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Fan fiction by MadagascarGirl posted over a year ago
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“What’s the true?” said someone. Skipper and Katherine turned to that side. There were standing Kowalski and Rico.
“What are you doing here?” asked Skipper a little angry.
“We saw you weren’t in HQ, so we concerned and decided to find you, sir” said Kowalski. After that words started silence “So… what’s the true?”
“I can’t told you” said Skipper.
“Why?” asked Rico.
“Skipper, sooner or later you’ll have to” said Katherine
“Ok, but you must promise, you won’t tell it private” said Skipper and looked at Katherine.
“We will do it” said Katherine in calming voice.
“Can you start, Katherine?” asked Skipper.
“Ok, so that’s the story about private’s past…”
“Hi ofen ask bout it” said Rico, what mean He often ask about it.
“To start with, I’m… I’m sister of his mother” said Katherine.
“But what about his mother?” asked Kowalski.
“She’s…” Katherine started with tears in eyes.
“…dead” complete sadly Skipper.
“I’m so sorry” said Kowalski
Fan fiction by MadagascarGirl posted over a year ago
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They unexpectedly hugged for a short while.
“Wait, you know each other?” asked shocked Marlene.
“Yes” said Skipper “But, I thought you were... died, on mission: stop Blowhole.
“Most of us, yes, but only I and few other alive”
“Wait” said Kowalski shook of the shock “That was mission, from which you got a letter that everybody died?”
“Yes” only this word Skipper could say “How did you survive?”
“I don’t know, maybe because we were stronger than the others. That was hard mission and we all had to die for success of mission. We had to blow up Blowhole’s lab, but we knew, we hadn’t way to escape”
“But, why? Why mission failed?” ask Skipper. His team and Marlene weren’t understanding, but they stayed quiet.
“Maybe if you were there, mission would be done” Katherine and Skipper smiled.
“So, Katherine” Skipper said after silence “This is my team, Kowalski, Rico and Private”
“Nice to meet you guys”
“Katherine, It’s late, we should come back to habitat” said Marlene and went with Katherine back to habitat.
Fan fiction by MadagascarGirl posted over a year ago
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It was beautiful sunny day. Four penguins were training outside the HQ. Suddenly in front of them jumped the otter.

"Hey guys, I have great news!" otter said.

"What kind of news, Marlene?" Skipper asked.

"I'll have..." Marlene paused for a moment to build tension " Roommate!" She looked at penguins faces, they weren't excited like Marlene "Hey, what?"

"This zoo will have new member" said tall penguin Kowalski.

"Ok, so what's wrong?" asked Marlene, not understanding their faces.

"We must be sure, that your new roommate isn't spy" Skipper said.

"Oh, Come on guys, you always think of each new member of the zoo as a spy"

"This is for safety" Said Kowalski.

"But maybe we go and welcome the new member of family, all animals in this zoo are like a family" suggested young penguin Private.

"Private is right" said Marlene.

"Ok, but we'll check your roommate" said Skipper and they started training again.
Fan fiction by animefangirlz posted over a year ago
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once apon a time,in world similar to ours ,run by all creatures but humans.in a small area of the world,a cluster of islands are about to spuew lava.theese islands are surounded and inhabited by,fish,birds,insects,small reptials and amphibians,and the top preditor of this time,cats. about the size of a house cat,these kitties lived in a sort of colony. the islands were small,conected to eachother in a ring around a larger island by tree roots,rocks,and small bridges of sand only when tide is low.the main island,had little to no life on it,but flora,due to masive,and frequent euruptions.the islands are far off from the main land,so the cats arived when the tide was very low centeries ago,and stayed for food abundincies,lack of preditors, and lots of sheltor.but every decade or so, the volcano would send rock and ash to the islands,destroying much of the cat's land.so these criters changed so that after a volcano attack,they could clear,and repair their island home. these were known by others as Ash cats,becuse they could clear the ashes of the volcano.the cats also worked with their lunch.the cats cleard ash, the birds would scatter the ash over the land,fertialising the...
Opinion by malmcd posted over a year ago
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Millions of Miles Apart

