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News by julianross77 posted 2 months ago
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Asia is a culture with unique taste not only for their arts, dancing, singing, theater and religion. Even each of their weddings holds different character and distinction in them. Westhill Consulting Travel and Tours brings you Indonesian wedding culture which has been practiced through time in all wedding ceremonies in each island. Yes, even in the now industrialized capital, Jakarta, Indonesia.

Count yourself fortunate if you've had the opportunity to attend an Indonesian wedding. The fascinating wedding ceremonies and festivities give expatriates a unique opportunity to gain insight into Indonesian culture and social mores.

Given the broad diversity of ethnic groups in Indonesia, it stands to reason that wedding customs will reflect this diversity. Each ethnic group has different wedding dress (batik, traditional textiles, kebaya) and different marriage ceremonies and customs. Be sure to review your list of wedding dresses names so as not to confuse yourself when you attend the wedding. Within ethnic groups, those of different religious backgrounds will have different practices as well.
Article by StarPotterRings posted 2 months ago
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The wind was howling like wolves in the night, and Will sat shivering in his post. The turret on which he sat overlooked a tall rock ledge that sloped into the ocean.
“Why do I get this bloody post.” he said to himself. The air was so cold up there that it sank right into your bones. Even though Will had dressed as warmly as he could with a thick woolen cloak, he could still feel the icy fingers creeping up his back. The fire in the brazier barely helped either.
“Nothing as always.” he said as he looked out to the edge of the sea. He had taken to talking to himself when he got the night watch, it got lonely up there. “Damn them all.”
“Better not let Lord Tarlet hear you say that.” said a voice behind where he was sitting. He looked to see a figure standing in the doorway to the tower. He was a bulky thing that covered the entire width of the door and three quarters of the height.
“Hello Ron.” Will said. Ron was a large man but was soft at heart. He could barely lift a sword and couldn’t aim with a bow to save his life. Why Lord Tarlet had made him a guard, he never knew.
Opinion by arturogarcia posted 5 months ago
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“‘Catcher in the Rye,’ of course,” responded the Vampire Diaries’ actor to a MobioINsider user fan asking if he had a favorite book.

Paul Wesley may not yet be as big as Brad Pitt or Johnny Depp or even Channing Tatum but he already has the makings of an adored TV star. He loves his fans, and he is known in the Hollywood circle as one of the most polite celebrities today. And if you would just find time browsing through his social media accounts—which was humongous and lively, by the way—you’d see how he makes time for his fans. He is one of the busiest “INfluencers on MobioINSider, who even dedicates several sentences-long replies to terse fan queries. Last year, he even earned praises from his Twitter followers after apologizing for his character’s death on Vampire Diaries. *We would like to introduce both INfluencer and INsider as vernacular associated with the Brand.

For some, Paul Wesley is that good vampire who exudes charm on and off cam, but a lotdon’t know that behind that character is yet another commendable Paul Wesley that could send mothers pushing their kids to love the actor more.