Dear diary.
Wow what a cheesy start to a diary entry! I don't understand how a diary is supposed to work, there doesn't seem to be much point. I guess it is best to begin as to why I have to write here anyway.

I have been having many so called, misunderstandings at school. And after a lot of parent teacher meetings they have decided to send me to a counsellor.
There I met this man named Dr Fey (weird name I know).

He said that I needed to find a way of expressing my feelings. That is where this diary comes in. He explained that in-order to get rid of my socialophobia (afraid of social confrontation) I have to discover more about my own feelings.

Now that's done. Hello my name is Janet Williams. I am 15 years old and I hate people, seriously there are very few people I can actually talk to and tolerate.Hence why I was originally sent to a counsellor against my will. I have three friends. Emilia, Clarence and Amanda.

All of us are known through out our school as the 'rat pack'. The lowest, most pathetic, socially impaired rejects that have ever walked on planet Earth. Charming!

Not bothered to write any more. Write a new entry tomorrow I guess. From Janet.
(Still a stupid idea).