From the moment your born somewhere out there you have a true love. At less that’s what they say? They say there’s one person who has the same heart strings as you and they complete you. And there’s nothing that can keep you apart from one another...But what if my one true love isn’t here? I mean what if I never find him or her if that’s the case which I hope it’s not. I don’t know what to say but I’m different from the rest...What if there’s no one out there for me?
My name is Sunflower I was born on the first day of spring, March 20, 1998. And was born and raised in Maine for all my life so far. I just turned 13. I was born with albinism. Albinism Congenital disorder characterized by the complete or partial absence of pigment in the skin, hair and eyes due to absence or defect of an enzyme involved in the production of melanin. At less that’s what my doctor says. In other words I’m albino. I have white skin, white hair and red eye’s. But the sad thing is that I love the sun which isn’t good for me. That day in the delivery room was the happiest day my mother’s life she told me. She said that she was over joy...
Opinion by annabethxchase posted over a year ago
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I'd often dream of having a guardian angel
Some one to be there for me, to protect me
I'm my dreams she had a smile like the sunshine 
A smile that broke through the clouds and sparkled upon the horizon. 
She would never walk away as I reach my hand to her
She would whisper to me, so softly and I'd feel my heart beat faster
She would touch my cheek with the tips of her fingers
Her porcelain skin resting against mine

My angel was not only a dream, but a wish
A wish for a happiness that would only be filled by love,
Her love
She would hold me close in the cold 
She would whisper to me again
Our breath mixing in the icy breeze
I'd often count the days of snow flakes
I'd watch them fall while I dreamed of her hand
Interwound in mine. 

I longed for another body next to me
Cool skin held against warm
Her silky hair tangled in my fingers as I stair into the most intriguing blue eyes
Article by Herro_There posted over a year ago
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He creeps through the alley ways
Forever, perhaps
All in search
Of a few meaningless scraps

Paws scared, fur stained
Mourning over
What his heart once contained

Collar torn, soul lost
Forever wandering
On the ground of frost

Memories will never fade
For his closest companion
And master for life, betrayed

Kicked on the streets
Forced to live
With the night's beasts
Wanders and wonders
Hiding in the shadows
From the night's thunders

Forgive and forget
They always say
But that thought doesn't enter the mind of this stray
Hoping one day a new master would come
But alas, that is seldom

As days go by, and nights linger
He hopes and prays
For his soul and body
To part ways

For the pain is torture
And the future is bleak
Shunned from the world
Known as a freak
Opinion by elizasmomma posted over a year ago
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I'm setting here looking at a paused television screen and i soon think to myself is that the way that our life is life when we are put on hold.

If tht's the case then why are we not able to do the work that we have been meant to do forever,
how can the people in our lives trust us for the decisions that we make in our daily lives that we live.

are we really meant to be th people that we are meant to be or are we just passing through this earth with no-where to go but down, that is what i think about when i see a paused tv.

so what do you think about this journal entry that i just wrote you need to think about what i said and give me your best anwsers that you can give.

thnx erie morgan maples
Opinion by Insight357 posted over a year ago
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“I want to go home,” I groaned noisily, smacking my head onto the gray table my friends and I sat at. I was in my first period physics class with my group of friends. It was the second day of the school year and all looked as it had for the past three years.

Chris glanced over at me with dull blue eyes. “Yeah, well I do to, so shut up,” she replied with a grumpy sigh. No one was in a particularly good mood this time of morning, well Jeydon was, but that probably had something to do with the fact that she was used to getting up at the crack of dawn.

“Who pissed in your Cheerios this morning?” Leah asked with a small grin on her round face.

Chris lunged at her, but did not attack. Instead, she slid back into the plastic red chair at her portion of the table. With a yawn, she laid her head down. Ariel patted her back groggily, not really paying attention to anything with clouded eyes.

