When you use greif in your writing it's very important you get it right so here is a short article to help you.

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Grief is a somewhat commplicated and misunderstood emotion. Yet, grief is something that, unfortunately, we must all experience at some time or other. We will all inevitably experience loss. Whether it is a loss through death, divorce or some other loss, the stages of grieving are the same.

The five stages of grief are:

1-Denial-"this can't be happening to me", looking for the former spouse in familia places, or if it is death, setting the table for the person or acting as if they are still in living there. No crying. Not accepting or even acknowledging the loss.

2-Anger-"why me?", feelings of wanting to fight back or get even with spouse of divorce, for death, anger at the deceased, blaming them for leaving.

3-Bargaining-bargaining often takes place before the loss. Attempting to make deals with the spouse who is leaving, or attempting to make deals with God to stop or change the loss. Begging, wishing, praying for them to come back.

4-Depression-overwhelming feelings of hopelessness, frustration, bitterness, self pity, mourning loss of person as well as the hopes, dreams and plans for the future. Feeling lack of control, feeling numb. Perhaps feeling suicidal.

5-Acceptance-there is a difference between resignation and acceptance. You have to accept the loss, not just try to bear it quietly. Realization that it takes two to make or break a marriage. Realization that the person is gone (in death) that it is not their fault, they didn't leave you on purpose. (even in cases of suicide, often the deceased person, was not in their right frame of mind) Finding the good that can come out of the pain of loss, finding comfort and healing. Our goals turn toward personal growth. Stay with fond memories of person.

When you write it's very important you use these steps properly and in that order.
Thought it's very tempting to make your character angry, grief is more powerful than anger.
Though grief shouldn't be misused for minor things when anger would be more apropiate.

A good example of this, I think, is in Wolverine, when his wife was killed and he was instantly angry. I thought something was a bit off about it and that it was a bit cold and the reason for this was I don't think it was powerful enough. This is because anger was used when it should have been denial. And though it was well done, it could have been better if the writer had been more skillful when using grief. (I'm not bagging out Wolverine. It's one of my favortie movies. PLEASE DON'T SUE ME.)

I hope this will help to improve your writing.

Thank you for reading.

Happy writing.