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Opinion by floraisbest1 posted 26 days ago
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stella: come on guys the others are probally waiting for us.

bloom: stella's right

TB: goodbye bring the rest of your friends when your finished!

sky: ok bye see ya later

tecna: flora u there

timmy: helia, nabu, riven

brandon: guys they aren't here so lets just camp here

bloom: sounds good

(they start setting up tents)


Diana: (diana walks in) stop whining they are just in a sleeping spell.

(flora gets up, diana notices this and tells the plants to choke her)

helia: let her go

Diana: why (diana tightens the grip around flora's neck)

flora: let me *cough* go

riven throws his phanta blade at diana

(sudenly flora's whole body started shaking and her eyes and started glowing)

(the boys are all in shock and the girls start waking up.)
Fan fiction by floraisbest1 posted 26 days ago
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Then the guard gives (flora, musa, aisha, nabu, riven, and helia food).

diana's guard: here is some food (specifaclly leaves)

flora: dont you think diana was way to specific, she told her friends.

(everyone starts eating except for flora)

helia: whats wrong flora arent you going to eat something.

flora: dont you guys think that guard was way to specific with our food.

nabu: your right but why would diana put something in the food? she obviously wants to talk to us and we need our strength or we'll starve to death.

flora: im still not eating

aisha: flora please dont be stubborn

flora: im not being stubborn i feel like something bad is going to happen. but fine i'll eat.

(everyone eats while diana watches from her crystal ball).

Diana: yes eat my prisoners eat


Fan fiction by floraisbest1 posted 27 days ago
fan of it?
tecna: i love all my gadgets, but i enjoy nature as well
bloom: i totally tecna
stella: ugh all this humidity is making my hair frizzy
bloom: stella!
stella: huh oh yeah i loved sophix powers the outfits were amazing and i loved our bond with nature
tecna: when i think about when we had the sophix
bloom: makes me jelous of floraand just wish
stella: that i had the nature power
timmy: whoah, did you girls just finish eachother's sentece together
brandon: or did you mean totally difrent things
tecna: i was going to say what they said
bloom: same thing
sky: amazing
stella: guys watch out the tree is going to fall
(everone runs to a clear and safe spot)
sky: TIMBER!!
bloom: girls do see that
stella: yup
tecna: i cant belive it
the boys: whoah!!
flora: wha... why... diana... she just, i dont understand?