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Fan fiction by Firewriter posted 2 months ago
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Back at the headquarters:
"Has anyone seen Sem?" Mel asked frantically as people walked up and down the levels. Donovan and Jaken began to walk away from the stables after turning in other horses they 'found.' Plain browns. Mel ran over to them, barely noticing their states.
"Have you guys seen Sem?" She asked wide eyed. The boys glanced at each other.
"Who?" Donovan asked brushing his hood off.
"My best friend you idiot! She's tall with super dark long hair and brown green eyes, rides a black horse. Ring a bell?"
"Nope." Jaken said quickly.
"Yes, we saw her earlier in the afternoon when she kicked Jaken's-"
"Where? What time specifically? Was she far? Is she okay?" Mel fired off with questions. Donovan looked at her seriously.
"Mel." She kept going and Don grabbed her shoulders, shaking her. "Melinda Lee Amstrong." She stopped and glared at him. "Calm down. I'm sure she's okay. Now just take a deep breath and relax." She listened, then opened her eyes.
Fan fiction by Firewriter posted 2 months ago
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"Sem, you gotta come up here." Someone called from up on the balcony. I peered out from under the tin stable roof at the level the noise came from. My good friend Melinda stood there, peering over the edge at me. Her hood was also on and she had clearly been running. She waved me up. Ignoring the stairs, I hopped onto the stable roof and leaped onto the grey stone ledge of the wall. I was honestly surprised I made it. Swinging myself around a few poles and pillars, I landed on my feet on the balcony where Melinda stood. All the lights were off in the classrooms that filled the first level of our building. All the way around. She led me up the steps of the right tower to the third floor.
"Mel, what is it?" I finally asked after getting her to let go of her iron grip on my wrist. We were still in the stairwell when she stopped and looked at me with wide eyes that were full of humor.
"You aren't going to believe this." She whispered and continued to drag me up the stairs until we were standing in front of a dorm door. Dorm 132. I knew this dorm too well. I glared at it, then turned to Mel, who stood there with wide laughing eyes.
Fan fiction by Firewriter posted 2 months ago
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"Raaaa!" A battle cry escaped his lips as he ran towards me. I spun around with my arm out and gave him a good knock on the head with the bottom of my black leather sword handle. He hit the stone ground with a thud and his own silver sword clinked as it bounced along the floor.

"You're an idiot." I stated bluntly. He growled under his breath and tentatively touched the bruise that was forming.

"Says the one who got her ass kidnapped last summer." He swore silently. I froze from putting my sword back in it's sheath and spun around. He had his sword and blocked mine quickly. Still laying on the floor. It was my turn to swear. I turned around again with my back to him as he got up. I felt him behind my back and crossed my silver blade inches away from me across my chest, blocking his. Our eyes narrowed as we glared at each other with pure hatred. I hooked my foot behind his ankle and kicked back, pushing forcefully on my sword and knocked him down, grabbing the handle of his fancy sword with my free hand and crossed them, each end on either side of his pale precious throat. His eyes burned with fury and hatred so rich I was surprised he didn't burst into...
Fan fiction by -Universe_COLA- posted 2 months ago
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~"Rays of hopeless light beamed dim and pale through the dull orange, yellow, and auburn leaves of the fall's trees. But even where there is calmness in neutrality, there is always a prey, and always a predator. Humanity is no different."~

