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Article by MagicalMadness posted 2 months ago
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I've always wanted to be a mermaid! I recently found this spell and I've already got some of the side effects! I know that not all spells work for everybody but I hope this one works for you;)
First the side effects: (are some of the side effects I got)
-itchy legs and back
-singing a lot
-crossing legs a lot

What you will need:
-water(warm or cold doesn't matter)
-tea spoon
-belief that the spell will work
-10 pm-11
-a symbol (necklace, bracelet)

What you need to do:
1.fill the cup/bowl halfway with water
2.put a tea spoon of salt into the water and stir
3.drop your symbol into the water (making sure it's soaked)
4.then put your hand into the cup/bowl and say the spell 5x
5.put the symbol on (don't dry it)
And say the spell once more

Gods and goddesses of the sea
Article by vanelandsisters posted 2 months ago
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Verse: Sugar Rush
Date: June 7th, 2016

Full Name: Vanel Von Schweetz
Pronunciation: Va-Nell Von sch-weets
Nickname/Alias: Nel
Meaning: Sweet as cake
Origin: partially shorter than sister's name; saw it online
Title: Princess
Pet Name: Girl, Glitch #2
Signature: nice; cursive just like her sisters'

Gender: female
Gender Role: feminine
Orientation: straight
Real Age: 9 years old
Age Appearance: 7 years old
Birthday: December 11th, 2007
Deathday: (May not have one yet)
Birthplace: Sugar Rush General Hospital
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

Immediate Family: Vanellope and Vanella
Distant Family: none
Parenting: in between; strict at times; fun-loving at times
Upbringing: to go after what you want, no matter what
Infancy: would have been nurtured, but she was kidnapped by Turbo her first night
Fan fiction by vanelandsisters posted 2 months ago
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By: Sonikku J. Aleena, Manikku J. Aleena, and Salamina Q. Acorn

Chapter 1
(Sonic's POV)
Two in the morning, I'm woken up by Dad and Stepmom. "Sonic, honey." She whispers to me. I sit up and look at her. "Yeah, what's up?" "Your father and I have to go on another business trip. Can you please tell Sonia that we'd like it if she could be in charge?" I nod, yawn, and hug them 'bye'. I eventually take out my 3DS and play one of my games on it. I'll say about three/four hours pass when I hear the front doors open. "Mom doesn't live here anymore," I think. "She lives at the hospital, and Dad and Stepmom are on their business trip." The bedroom door starts to open, and I immediately get into my closet and close its door tight. The guy walks into the room that I share with my twin brother and little brother just as I close the closet door. I get ready to defend us. This guy walks up to Manic, holding this black, glowing chip thingy. He places it on my brother's medallion, and it somehow gets inside of my brother's medallion. It kinda looked like this:
Article by vanelandsisters posted 3 months ago
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I remember your books
In the hallway
I remember you cracking up
Microscopes in the garage
Those old parts
I love you more than anything

I remember your blue eyes
Looking into my emeralds
Like we lived in our own world
I remember you chasing
Our brother
Then falling asleep in my lap
I can still feel you curled up by my side
Little man
And even through that night I knew
You fought it hard as you could
Remember I
Held you and whispered

Come on, baby
With me
I'm never gonna leave
You behind
You were
My best
Thirteen years

I remember the first night
When my hope
Turned to crying and screaming your name
Flowers pile up in the palace
I just can't stop thinking
About the little guy I lost
And it's about to be your birthday
I'd buy you anything
Article by bendaimmortal posted 3 months ago
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In link we live mainly the 1980's & early '90s. Other than the canon events we don't have a site wide plot but we're character driven and you can set threads to any year in any timeline order. Also outside the site timeline. Here are a few characters I am especially hoping to have a player for. Please, note also the "Other notes" at the bottom of this ad.

If you don't know what forum roleplaying is but would be interested in one or more of these, don't worry, I have written a thorough guide for forum roleplaying and it's on our site. It's also not difficult at all, it's basically interactive creative writing.

And if you're a new Harry Potter fan and don't feel confident about joining an RPG yet, see if my guide for the Harry Potter Universe Basics helps. It's located at the top of the INFO page.