I sighed and glanced over at Dylan, who was a like a brother to me, to all of us. I was going to talk to him, but all of his attention was on a blonde haired boy on the other side of the room. I rolled my brown eyes and looked...
Fan fiction by elizasmomma posted over a year ago
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Echoes from the outside
The shades of evening soul
Step by step dance toward the open windows
Bring out the sounds when the wind blows
Upon my face and around my skin
A melody touches to any hearts,
Hush, again and again till it echoes inside
Erase the elegy of pain and sorrow
Bring the wings to follow the flying sparrow

Come inside and spread the feels
Flaunt me to the air in vibrating melody
Me, diving in tunes of melancholy
Voicing a happy song internally
Stay in spirit for life, love lively

And come an estranged voice
Jump over the notes chasing after me
Fluently you flute the words, pour a new melody
Speaking of music lyrically, blend naturally
Our thoughts write the notes of harmony melody
As thou, a violinist playing my heartstrings
Me, conduct the movement of the story
Dimension of a newly born composition
Deliver a piece, a magical beautiful symphony
Opinion by TheKingsWard12 posted over a year ago
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(Please do not take my story I have been writing it for years! PLEASE!!!!!)

Ariana York who is the daughter of Richard the third has been taught at a very young age that she is in line to the throne. Her love for her father turns to hate when he kills her mother. One thing crosses her mind one thing she wishes to do more than anything......Kill her father. Everything changes when a serving boy called Tristan Barter (The enemy) and his father are captured. The pair hate each others guts but can they look past it? Her youngest brother Will sends a Calick after his sister to try and kill her. Ariana, Tristan, Rufus and Alan (her older dwarf brothers) are on the run and worse....seeking revenge!

(The other part of the story..........................)

Ariana Collins is a young student who meets a handsome man named Tristan Holland who shows an interest in history and art. The lovers are torn apart when England and German are fighting in a brutal war. As he is under the age limit Tristan is sent to war miles away from the one he loves...............
Opinion by 1brooiebear1996 posted over a year ago
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So for all you Mahomies here is a bunch of stuff about Austin Mahone!!
Full Name - Austin Carter Mahone
Birthday - April 4th 1996
Hair color - Brown
Height - 5'8
Eye color - Hazel
Hand he writes with - Right
Pets - 2 Cats , Romo and Anthony , and his dog Angel who died in April 2012
Favorite color- Red
Talents - Basketball , Drums , Guitar , Piano , Singing
Born in - San Antonio TX
Favorite Candy - Hershey Kisses and Skittles
Favorite Song - One Less Lonely Girl - JB
Mom - Michele
Dad - Carter ( Died when Austin was 16 months) :(
Best friend - Alex Constancio
Hat size - 7 1/2
Favorite sports team - Spurs
Favorite shoe brand - Jordan Nikes
Favorite animal - Tiger
Shoe size - 11 ( fits in 11 1/2 )
Favorite sub - Ham and Cheese on italian
First kiss - 6th grade
Songs ( so far ) - 11:11 , Say Something