Daniel tore through woods at full speed, clothes torn, his small orange backpack dangling across his back, his left arm carved with shredded flesh in the form of animalistic claw markings and lines of smeared crimson leaked slowly from the wound above his eye. The leg to his jeans on the left side, only hanging on by a thread ripped itself away just above his knee as he climbed over log after log, tree after fallen tree. His mind began to spin, but was focused on only one clear objective. Gotta run. Gotta get to the edge. But some his hope and composure put a gun to its head, and committed suicide as a harsh reality splitting screech ripped through the air mere yards behind him, echoing until it faded into the dead of silence. Even with his crumbled hope, his sheer Will kept his legs pumped with fumes that wouldn't allow despair to cloud his mind. Through his peripherals, he caught a bush waver to the side. "DEXTER!!"...
Opinion by CupcakeMal714 posted 2 months ago
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I read this and had to pass it on.
my name is sarah
i am three
my eyes are swollen
i cannot see
i must be stupid
i must be bad
what else could have made
my daddy so mad
i wish i were better
i wish i werent ugly
then maybe my mommy
would still wanna hug me
i cant do a wrong
i can't speak at all
or else i locked up
all day long
when i wake up
im all alone
the house is dark
my folks arent home
when my mommy does come home
i try to be nice
so maybe i'll just get
one wipping tonight
i just heard a car
my daddy is back
from charlie's bar
i heard him curse
my name is called
i press myself
against the wall
i try to hide
from his evil eyes
im so afraid now
im starting to cry
he finds me weeping
calls me ugly words
he says it's my fault
Article by ChiliPepperLuv posted 2 months ago
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People say flowers are beautiful.
They're beautiful, that's true.
They also provide oxygen for us.
People say weeds are ugly.
They apparently have no value,
Nor do they deserve to live.
I'm not talking weeds that grow in the garden.
I'm talking about wild plants.
Well, weeds are flowers, too.
Just give them a chance.
Once you get to know them, they're amazing.
They can be just as pretty as flowers.
I may not be an orchid or a sunflower.
I may not be a rose or an iris.
I'm more of a dandelion.
I may be a weed, but I'm not so bad.
Give me half a chance. I'm pretty neat.
So, weeds are flowers, too.
Get to know them. They're pretty great.
Opinion by AnxiousSoul posted 3 months ago
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Asperger's Syndrome is a mild form of autism with a bit of learning disability. It is the same as social anxiety. People with this kind have difficulty learning academics, socializing with other people, and forming friendships.

What does it feel like to have this? You'll be sensitive to loud sounds, lack of interest in to many things, difficulty understanding sarcasm and jokes, you'll feel lonely and alone, you see the world differently to other people, and the most overwhelming is you feel different in the world. It is also a lifelong condition and can't be cured. But help is a guide of their life. You will realize that those people have more intelligence and will grow up successfully in their life. And also they have a great heart of understanding on people's problems. They will also be kind and patient from what we are.

See the outside, and know deep the inside. There's no nothing than a reason behind.

It's better to be UNIQUE!
Opinion by AnxiousSoul posted 3 months ago
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Social Anxiety, is a chronic mental disorder that affects everyday living of a person who is suffering from this. It's an extreme shyness and difficulty in socializing to other people. But the argument is, what people only think of it is "simply" shyness that is a normal attitude of every person. But social anxiety is still different to shyness. What does it feel like to have this? Because of that extreme shyness, you will feel that your heart is pumping very fast and irregular, feeling hot but the sweat is cold, dizziness that you feel like to faint, nausea, blurry vision due to dizziness, and sometimes the worst case is diarrhea.

It is a lifelong condition, and sometimes it's impossible to fix. They know they can get through it, but not alone. They need the guide of others and instead, just help them to get through and you'll be surprised and be proud of yourself. The true encourage is not encourage with madness. It's kindness. Be sensible and understanding!

Opinion by superh4m posted 3 months ago
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First off,harry potter has actual struggle and creative and developed villains while twilight centers around a girl who is completely dependent on a 2 hot guys who go to war for her and constantly abuse her.Second,harry potter has compelling storyline and fun unique characters while twilight is ALL STEREOTYPES, with the new hot shallow girl who runs a love triangle and the the two guys and their friends who fight over her.And lastly, for all you people who say that edward is hotter than harry, cedric is hotter than edward.look at all characters,not just the main ones.peace y'all
Article by deedragongirl posted 3 months ago
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I love this photo.
Hi guys, since I love to write, here are the topics that I love to write.

Travel Log

After watching a few videos of Rick Steve on Youtube, I was very inspired by him to be a travel log since I love travelling, especially to Europe, more parts of the US and both South and Central America.

Movie & Musical Review

I love to write about movies and musicals that I had seen, so whenever the latter is adapted into the former. I would also compare them if I had seen a musical before, however spoiler alerts ahead!

