Dovewing listened to Squirrelflight name those who are going to the gathering:
"Bumblestripe, Ivypool, Toadstep, Cinderheart, Brackenfur, Millie, Lionblaze, Leafpool, Jayfeather, Bramblestar, I, Seedpaw, Lilypaw, Molepaw, Amberpaw, Dewpaw, Snowpaw, Molepaw, Cherrypaw, Blossomfall, Dovewing, Sandstorm, Whitewing & Hazeltail." Squirrelflight finished.
"Yay!" Amberpaw ran across the clearing toward Dovewing, her mentor.
Toadstep and Ivypool appeared by her side.
Dewpaw and Snowpaw raced after Amberpaw.
"We're goin' to our first gathering." They pranced around.
"Alright, be sensible now and don't waste your energy. It's a long way away." Dovewing meowed, sternly.
"okay." They purred and stopped prancing and sat down.
"Go get something to share all three of you." Ivypool ordered.
"Okay." They raced away toward the fresh kill pile.
The moon was rising and Dovewing stood up tall out of her sitting postion and streched.
"So... Dovewing how are you?" Toadstep meowed.
"Oh, good thanks, Toadstep. How is your realtionship with Ivypool going?" Dovewing asked, keeping the conversation going.
"Yeah, great. We want to have kits soon. I know it's a little early, but we would love kits. I'd be spoilt rotten." Toadstep purred looking deep into Ivypool's eyes. Green meets blue and they both purr.
Dovewing meowed with a agreement. Squirrrelflight started to call out for those who were going to the gathering.
"I'll get the apprentices." Ivypool meowed quickly, nudging Toadstep affectionately.
She raced off leaving Dovewing and Toadstep to get in line.
"Do you think Ivypool really likes me, i think she has someone else on her mind... I think it's Foxleap." Toadstep dipped his head dropping.
"No! She cannot stop talking about you. She has no time left for me." Dovewing meowed a little bit jealous that Ivypool could completely forget about her so easily.
"Really?" Toadstep rised.
"Yes, look she's calling you over, if you need to talk to me anymore do after the gathering." Dovewing teased playfully.
"Okay, bye, Dovewing!" Toadstep sped off to catch up to Ivypool.
Dovewing looked around for Bumblestripe and spotted him beside Amberpaw.
Dovewing padded over to him quickly and fell in beside the tom.
"Hello, Dovewing." He purred with delight at the sight of her.
"Hello, Bumblestripe." Dovewing nudged him affectionately. Throwing her nose into her fur and his warm scent drifting up her nose.
They began walking and Dovewing was staring up at the stars her fur brushing against Bumblestripe's soft striped fur.
Amberpaw and Molepaw ran in front of them toward where Leafpool and Jayfeather were gossiping about medicine and the other medicine cats.
Dovewing didn't care she just wanted to be there beside Bumblestripe.
They padded on just reaching the horseplace and up to the fallen tree.
"You go first, Dovewing." Bumblestripe dipped his head for her to go, purring.
"Thankyou." She meowed.
The fallen tree was very slippery and as she got closer to the end she slipped and almost fell into the water until Bumblestripe got her scruff and dragged her the rest of the way.
Dovewing and Bumblestripe reached the other end and they sat down beside each other, panting.
"Alright, I'll go and see some of my friends." Dovewing murmured giving him a lick on the ear.
She padded off leaving Bumblestripe to talk to a WindClan warrior called Harespring.
Dovewing reached one of her RiverClan friends Willowshine and started to have a little talk to her. But then she saw Tigerheart' his amber gaze burning into her pelt.
"I have to go Willowshine, nice talking." She murmured.
"Bye, Dovewing." She meowed and padded away.
Dovewing swung her head around and raced over to Tigerheart.
"Sorry, I completely forgot about the Gathering." She meowed, but I had to come, so yeah." Dovewing finished looking at Tigerheart's content look.
"It's okay, Dovewing. Not your fault. But tell you what. When the gathering is finished we'll stay on the island and pretend we are hunting and talk." Tigerheart suggested.
