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Guide by I-Luv-L posted 4 months ago
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You may ask who and what is Mary Sue and a Gary Stu?

Well my follow fan popper a Mary Sue and Gary Stu is a written or drawn mistake, lie or fake.

Why are they supposedly a lie or a fraud?

Silly you! They're a lie and,or a fraud because they're perfect, no flaws, no issues, and no worries. Basically everything a human isn't or can't naturally have.

Mary Sue- Is a female who is beautifully, smart, sexy, strong, independent, sentimental, generous, slim but curvy at the same time,and yada yada. She's basically the perfect woman with no flaws and a sex symbol that tops over all other sex symbols. Her talents, her beauty, her smarts, her body, her everything is better than yours and everyone agrees and loves her. Anything she does 'wrong' is a misunderstanding and in the end she's still the lovely and good Mary!

Gary Stu-Is a male who's sexy, handsome, smooth,smart, sentimental, tough, bad boy,edgy,romantic, muscular, strong,has lots of money, and smooth with the ladies again because this is kinda a huge point to them. Basically he's everything a Mary Sue is but is a male. He makes your man like a dumb ugly...
Article by jedigirl posted 4 months ago
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I find myself in a dungeon. I walk down the dungeon hall, looking into cells. I eventually come across a cell with a little boy.
"Hello sweetie. What are you doing in there?" I ask gently. He faces me and I see his eyes are empty, soulless, like he's dead inside.
"Mummy?" He asks with a British accent. He must be really far from home. "Are you my mummy?" he asks me innocently.
"No, sweetie. I don't know where your mummy is," I tell him.
"Mummy, mummy, mummy," he continues.
"Don't waste your time dearie. He never says anything else," the little man in the next cell tells me.
"Okay. And who are you and why are you here?"
"The name is Mr. Gold and I did nothing more than hop into this dimension a the wrong time. Just like you seem to have done. I would watch it if I were you dearie," he giggles evilly, if thats possible.
"You're a strange little man," I remark, backing away from both cells. The kid is still calling for his mummy.
Article by jedigirl posted 4 months ago
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I pull up to our house with dad right behind me. He rushes me into the house like we're being followed.
"Don't worry Kodi. We'll fix this," He tells me.
"I don't want this fixed Dad! I want answers. I'm tried of lying to myself. Telling myself that they're just daydreams, when clearly they're not! Don't keep me ignorant anymore. Please," I plead. For years I had been complacent about his silence, but not anymore, because now I have information and I will use it.
"Sweetheart, you not knowing is the safest place to be right now. Until you have full control."
"Control of what Dad? I can't control something I know nothing about!" I sigh in frustration and plop down on the couch.
"Can you tell me exactly what you know?" He asks, sitting next to me.
"Not anything, apparently,"
"Kodi, please."
"Okay." And I tell him about the very odd conversation with Rachel. When I'm done, he sighs.
"So what aren't you telling me?" I ask.