Book & Movie Review

Although I had done this a couple of times on Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code and Angels & Demons, I hope to do more of this!

Enjoy Writing!

Whenever I write, I tried to improve myself and on my writing skills. It also became a hobby that I really enjoy!
Opinion by MrsLynch45 posted 3 months ago
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I mean look at him he's MY OBBSESSION!!!!
Hey Fanpop Viewers out there so as you can tell by the title of this article i want your opinion on whether or not Ross Lynch should be in Sexiest Man Alive 2017!

So here is one word to describe Ross: Adorable!!!! You heard me, he is so cute and funny!! I am like his biggest fan in the world to prove it check out my 75 facts about Ross lynch article!!! And here are a few reasons on why Ross lynch should be Sexiest Man of 2017

1. He was born to pose

2. He has the most perfect hair in the whole universe

3. He has the cutest eyes ever

4. He has the most perfect shape body


(P.s I will do anything to meet Ross literally ANYTHING!!!!! I <3 u Ross!!!)

So comment on ure opinion if u think Ross should be sexiest man of 2017!!!
Opinion by cristina876 posted 3 months ago
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Hello my name is Cristina Xtri ,i am 15 years old and i love every singer's songs because SONG IS MY LIFE and also if singers wasn't even here exist then there would be no songs and i wouldn't even listen to song but now singers are here my life in on a ROCK AND ROLL!!!! WELL want to say something i love every singer's songs well they are GREAT for me it is my LIFE!!

SINGERS THAT I KNOW :Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Nicki Minaj,Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez,Jennifer Lopez, well i just love every singers !!

Well i wish all the singer a big GOOD LUCK!!!! and also i love every songs well they are great!! hey all the singers make more song for me please want to see more !!! well just love every singer!!, well my favorite song is WORK by Rihanna and what is yours?

Opinion by stephany1617 posted 3 months ago
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Race:half Italian Human,Otaku,Reader Fanfiction,I love my friends and Respect them i Speak American English Fluent and i like the sound of the ocean and beach favorite animals:Dogs,Wolf,Dolphins,Horses,Panda,Tiger,Orca
Beluga Whales
Anime i love:Naruto Shippuden,Swords Art Online,Inuyasha,Vampire Knight,Rosario+Vampire
my favorite sports are:Basketball,Tennis,Swimming
I'm the youngest child my mother have I have a biological brother and mom also my brother is a electronic Engineering
I have one small cute Malchi dog
Guide by MakoMermaidsH2o posted 3 months ago
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Imagine how cool it could be to be a real life mermaid. Well you can be.

All you have to do is do the steps right and I hope it works it worked on me im a real mermaid.

What you will need:
A cup of water
A strand of your hair
A bracelet or necklace for your symbol
Put the salt in a bowl
Then put your hair in the bowl
Dip your symbol and hands in the bowl and chant
Guardian of the sea oh please make me a mermaid and we will see how great of a mermaid I will be and how polite and brave I am oh please make me a bold mermaid I hope you do and thank you.
Article by MagicalMadness posted 4 months ago
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I've always wanted to be a mermaid! I recently found this spell and I've already got some of the side effects! I know that not all spells work for everybody but I hope this one works for you;)
First the side effects: (are some of the side effects I got)
-itchy legs and back
-singing a lot
-crossing legs a lot

What you will need:
-water(warm or cold doesn't matter)
-tea spoon
-belief that the spell will work
-10 pm-11
-a symbol (necklace, bracelet)

What you need to do:
1.fill the cup/bowl halfway with water
2.put a tea spoon of salt into the water and stir
3.drop your symbol into the water (making sure it's soaked)
4.then put your hand into the cup/bowl and say the spell 5x
5.put the symbol on (don't dry it)
And say the spell once more

Gods and goddesses of the sea
Article by vanelandsisters posted 4 months ago
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Verse: Sugar Rush
Date: June 7th, 2016

Full Name: Vanel Von Schweetz
Pronunciation: Va-Nell Von sch-weets
Nickname/Alias: Nel
Meaning: Sweet as cake
Origin: partially shorter than sister's name; saw it online
Title: Princess
Pet Name: Girl, Glitch #2
Signature: nice; cursive just like her sisters'