Contact info: On our guest friendly link, or replying to the ad on our link, or you...
Opinion by MovieReveiw posted 3 months ago
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This is an opinion so if you don't like these logoff...now.
In my opinion the new Suicide Squad sucks. Harley Quinn is not even Harley Quinn any more, Deadshot has stupid movie lines, and no King Shark. WTF. I will explain this all for people who are not familier with The Suicide Squad.
Since the beginning of time Harley Quinn has had an accent and, guess what, no accent in the new Suicide Squad. And since when does Harley Quinn dress like a fucking slut.
Deadshot is normaly the main charecter in The Suicide Squad but now he has two stupid ass lines, "So we are some kind of Suicide Squad?" Yes you are stupid it is the title of your movie. "Let's go save the world." Fuck it I am done with Deadshot fully.
King shark is, well, a giant shark but now they have replaced him with a less cool Killer Crok.
Fan fiction by Firewriter posted 4 months ago
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Phoenix Hunter is well known for keeping quiet. Her dad walked out of their life when she was two and her mom was an abusive alcoholic. Phoenix doesn't talk to anyone besides her brother Blade and basically kills anyone with a single glare if they try. She keeps well to herself. Hiding away the dark things that know one knows about. And she was doing perfectly well with coping until eventually...

"Phoenix? Phoenix stay with me!" Blade said as I zoned in and out of consciousness. My heart was beating faster than I thought was possible. "Phoenix!" He yelled again. And that's when it all went black.

Hi. I'm Phoenix Hunter. As you probably can tell, I am a fighter. In fact, the only female fighter in all of Montana. Crazy thought right? Well, funny thing is, no one knows. I mean, yeah, I'm well known for putting kids in the hospital at school, but that's only because I hate people. A lot. My dad walked out on me when I was two, and I have to live, okay rephrase, I have to survive with my abusive alcoholic mom and older brother Blade who watches me like a hawk 24/7.
Article by legobuilder35 posted 6 months ago
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This story is about dragons fighting dinosaurs in New York. You may be wondering how dinosaurs and dragons come in New York if they're expected to be dead. Well these dragons and dinosaurs are from an island known as Reptile Island where an evil scientist created them. the portal that brings the dragons and dinosaurs to New York was made accidentaly when the dinosaurs and dragons both breathed fire. The evil scientist made the dinosaurs evil. That's why they breathe fire. The evil scientist accidentally made the dragons good. The dinosaurs don't even want to attack humans. The reason they're doing it is because the evil scientist is controlling them with a magical dinosaur skull. A boy named Josh who was raised by dinosaurs feels bad about the dinosaurs and tries to find a cure to turn them good. But some people think that both dinosaurs and dragons are evil so they decide to kill them. but when a big dragon protects the people they realize they were wrong and honor the dragons by feeding them fish. I think this story will be read by lots of people.
Opinion by merna_ac posted 6 months ago
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Gravity falls is an amazing show, And we all cherish it.
note: I have written this article before I read a VIP article by ALEX HIRSCH, I will explain it later on this artilce
[b] ♦First: we all see in the finale episode of Gravity falls that the only weakness of Bill Cipher is this circle which All Gravity falls Fans know it since the show had started, and I was excited when ford draw it on the floor, So they collect each other and stand on this circle and defeat bill.that's the plan, but Unfortunately It didn't complete because Stan refused to stand on it. So the plan didn't complete. the weakness of bill didn't happen. So .. he might be back.
♣ second: when they tried to defeat Bill in another way, the plan was to make Bill go inside stan's head and Delete his memory, pretty cool and sad at the same time .. but what wasn't expecting that Stan had recovered .. and had his memory back ! So .. Is this meant that Bill might be back too?
• not just that .. If you backward the video of Bill when he was inside stan's head you might hear that he said he might turn .. and he has the power which helping him to return .. Interesting !...
Article by InnerMermaid posted 6 months ago
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What u will need
Pen'n paper
Shell from the sea
Your powers might be
Sieren singing
U might get all the powers but put your first choice on your pic.
First get a pen\cil and paper and draw your tail what u want it 2 look like I would recommend the u draw your chest as well for better results. Lable your pics!
After u have done that fill the cup with water and sprinkle salt over the cup and the shell. Dab your fingers in the shell and try to get some salt on them. Rub them on your legs and say:

Coaral reefs ocean floors where ever u may be merpeople grant me this wish. Make me a mermaid\man! With a ... Tail. Grant me this wish please!
Finally drink a tiny bit of water then pour it on your feet. You will have to be in a bath or outside with shows off.
Keep your pic somewhere u can see it every day until u get your powers and tail.
Article by Mermaidgirl11 posted 7 months ago
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Hi today i will tell you haw to become a mermaid

Side effects:
-itchy legs
-drinking lots of water
-singing allot


Get into the shower take your shower.
near the end say this spell:
Mermaid magic come to me
I would like a tale not two feet beuaty be upon me fish of all kinds let me see when im finished in the sea when im dry let my feet return to me SO MOTE IT BE

When you say it make sure your wet
Then dry up
Next time you touch water close your eyes imagine you being a mermaid and count to ten out loud then you should fall over and open your eyes



Article by Brittany6655 posted 7 months ago
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I really love to write.I've done it ever since I was only 4.
My mother used to write things like stories or poems and letters.My mom inspired me to write things now.
Writing is really fun to do and I love it alot!Sometimes I write things like my mom did.

