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My Bully...L-Loves me?...(Staring You) * An Mindless Behavior Love Story*

Fan fiction by slims0ciety posted over a year ago
fan of it?
4 girls by the name of Taylor,Jasmine,Aaliyah&Yn who are getting bullied,abused, and nearly killed by there "So called" FRIENDS: Craig,Chresanto,Jacob&Raquan out of the the whole group Yn is the one who is getting hurt the most. Her brother is Craig and he knows that she is getting tormented but yet does nothing to stop it, As much as he says im sorry he still never does anything to stop this mess.

Readers will notice some emotion,cheating,lieing,and fightng. Rated R & PG13. We should stop bullying because of the fact it leads to suicide.Do NOT let ANYONE judge you because u are diffrent or ur not as pretty. Because u are.

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they are so pretty
posted over a year ago.
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thnx they are my friends off instagramhttp
posted over a year ago.