-He owns 8 hats
-He would date a fan
Opinion by 1999jacko posted over a year ago
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sit back now young ones while I tell you the story of the first Saviours.
The Saviours are a long and old race reaching back as far as the dawn of time they behold powers beyond our imagination. They can give life ,they can make you happy,sad or whatever they wish but most of all they hold the powers of truth, light and life. For years they have been fighting of the men of evil, called demons, and they have been winning but only just. The demons though they are biding their time waiting for their chance to shine and rule, the demons are stronger than any Saviour the powers they contain in their souls are lies, sin, death, dark and disaster.Butt the power that both the demons and Saviours share is the power of writing, you see kids whatever they write comes true.
And the story I'm about to tell you happened years and years ago. When the Saviours where still winning, and our 2 Saviours are called Sir Arthur of Camelot and a simple peasant Stan Masterson.
They were the leaders of The Saviours at that time, yet they were not the most powerful of the Saviours, that title fell on the shoulders of a simple 12 year old thief who sadly had no name and no parents.
Guide by redwallwriter posted over a year ago
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Sadie Harris is a sixteen year old girl living in New York City with her newly divorced mother. They made the move to the big city from South-West Virgina and for some reason, Sadie does not fit in it school and soon finds herself with no friends. Feeling alone she retreats into a world of books, reading hundreds of them, but her solitary world won't be hers much longer. Sadie is puzzled when she begins to get strange dreams every night telling her to go to the basement along with visions of a city wrapped in mist. The dreams get so annoying that she goes to the basement of her apartment building to put a stop to them, but instead she unknowingly throws herself into a war of the worlds. Worlds that she did not even know existed. Come take a thrilling ride with Sadie and friends she meets along her way to save the Captive City of Orrim as she finds that worlds, evil, and people she only read about are not as far away as them seem.
Opinion by JanaceCade posted over a year ago
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Everyone is good at something. You usually start doing it when your about 5. I just started to want to be a writer. So i'm not so good. If you see my grades i'm bad at Writing and Reading but i'm good at Science and Math. I don't want to use those when I grow up. I haven't read my favorite book (The Outsiders) for about a month and i'm already starting to forget things from the book. (because i got it from the library) This morning I realized that I wont ever be a good writer. But I found out that i'm good at one thing. I've been doing it and wishing to use it ever since I was 3. I've wanted to do art. But I learned in art history that most artiest don't make it. They become very poor and Depressed and lonely. I'm not gonna take chances. Now I sound like I don't want to chase my dreams... I just don't have the inspiration I use to have. Now I have the inspiration for writing. I get inspiration from friends. A close friend of mine was my inspiration for writing but I realized that she started to slowly move away from me. I'm still hanging on with all my might but she just thinks it's stupid. Then she started to gossip about me telling people that I was clingy, (because I'm...
Opinion by Insight357 posted over a year ago
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Jet Avate sauntered into his apartment, his fingers cramping, and his eyes feeling glazed over. The sweet smell of fuel had buried itself into his nose and didn’t appear to be leaving any time soon. He went into the bathroom and looked himself over.

    “Another first place,” he murmured as he ran his hands through his dark hair, his dark blue eyes sparkling. “Another one-hundred grand.” Jet grinned. “And another guy who doesn’t know if they want to brutally murder me or worship me.”

    Jet had a reputation as the best street racer of all time. He had a bounty on his head for fifty-thousand dollars, but no one had been able to beat him. Jet could outrun anyone, including the cops. Tonight the police almost caught up with him, but Jet swerved and made it look like they were after his opponent. Jet was a lot smarter than people gave him credit for; only one person had ever understood his true potential.

Opinion by tigerseye43 posted over a year ago
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After crying for a bit, Flair fell asleep on Lane's shoulder. Lane looked at the sleeping girl and sighed.
"I wish it didn't have to happen, Flair. We all wished that. But what as happened cannot be taken back." he said quietly. He knew she was asleep but he just felt like he needed to say it. "We couldn't save them."
Flair woke up the next day, her head laying on Lane's chest. She closed her eyes at the thought of last nights events.
"So much blood....so much death." she whispered to herself, a single tear falling from her eye. She quickly wiped is away and sat up. She poked Lane. "Wake up."
Lane opened his eyes and looked at her.
"Hey, how are you feeling?" he asked, sitting up and giving her a hug.
"I don't want to talk about it yet, I'm not ready." she said softly. "It's too soon." Lane nodded in understandment and stood up. Flair did the same.
"We can't go back there, you know? They'll be looking for us. They'll kill us too." Lane said. Flair nodded.
Fan fiction by xNicoleStylesx posted over a year ago
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Chapter 1:
let's give this a go:) I would love to know what you guys think:) comment please!<3

My name is Nicole Mason, I'm a Sophomore at Bethal Heights High School. Me and my boyfriend, or should i say ex boyfriend dated since freshman year, and lately i just didn't know what to do with myself. I never had that many friends, but after i started dating Zayn Malik almost every single girl hated my guts. I gave up everything for him and after a year of dating i go over to his house only to find his tounge down Melanie Karras throat.

I woke up Friday morning deciding i will go to school today. After i caught my boyfriend cheating on me Monday night i really haven't left my room. I just cried myself to sleep wondering why he would do that to me, what didn't i do, was i not good enough.