Whenever I feel mad I usually write things in the Write Email on the computer and write things that have been on my mind for a couple of days,then I erase them because I always feel better after I do that and I usually feel much calmer and I get it out of my system.

Since I really love writing so much I was thinking that maybe I could become an author when I grow up. :)
I wouldn't just write poetry or stories,I would also like to write articles for other people to read (just like I'm writing one right now).But of course I would write it on a piece of paper.I would also like to write new books for kids.

Again I really love to write and it's sort of special to me in my life.
Opinion by hgfan5602 posted 7 months ago
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When will this end?
Mass shootings
Terrorist attacks
Police brutality

They say it's just a gun control problem
They say it cannot be fixed
I say the problem is deeper
I say there is hope

When will this end?
Income inequality
Veterans living on the streets, penniless,
Dying by their own hands everyday.

They say this world can change for the better
But nothing has changed...
And I truly do fear
Nothing ever will

When will love start?
The day we offer a hand to the fallen
Instead of cringing back in shock
And running away

When will our world change?
The day we love too much to kill
The day others' pain is our pain
The day we act instead of just talking about it

"It's impossible"
"We're too broken to be mended"
"It's a hopeless battle"
Opinion by name_it posted 8 months ago
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I love feedback of any kind.


Tick-tack…tick-tack… ok… just face it, you only have 23 days left for the final exam revision, it’s your destiny after all. You have promised yourself that you would be able to get an all-pass in this exam.

I really know that I should be more hardworking, but laziness always defeats the eagerness of revising, what’s wrong with me?? I once saw failure as a shame, how could someone possibly get an ‘F’ even after revising? It’s unbelievable and ridiculous, the student must be a retard…yes, that’s how I used to think… well, I still think that is true now.

Well, mum and dad said I could not blame teachers for teaching poorly, I can’t deny about that.

Why, tell me why, physics and chemistry are so difficult?? Why, why, tell me why that one could possibly understand what Mr K K Lo said in class?? 35 out of 43, not a small number, 35 classmates (including me) out of 43 shamelessly failed in the 2nd term physics test. It was a historical moment, a new world record...
Fan fiction by Firewriter posted 8 months ago
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Sonic's POV:

For a moment, I noticed that Sharpwing and Opegga were missing. But then I saw them walking over to the beverage table that never seemed to run dry. And I was starting to wonder how many cans Opegga had drunken. My thoughts disappeared as Comic ran her fingers threw my hair and brought her lips up to mine. I opened my eyes and she was staring at me with big eyes and a huge smile on her face. Before I could ask her why she was looking at me like that, she dragged me over to the corner of the room and pushed her lips up against mine forcefully. As much as it surprised me, I actually didn't mind. I put my hands on the back of her neck and kissed her fiercely back. She giggled.

She pushed me against the corner and wrapped her legs around me. I held her. The one thing I knew about her was that she loved to be in control. For somethings, if she wasn't in control, it made her go crazy. So I let her lead.

I noticed Sharpwing and Opegga on the couch. She sat on his lap with an arm around him and his on her hips. In the other hand, she held a bottle. Almost half empty now. She is going to be screwed tomorrow. Her hang over will be...
Fan fiction by Firewriter posted 8 months ago
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Fang's POV:

The group had been gone for almost half an hour. Most parties lasted all night, or until the guards got so damn tired of the music and smell of alcohol that they would split it up. Shadow and I lay in her bunk, curled up together under the sheets. Our clothes hung on the small handle by the head of her bed. We gazed into each other's eyes. Our foreheads resting against each others.

We had given in again. We didn't want to, but our inner cats were yowling like crazy for each other, and we couldn't fight them. I honestly didn't mind, and by the look in Shadow's eyes, she didn't either.

I brushed a stand of her long curly black hair out of her face. Her ear twitched in the process, but she didn't look bothered. I smiled at her. She tried to return it.