Gender: female
Gender Role: feminine
Orientation: straight
Real Age: 9 years old
Age Appearance: 7 years old
Birthday: December 11th, 2007
Deathday: (May not have one yet)
Birthplace: Sugar Rush General Hospital
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

Immediate Family: Vanellope and Vanella
Distant Family: none
Parenting: in between; strict at times; fun-loving at times
Upbringing: to go after what you want, no matter what
Infancy: would have been nurtured, but she was kidnapped by Turbo her first night
Fan fiction by vanelandsisters posted 4 months ago
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By: Sonikku J. Aleena, Manikku J. Aleena, and Salamina Q. Acorn

Chapter 1
(Sonic's POV)
Two in the morning, I'm woken up by Dad and Stepmom. "Sonic, honey." She whispers to me. I sit up and look at her. "Yeah, what's up?" "Your father and I have to go on another business trip. Can you please tell Sonia that we'd like it if she could be in charge?" I nod, yawn, and hug them 'bye'. I eventually take out my 3DS and play one of my games on it. I'll say about three/four hours pass when I hear the front doors open. "Mom doesn't live here anymore," I think. "She lives at the hospital, and Dad and Stepmom are on their business trip." The bedroom door starts to open, and I immediately get into my closet and close its door tight. The guy walks into the room that I share with my twin brother and little brother just as I close the closet door. I get ready to defend us. This guy walks up to Manic, holding this black, glowing chip thingy. He places it on my brother's medallion, and it somehow gets inside of my brother's medallion. It kinda looked like this:
Article by vanelandsisters posted 5 months ago
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I remember your books
In the hallway
I remember you cracking up
Microscopes in the garage
Those old parts
I love you more than anything

I remember your blue eyes
Looking into my emeralds
Like we lived in our own world
I remember you chasing
Our brother
Then falling asleep in my lap
I can still feel you curled up by my side
Little man
And even through that night I knew
You fought it hard as you could
Remember I
Held you and whispered

Come on, baby
With me
I'm never gonna leave
You behind
You were
My best
Thirteen years

I remember the first night
When my hope
Turned to crying and screaming your name
Flowers pile up in the palace
I just can't stop thinking
About the little guy I lost
And it's about to be your birthday
I'd buy you anything
Article by bendaimmortal posted 5 months ago
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In link we live mainly the 1980's & early '90s. Other than the canon events we don't have a site wide plot but we're character driven and you can set threads to any year in any timeline order. Also outside the site timeline. Here are a few characters I am especially hoping to have a player for. Please, note also the "Other notes" at the bottom of this ad.

If you don't know what forum roleplaying is but would be interested in one or more of these, don't worry, I have written a thorough guide for forum roleplaying and it's on our site. It's also not difficult at all, it's basically interactive creative writing.

And if you're a new Harry Potter fan and don't feel confident about joining an RPG yet, see if my guide for the Harry Potter Universe Basics helps. It's located at the top of the INFO page.

Contact info: On our guest friendly link, or replying to the ad on our link, or you...
Opinion by MovieReveiw posted 5 months ago
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This is an opinion so if you don't like these logoff...now.
In my opinion the new Suicide Squad sucks. Harley Quinn is not even Harley Quinn any more, Deadshot has stupid movie lines, and no King Shark. WTF. I will explain this all for people who are not familier with The Suicide Squad.
Since the beginning of time Harley Quinn has had an accent and, guess what, no accent in the new Suicide Squad. And since when does Harley Quinn dress like a fucking slut.
Deadshot is normaly the main charecter in The Suicide Squad but now he has two stupid ass lines, "So we are some kind of Suicide Squad?" Yes you are stupid it is the title of your movie. "Let's go save the world." Fuck it I am done with Deadshot fully.
King shark is, well, a giant shark but now they have replaced him with a less cool Killer Crok.
Fan fiction by Firewriter posted 6 months ago
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Phoenix Hunter is well known for keeping quiet. Her dad walked out of their life when she was two and her mom was an abusive alcoholic. Phoenix doesn't talk to anyone besides her brother Blade and basically kills anyone with a single glare if they try. She keeps well to herself. Hiding away the dark things that know one knows about. And she was doing perfectly well with coping until eventually...

