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Guide by Haonako posted 3 months ago
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sentence-writing prompts for writer's block or if you just need inspiration. this may had been done before but heres some more just in case

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"She was like one of those songs from when he was growing up that sounded like rebellion, but felt like the safety of years he made it through"

"Upon seeing the sunset in her eyes, I knew my life would end at the curve of her smile."

"I could have been something to you. And you- you almost let me be"

"And you’re completely sure you had nothing to do with the forest fire?"
"Geez, burn a building down one time and you’re labeled for life."
"You didn’t answer me."

“Human beings are infinitely more cruel and selfish than any demon in Hell.”

"Monsters don’t get saved. They get put down by the monsters you should really be afraid of."

"How about you step away from the weapon of mass destruction and we settle this like gentlemen?"
Opinion by NagisaTomoya posted 4 months ago
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The Day You Slipped Away: Middle
    I do not know what caused me to do it. I stood with my son in my arms, holding his head to my chest as embers flew and people scurried to put out the fire I caused. I had lit Euphoria’s house on fire. No one needed it anymore, for I was taking Thomas to Yun Gong and Euphoria was… Well, you know. I watch embers float by and one lands of my pale cheek, burning it ever so slightly. It was only more pain to feel. Thomas was     shaking as if he was cold, though the heat from the fire was scorching so he couldn’t have been. I briefly wondered how he felt about the situation… To have a complete stranger raise him his whole life, his real mother come into the picture and kill the woman who had raised him, and to have the father he never knew banish his mother from ever seeing him again… All within a matter of minutes. It surely couldn’t have felt good. I wish now that I had asked him how he felt about it all… How he felt about me. I put my back to that fire and just walked. I never dared to look back due to my heart...
Opinion by NagisaTomoya posted 5 months ago
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The Day You Slipped Away
    I will start off my story by telling you this: Karma is very real. In fact, that is me. I am Karma, though I prefer the name “Exodus.” Karma sounds a bit too feminine for such a strong and mighty force like myself. I, Exodus, have come to write a story for you. If you are expecting a cute and fun filled story get out while you still can. Close this book and get on with your life. Forget about me, even though you will surely encounter me in the rest of your lifetime. You just won’t know when I am approaching you from behind or staring you down from the front. It won’t matter anyway. When I encounter them, most people just pass off my acts as mere coincidences. I feel so unloved when they do that…
    It’s alright, continue being the skeptics that you are. It doesn’t really matter to me anymore… And it sure doesn’t matter to her anymore. Not now… Not after everything is said and done. I shall not start my story right away, if you could not tell already. I’ll let the suspense boil and cook in your mind while I dilly-dally with my own useless, idiotic, meaningless stories. Then,...