"I love you so much. You know that?" I whispered. She nodded and closed her eyes briefly as my hand rested on her cheek. She was gorgeous. The most beautiful creature in any world. No matter her scars. Whether on purpose or from battles, she was always innocent to me. She scooted closer to me and I wrapped my arms around her protectively. She nuzzled her nose on my...
Fan fiction by Firewriter posted 9 months ago
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Comic's POV:

The party felt crowded. Even though there wasn't that many of us there. But still enough for a party. Most of us girls were in our tank tops, and some guys were shirtless. I stood in a corner with Sonic, Sharpwing and Opegga. We felt out of place. It's been a while since we've all been to a party. Well, except me. But I've never been to a party with Sonic. So, it felt weird and I began to feel self conscious in my tank top. Opegga did especially. I could see it in her eyes as she wrapped her arms around herself comfortingly.

I saw the table containing beverages and grabbed one for everyone. Handing it to them. Opegga was hesitant but took it anyways.

"Are you sure it's okay to drink this?" She asked. I cracked mine open and took a swig.

"Of course I am! It's not gonna kill you. Loosen up a little." Sonic watched me. A little unsure but with adoration. I knew he didn't like it when I drank. Especially when we were around other guys. It made him feel like there was competition. But once he loosened up, he was a lot of fun to be around. He took a drink and I could already see the light in his eyes. I smiled.
Fan fiction by Firewriter posted 9 months ago
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Our group was in the room. Each couple was chatting. Comic was sitting on Sonic's lap. They were having a debate, and whenever Comic was getting her point across, Sonic would kiss her to shut her up, and she would swat his ear. Being the innocent couple, Sharpwing and Opegga were sitting next to each other with her legs draped shyly over his lap. They were in deep conversation. Something I didn't want to intrude.

I sat there, next to Fang. His arms wrapped around me and my legs over his. Our tails were entwined and he began to nuzzle my neck. Landing soft kisses here and there. He kissed the spot on my neck that tingled and I stiffened. He looked up at me and smiled.

You better not. I told him. Trying to sound serious, but a playful hint caught onto my voice. He grinned and kissed that spot again. I squealed. Curling my knees up. It was what I did if someone managed to tickle me sometimes. He laughed and the others looked at me with laughter in their eyes before turning back to their conversations. I glared at Fang playfully and swatted him with my tail. He went for my neck and I held up a finger warning him. He put his hand up innocently. And allowed...
Fan fiction by Firewriter posted 9 months ago
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It was the best I've slept in years. didn't wake up once, and had no strange dreams. And not a trace of a bad memory. I rolled over in my bunk, but Fang wasn't there. I opened my eyes. Everyone was running around the room frantically.

"What's going on?" I croaked. Fang rushed to me and lifted me out of bed. A smile on his face.

"It worked Shadow! It worked!" Now the energy in the room rubbed off on me, and I no longer felt drowsy. I ran over to wear Sharpwing was curled up on the floor. His knees curled under him with two big wings sticking out of his back. A huge grin splayed across my face.

"What's happening to him!" Opegga sounded frantic, then stopped when she saw my smile. Her eyes widened. Not understanding why I was smiling. Then Comic fell to the floor. Nearly hitting her head in the process. Her eyes closed on her and two bat like wings popped out of her shoulders. I chuckled. Yes! It was working! I was beginning to have my doubts, but it all worked!
Fan fiction by Firewriter posted 9 months ago
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Shadow's POV:

It was amazing. Like nothing I had ever felt before. Which is crazy, cuz I've been through so much it's hard to say that I haven't experienced something. But, it felt like magic. And he was good. Really good. I couldn't have asked for a better day in my life to think of then today.

We were back in our uniforms. Sitting on the couch. I leaned against him, with my knees curled and my head on his chest. He had a hand on my knee, and the other one casually draped around my shoulder. Holding me close. I felt safe. Protected and connected. Things I was going to have to learn to accept with time.

"You doing okay?" He asked looking down at me. I nodded.

"I'm a little sore, but I'm fine." He smiled down at me. I still couldn't believe we did it. It was my first time, and I was a little nervous. He was too. But our inner cats had taken over. And for once, I didn't mind. It was fun.

By the time the team came back to the dorm, handing us food they had sneaked out, I had all my viles, containers, scanner, and hologram screens back up. They came in, awe struck. They knew I had wings, and they knew about my...
Fan fiction by Firewriter posted 9 months ago
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We heard a bell, and quickly stopped our intense kissing. I had to force myself to and he didn't look too happy about it either. I hid everything on the coffee table, and saved all my work on my hologram screens before dismissing them and my compartment. I lay down on the couch and pretended to sleep, and Fang sat on the chair diagonal the couch. Watching me.