"Phoenix? Phoenix stay with me!" Blade said as I zoned in and out of consciousness. My heart was beating faster than I thought was possible. "Phoenix!" He yelled again. And that's when it all went black.

Hi. I'm Phoenix Hunter. As you probably can tell, I am a fighter. In fact, the only female fighter in all of Montana. Crazy thought right? Well, funny thing is, no one knows. I mean, yeah, I'm well known for putting kids in the hospital at school, but that's only because I hate people. A lot. My dad walked out on me when I was two, and I have to live, okay rephrase, I have to survive with my abusive alcoholic mom and older brother Blade who watches me like a hawk 24/7.
Article by legobuilder35 posted 8 months ago
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This story is about dragons fighting dinosaurs in New York. You may be wondering how dinosaurs and dragons come in New York if they're expected to be dead. Well these dragons and dinosaurs are from an island known as Reptile Island where an evil scientist created them. the portal that brings the dragons and dinosaurs to New York was made accidentaly when the dinosaurs and dragons both breathed fire. The evil scientist made the dinosaurs evil. That's why they breathe fire. The evil scientist accidentally made the dragons good. The dinosaurs don't even want to attack humans. The reason they're doing it is because the evil scientist is controlling them with a magical dinosaur skull. A boy named Josh who was raised by dinosaurs feels bad about the dinosaurs and tries to find a cure to turn them good. But some people think that both dinosaurs and dragons are evil so they decide to kill them. but when a big dragon protects the people they realize they were wrong and honor the dragons by feeding them fish. I think this story will be read by lots of people.
Opinion by merna_ac posted 8 months ago
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Gravity falls is an amazing show, And we all cherish it.
note: I have written this article before I read a VIP article by ALEX HIRSCH, I will explain it later on this artilce
[b] ♦First: we all see in the finale episode of Gravity falls that the only weakness of Bill Cipher is this circle which All Gravity falls Fans know it since the show had started, and I was excited when ford draw it on the floor, So they collect each other and stand on this circle and defeat bill.that's the plan, but Unfortunately It didn't complete because Stan refused to stand on it. So the plan didn't complete. the weakness of bill didn't happen. So .. he might be back.
♣ second: when they tried to defeat Bill in another way, the plan was to make Bill go inside stan's head and Delete his memory, pretty cool and sad at the same time .. but what wasn't expecting that Stan had recovered .. and had his memory back ! So .. Is this meant that Bill might be back too?
• not just that .. If you backward the video of Bill when he was inside stan's head you might hear that he said he might turn .. and he has the power which helping him to return .. Interesting !...
Article by InnerMermaid posted 8 months ago
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What u will need
Pen'n paper
Shell from the sea
Your powers might be
Sieren singing
U might get all the powers but put your first choice on your pic.
First get a pen\cil and paper and draw your tail what u want it 2 look like I would recommend the u draw your chest as well for better results. Lable your pics!
After u have done that fill the cup with water and sprinkle salt over the cup and the shell. Dab your fingers in the shell and try to get some salt on them. Rub them on your legs and say:

Coaral reefs ocean floors where ever u may be merpeople grant me this wish. Make me a mermaid\man! With a ... Tail. Grant me this wish please!
Finally drink a tiny bit of water then pour it on your feet. You will have to be in a bath or outside with shows off.
Keep your pic somewhere u can see it every day until u get your powers and tail.
Article by Mermaidgirl11 posted 9 months ago
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Hi today i will tell you haw to become a mermaid

Side effects:
-itchy legs
-drinking lots of water
-singing allot


Get into the shower take your shower.
near the end say this spell:
Mermaid magic come to me
I would like a tale not two feet beuaty be upon me fish of all kinds let me see when im finished in the sea when im dry let my feet return to me SO MOTE IT BE

When you say it make sure your wet
Then dry up
Next time you touch water close your eyes imagine you being a mermaid and count to ten out loud then you should fall over and open your eyes