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Opinion by tamore posted 1 month ago
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“Orion means it’s winter,” she says.

We stumble into winter with our fingers intertwined, with hazy heads full of yearning. We end the night as we always seem to – laying on our backs staring at the sky. When I exhale I can’t tell if there’s still smoke in my lungs or if I can just see my breath. It’s probably some of both; my lungs haven’t been pure in years.

Her skin is warm under my fingertips. I can’t tell if the goosebumps on her arm are from me or the cold. I run my nail down her cheek, across her mouth. Her lips part like melting of a snowflake.

The three aligned lights in the sky are the only anchor as the world twirls around me. “Let the great world spin.” I’ve fallen, like snow, for her. Orion anchors the sky but she anchors me.

Float slow;

Volcanoes in the sky,

Mosaics at half past noon,

Time in shooting stars,

We have only the moon.
Opinion by name_it posted 2 months ago
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I love feedback of any kind.


Tick-tack…tick-tack… ok… just face it, you only have 23 days left for the final exam revision, it’s your destiny after all. You have promised yourself that you would be able to get an all-pass in this exam.

I really know that I should be more hardworking, but laziness always defeats the eagerness of revising, what’s wrong with me?? I once saw failure as a shame, how could someone possibly get an ‘F’ even after revising? It’s unbelievable and ridiculous, the student must be a retard…yes, that’s how I used to think… well, I still think that is true now.

Well, mum and dad said I could not blame teachers for teaching poorly, I can’t deny about that.

Why, tell me why, physics and chemistry are so difficult?? Why, why, tell me why that one could possibly understand what Mr K K Lo said in class?? 35 out of 43, not a small number, 35 classmates (including me) out of 43 shamelessly failed in the 2nd term physics test. It was a historical moment, a new world record...
Fan fiction by Firewriter posted 2 months ago
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Sonic's POV:

For a moment, I noticed that Sharpwing and Opegga were missing. But then I saw them walking over to the beverage table that never seemed to run dry. And I was starting to wonder how many cans Opegga had drunken. My thoughts disappeared as Comic ran her fingers threw my hair and brought her lips up to mine. I opened my eyes and she was staring at me with big eyes and a huge smile on her face. Before I could ask her why she was looking at me like that, she dragged me over to the corner of the room and pushed her lips up against mine forcefully. As much as it surprised me, I actually didn't mind. I put my hands on the back of her neck and kissed her fiercely back. She giggled.

She pushed me against the corner and wrapped her legs around me. I held her. The one thing I knew about her was that she loved to be in control. For somethings, if she wasn't in control, it made her go crazy. So I let her lead.

I noticed Sharpwing and Opegga on the couch. She sat on his lap with an arm around him and his on her hips. In the other hand, she held a bottle. Almost half empty now. She is going to be screwed tomorrow. Her hang over will be...