The door opened and Comic and Sonic poked there heads in. Fang looked up in their direction. Holding a finger over his mouth, indicating for them to be quiet. They nodded and tip toed over.

"I've finally got her to sleep. She's been very tired."

"That's good you finally got her to rest." Comic replied. "We just wanted to check on you guys." Fang nodded his understandings.

"Comic we're gonna have to go now, before we're noticed." Sonic whispered. Comic looked in his direction near the door and nodded.

"Alright. See you two after dinner." She said as she left the room.
Fan fiction by Firewriter posted 9 months ago
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"Now where was I?" Fang said walking over to me from the door. I looked at him mischievously and remained still until he reached me. "Oh yeah. I remember." I laughed as he stooped me up and sat on the couch. I sat on his lap, facing him with my arms wrapped around his neck and his on my waist.

"I love you Shadow." He said.

"I love you Fang." I whispered back. I finally managed to say it back to someone without them interrupting me or dying. It was sad in a way, but it made me feel happy. Brushing hair away from my eyes, he gave me a kiss. It was a soft kiss. Until I responded and kissed him back more fiercely. Our lips moving in sync. I felt his tongue try to pry between my lips. I parted them slightly and his tongue slipped into my mouth. Playing with mine.

Slowly he began to shift his weight so that I was lying down on the couch and he was above me. I knew we weren't going to go any farther. Just for boundary measures. But I was beginning to wish we would. No! I strictly told myself. But my inner cat was purring inside. She wanted him. All of him. I yelled at myself again. I forced myself to stop. As impossible as it felt for me to do...
Fan fiction by Firewriter posted 9 months ago
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"Whoa." They all breathed at the sight. I stood close to Fang. Letting him nuzzle my neck while everyone else took in the sight. Part of me was wishing that I could just be here alone with Fang. See how much we could get away with. But it was too late for that. They wanted to see me fly. And I was eager to feel the wind under my wings again. As much as I just wanted to stay close to him and feel his hands on my hips whenever I kissed him.

"Now I know what humans see every day." Opegga said. Mainly to herself, but loud enough for everyone to hear. They all agreed. Slowly, they began to get a feel for the scene. I grabbed Fang's hands and took them off my hips. I smiled. Telling him that I was going to fly. He looked slightly disappointed, but nodded. I gave him a kiss and walked over to the edge of the building. They all watched me.

I turned to face them. My heals just barely off the side of the building. I crossed my hands over my chest.

"Are you sure this is a good idea?" Sonic asked at last. I smiled daringly at him and fell backward. Off the edge. Fang remained near the edge. Watching me. He didn't want to show them his wings, but...
Fan fiction by Firewriter posted 9 months ago
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I walked into my team's office and sat in my cubical without looking at anyone. I noticed some of them sharing glances or looking over at me, but turn away once they made eye contact with me. I turned to my screen and put on my ear and mouth piece. Just as an excuse not to talk to anyone.

Fang stood in the entrance of my cubical and stared at me. Concern and anticipation written on his face. I gave him a single glance and turned back to my screen.

"Hey, what's going?" He asked bending down next to my chair. I took in a deep breath and exhaled sharply as my response. He spun me around in my chair so that I was facing him, then rested his hands on my knees. "What's going on?" He asked a little slower. "Is everything okay?"

"Yup." I noticed Fang doing his best to hide the growl rising in his throat.

"What did Alpha want?"

"To confront me. That's all." I replied cooly. By now the whole team was gathered around.
Fan fiction by Firewriter posted 9 months ago
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"Hey, calm down." I giggled. Placing both of my hands on the sides of his face.

"How! You flew!" I giggled again. Pushing my lips up against his was the only way to shut him up. I was on my tip toes, but I didn't mind. He was just too tall. I broke the kiss and he smiled down at me. "Okay. That'll work." He said cocking his head for a moment. I laughed. One thing different about him and Omega was that he wasn't as serious. Omega was rarely hyper. And it was funny when he was. My ears turned in the direction of the small door leading back inside.

"Everyone is starting to wake up." I said.

"We still have a little time before breakfast." He noted and grabbed me by the waist. Pulling me toward him. I rested my hands on his chest. We stared into each other's eyes. He brushed hair out of my face and leaned forward. His lips brushed ever so softly against mine, when there was a loud noise coming from the door. Within seconds, we were off the edge of the building, holding each other in mid air.