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chapter 3:Secrets of a hidden life

"What is this?!" i asked because we were in this place that was the size of a cave.It had a huge computer screen in the center of the cave and then it got sectioned of into 5 different sections all with there own colour scheme along with weapons lining the walls of that section all unique in there own way some looked like hunting weapons in one section but then in another there would be swords and daggers.While i was lost in thought taking in all of this Kachiri walked straight for the huge computer screen and sat down in the main chair.I just looked at Quinn who in turn stared straight back at me with disbelief in her eyes so it was not just me neither of us could understand how a cave this big with all these weapons and a SUPER computer could be hidden under the house they had lived in for so many years.

"Star,Quinn get over here you can look another time." Kachiri motioned for us to sit beside her."I know this is a lot for you to take in,"she started."But this is only the begging.Know Star i want you to go over to the section thats has the weapons on the wall." i got up out of my chair and walked over thereand stopped infront of it with Kachiri beside me."Close your eyes."She said and when i hesitated she said softer."Close your eyes trust me."So i did and when i was standing in front of the weapon wall i felt a connection i dont know to what but something it was like a pull."Star open your eyes". Kachiri said and i found myself holding a silver dagger with 5 gemstones on it they were Purple,Blue,Yellow,Green and Red." Its made of silver." Kachiri said." A weapon like this made of silver can help you channel your energy into raw power.""But i felt a connection when i closed my eyes.""You may not have known it Star but while your eyes were closed that appeared in your hand." Kachiri said."But how.""The connection you felt was not just anything it was something we call the Kadal its a sort of ceromony were you put a person in front of a selection of weapons and the persons one and true weapon will appear in their hand and you have found yours...." she was interuppted by an alsrm goin of and Chloe's bomming voice echoing through the cave."Intruder Alert.Intruder Alert." Kachiri grabbed hold of me and Quinn and said."We have to get out of here." there was al oud boom like an exolsion."NOW."

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