Maybe i wasn't good enough. I wasn't a double zero like Melanie. I wasn't on the cheerleading squad. I didn't have blonde hair and walk in six inch high heels on every day.
Article by FURRY posted over a year ago
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After a couple hours I had got use to my body again, jumping and bounding I felt wonderful "That's it, you got it Joel!" Alice applauded me with her wonderfully cute voice "Heh, thanks it's not hard now." I replied blushing bright red, soon I was able to do things that I couldn't do before.

I could shoot ice from my finger tips it was amazing I never knew I was able to do these things, "Wow that's amazing Joel!" she exclaimed, I could feel her presence growing in my head however, it felt like she was becoming more than just a voice, time dragged on eventually it got to the point where I could completely controll the element ice "Wow Joel you're amazing!" Alice exclaimed, by this time it felt like she was right behind me "Thanks! but you know I kinda wonder if I will ever see anything else then just this room." I replied looking down at the frost covered floor "Well with a little more training I'm sure you'll be strong enough to break free of you're mind Joel." Alice stated.
Opinion by ZekiYuro posted over a year ago
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Nhưng.Ái chà,cái chữ "nhưng" mới đáng ghét sao!Dòng đời xô đẩy,thế sự xoay vần.Tôi chẳng lãnh đạo được bao lâu.1 ngày kia,các nhà sản xuất vĩ đại đã chế ra SSM đời sau.Y hệt như phim hoạt hình đi từ 2D lên 3D,SSM 2D giờ đã thành già nua và cổ lỗ.Các đệ tử lũ lượt bỏ môn phái ra đi.Tất nhiên là đi về chỗ tụ hội các SSM 3D văn minh.Và chả cần nói thì ai cũng hiểu "văn minh" đầu tiên ở chỗ Kẻ-mà-ai-cũng-biết-là-ai-đấy!Vâng,chính là tên Vương Dương đáng ghét.
1 ngày,khi tôi vừa giăng status hình chữ vạch ra trên nền cát thì xuất hiện 1 loạt status hình mây 3D vây quanh!Tôi uất ức gỡ xuống,cả ngày hì hục chế ra status khác-đợi đến tối treo lên phục thù.
Đêm.Quẹt mồ hôi thở phào và bắn lên status hình nến cháy làm hết hơi mới xong.Chưa kịp tận hưởng vẻ êm đềm khi nhìn những đốm nến sáng in bóng xuống mặt sông,thì trong mắt tôi bùng lên những status ghép từ kim cương 3D lấp lánh!
Lần đầu tiên kể từ khi có SSM,tôi đi ngủ mà ko để lại 1 status nào trên trời.
Opinion by ZekiYuro posted over a year ago
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Mai kiểm tra Sinh.Đứt đừn.
Keke.Bao giờ cho đến nghỉ hè!
Học học học!!!!!!
Bùn ngủ +_+
Chỉ cần 7 điểm thôi,con sẽ nhịn cơm 3 ngày!
Nhịn cơm=ăn pizza;))
Đấy-đống status của thằng Vương Dương(rất dở hơi và cứ 15 phút lại thay đổi 1 lần)mà nguyên 1 đếm thức để học bài tôi dã dỏng cổ ngắm nghía.Lúc đó tôi thậm chí còn nghĩ:"Mình mà có SSM á,còn lâu mới giăng lên những câu nhảm như thế!".Nhưng tất nhiên là mình ko có.Tôi có phải là nhà tỷ phú như nó đâu!Biệt thự to đùng nhà nó ngay bên kia sông.Khu VIP.Nhà tôi bên này,gọi là khu"lìu tìu".Tất nhiên,nhà tôi là 1 nhà "lìu tìu".Mang tiếng ở chung cư,cơ mà là sân thượng của chung cư cơ.Cũng đi thang máy,xong rồi phải trèo lên 2 chặng thang bộ nữa!
Nên,cho dù ai đó có SSM thấy cũng "phình phường" thôi,thì với tôi,cứ như là phải có cả 1 rừng cây 4 lá thần kì,1 triệu sao rơi,1 tỷ hạc giấy cho cái may mắn này!

