D'aww...You're making me blush so much right now.

Stranger: I bet that makes you much more adorable, ahah.

You: And sense you're happy...I bet it makes you much more handsome :3

Stranger: I love you.

You: Now that we've gotten to know each other, and share our love and happiness. I feel like giving you the last message of my love to you... " I guess this is the end... :/ I love you so much, Darling. It felt great sharing my love and feeling to you. I hope you felt the same way about me that I felt about you! <3 I love you so very, very much! Very dear to my heart... Good-bye My Beloved~! "

Stranger: Sigh, I knew you were leaving me forever!

You: I'm actually getting teary right now (in real life)
This is the best and most dearful conversation I have ever had on Omegle.

You: I'm serious...

Stranger: Awwh, really?
That is so, so, so adorable.

You: Yes, really, haha :')

Stranger: So cute.

You: It was nice talking to you, Hun. This was great..

You: Baii baii~! <3 I wish I don't have to leave

You: <3<3<3<3<3<3 xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxxxxx

Stranger: Awwh, haha. Well, if you really wanted to we could stay in touch, if not, have a good life! :)

You: You too, My Love!