"Okay, but we are taking a risk. Oh, the gathering is starting I gotta go." Dovewing meowed rubbing her head against his flank.
"Can't you sit here. I can't stand it without you." Tigerheart begged.
"No... I have to sit with Bumblestrip...." Dovewing trailed off seeing Tigerheart's hurt reaction.
"Who is Bumblestripe?" He asked.
"He is my second choice if this doesn't work out." Dovewing admitted, solemly.
"What! You have someone else in mind!" Tigerheart's eyes wer blazing.
Dovewing turned cold looking around, only Dawnpelt was staring at them intently.
"Please, Tigerheart. Stay behind. I'm not cheating on you I promise!" Dovewing begged.
"I will, I promised. But don't do this to me." Tigerheart whipped around to go towards Dawnpelt and tell her a lie about them.
Dovewing turned around and raced toward Bumblestripe and sat beside him.
"May I speak first?" Mistystar asked.
"Yes, Mistystar." Onestar agreed.
"Thank you. RiverClan is good after the battle. We all know the leaf-bare winds are almost finished. Prey is running again and RiverClan are recovering well. Robinwing, Beetlewhisker, Grasspelt and Troutpaw an apprentice all died in the Dark Forest battle. But we managed to drive them write to the border." Mistystar finished stepping back into the saftey of her branch.
"May I speak?" Bramblestar asked.
"Yes, Bramblestar."
"In the battle against the dark forest, Hollyleaf, Firestar, Mousefur, Ferncloud all died by the Dark Forest's agressivness. StarClan camer to help us, and the Ancient Cats too. Leafpool is now the second medicine cat in our Clan again. We have forgiven her after the incident of the code. Now i'm the new leader of ThunderClan and our new deputy is Squirrelflight. Spiderleg has moved to the elders with Purdy too. Firestar fought bravely against Tigerstar and killed him but then a fire murdered him. StarClan be with them." Bramblestar finished.
Murmurs of sadness broke off for Firestar and Hollyleaf mainly.
"Can-" Blackstar began but Tigerheart broke off.
"Blackstar? Can I speak?" Tigerheart asked.
Blackstar nodded.
Dovewing gasped and looked up as Tigerheart leaped to the bottom branch. He looked down at her.
"I would like to change the code." He growled.
"What!" Antpelt of WindClan gasped with shock.
"What, change the code?" Dawnpelt gaped with shock.
"Mouse-brain!" Bumblestripe called from beside her.
Dovewing tensed as Tigerheart began to speak again.
"The code saying loyalty must remain to your own clan you may have friends from other Clans...." Tigerheart trailed off his eyes catching Dovewing's.
"I want one cat from each clan to be with a she-cat or tom from another clan." Tigerheart meowed.
The Moon came out full shining in agreement.
"StarClan is agreeing!" Toadfoot yowled with shock.
"Holey-mouse!" Dovewing murmured.
"Hush! Okay, I agree." Bramblestar agreed.
"Same," the other 3 chorused.
"What! StarClan agrees so I do too!" Bumblestripe yowled.
"Good, back to the gathering, sit down tigerheart!" He growled.
Tigerheart moed toward Dawnpelt and Dovewing. He sat down not looking at Dovewing again.
"Alright, we lost Scorchfur, Redwillow and Snowbird in the battle and we miss them a lot. Nothing much has changed. Leaf-fall has been kind to us and blessed us with lots of prey." Blackstar took a step back.
"Alright, WindClan is good and not many warriors died. All of our elders are dead and a few warriors. they will be missed. We are looking foward to Newleaf." Onestar meowed. "This gathering is over, may StarClan light your paths."
Dovewing turned to Bumblestripe. "Can you tell Bramblestar and anyone else who asks that I'm hunting. I'll be back in the morning." Dovewing meowed.
"Okay." Bumblestripe raced off.
The four Clans were leaving and Dovewing snuck into a bush and waited for Tigerheart...