Từ hồi có...
Opinion by ZekiYuro posted over a year ago
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Hà Nội,năm 2050
Đừng...đừng nói gì.Tôi ko nghe được gì hoặc là tôi nghe mà ko hiểu gì và hơn nữa là tôi ko biết mình sẽ phải nói gì đâu.
Suỵt,đừng hỏi!Nếu ko,tôi sẽ quên luôn cả rằng tôi đang định làm gì và phải làm những gì.
Tôi đang bối rối,chân tay trở nên thừa thãi vụng về.
Dây này...nối vào đây.Rồi,công tắc đó...
Màn hình cảm ứng sáng xanh hiện lên các thông số kĩ thuật.Tôi lần lượt chọn Font type,Color...Xong xuôi,tôi hồi hộp nhấn"Finish"và lao ra cửa,ngẩng lên nhìn trời.
Kìa:Status của tôi đang đỏ chói giữa trời xanh!

Cơ mà xem ra cái sản phẩm đầu tay ko mĩ mãn như tôi tưởng.Nói thật là dù phởn đến đâu tôi vẫn thấy status tôi đỏ như...tiết canh.Vậy là tôi tung tăng quay vào chỉnh sửa.Từ đầu đến cuối,Hàng Xóm đang nhặt rau nấu cơm nghển cổ nhìn theo.
Trong lúc đầu óc đã hơi hơi bình thường trở lại,thì tôi có thể giải thích...
Article by FURRY posted over a year ago
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Life is a wonderful thing some people say... however I beg to differ, my name is Joel, my whole life I was treated like a monster. It all started when I was little around 7 or so, I was sitting around the town square in the little village og Yotun, a place I called home when it all happened, the sky started getting cloudy slowly getting cold I could see my breath easily, but something wasn't right everything was getting unblieveable dark it was like I was going blind.

Soon I couldn't see anything, then I felt an odd sensation on the back of my hand, I clinched my wrist in pain, it was unreal how much it hurt, it felt like someone was taking a knife and carving out the back of my hand. A bright light began to glow from where the pain was coming from. Soon I could see a strange symbol on the back of my hand, it was odd as soon as the symbol apeared the pain stopped... however it got even colder, so cold it felt like my insides were freezing. Soon after that I blacked out for what felt like an eternity, pondering my thoughts I wonder why this had to happen to me... why not someone else?
Opinion by Insight357 posted over a year ago
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Ciel Parker walked down the dark, gray hallway on the top floor of the mental institution he worked at. His brown hair fell over his deep green eyes; the white light hanging above was too harsh for his sensitive vision. He glanced up as he walked further down the hallway, trying to see how long it was until he reached his office.

He passed cells B and C, slightly nodding as acknowledgement to the security guards standing in front of the doors. The top floor of Virginia’s Mental Institution held the worst patients the state had to offer. People with severe schizophrenia, extreme depression, and many undiagnosed cases all sat up here, waiting to be treated. He was one of two psychologists that actually worked on this floor, everyone else felt too afraid. All of the other workers considered this floor dangerous, and though Ciel understood why, he couldn’t help but to resent them. Though the mentally disturbed men and women may not be stable at all times, there was no reason why they shouldn’t reason any type of help.
Opinion by Heros_Shadow posted over a year ago
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She was beauty woven into a living being... If only that were the case. But as I stepped towards her, opening my mouth to speak, she faced me, never moving her feet to turn. We held eachother's gaze for a few agonizing moments. It seemed as though she was just going to stare at me until I did something.
When I reached this conclusion, i decided to take a step forward. As I did so, she began to shiver. Another step, and she began to twitch anxiously. Another step, this one seemed to be all she could take. Yet, I had to know. So I took one last step, and she broke.
Her eyes flashed and her hair whipped about her head in an unfelt gale. She began to rise from the ground, shaking madly. Her eyes went white, then black. She opened her mouth to an unnatural length and a high- pitched shriek came from her. I had heard of this scream before, but no tale could ever prepare me for this. This shriek meant disaster, it meant that someone was to die.
This is the tale of how I learned of the power of the banshee.