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Opinion by NagisaTomoya posted 4 months ago
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The Day You Slipped Away
    I will start off my story by telling you this: Karma is very real. In fact, that is me. I am Karma, though I prefer the name “Exodus.” Karma sounds a bit too feminine for such a strong and mighty force like myself. I, Exodus, have come to write a story for you. If you are expecting a cute and fun filled story get out while you still can. Close this book and get on with your life. Forget about me, even though you will surely encounter me in the rest of your lifetime. You just won’t know when I am approaching you from behind or staring you down from the front. It won’t matter anyway. When I encounter them, most people just pass off my acts as mere coincidences. I feel so unloved when they do that…
    It’s alright, continue being the skeptics that you are. It doesn’t really matter to me anymore… And it sure doesn’t matter to her anymore. Not now… Not after everything is said and done. I shall not start my story right away, if you could not tell already. I’ll let the suspense boil and cook in your mind while I dilly-dally with my own useless, idiotic, meaningless stories. Then,...
Article by FreeAwesomeness posted 4 months ago
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The way you killed me…and so many more…
Why? What’s the point?
For yourself? Earning yourself money?
Is that it? That’s all?

You don’t care about us in the least!
You don’t care about the pain you put so many through!
How could you? How can you?
You’re just ruthless, and nothing else

You’re just doing it so you can survive!
You’ll do anything for that!
You don’t care about what you put us through!
You’ll steal our ability to survive so you can yourself!


Because you’re selfish
And careless
And if you want to stay like that, be my guest
By my guest to let me kill you

There is a price you must pay to take our lives
We’re not just going to let you have them
Over the years, you’ve taken so many
Are you ready to pay the price for that amount?

Prepare for your worst nightmare to emerge from the seabed
Fan fiction by rose12345 posted 5 months ago
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---Disclamer mild language and spelling errors :)---
These words follow me every where I go.
They weigh heavily on my mind.
no one likes you
you have no friends
you will never be good enough
you will always be alone
Around and around these words go in my head tearing me apart! Making me feel, Making me feel less than worthy. Making me feel dirty. Making me feel hated. I run, I scream, no one can save me. Why am i still here? Why was i even born, I am alone, I have no friends. My head is screaming, my thoughts are screaming! Won't any one save me! I need help, please anyone, someone, don't let me fade, don't let me-
Celeste's thoughts turn in her head as she is walking to class. Its cold. She doesn't notices, She doesn't care. On the outside Celeste looks normal, happy even, she smiles, laughs. Celeste is miserable.