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Article by SpellsOfBelief posted 7 months ago
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Hi, These Are Spells That Are Most Likely To Work! I Didn't Make Them But I Could Answer A Few Questions If You Comment Them Below ;) I Give Full Credit To The Founder Of These Spells.

Anyways There Will Be Spells To Become A Mermaid, Werewolf, Vampire And Angel!

Mermaid #1
*I Have Tried It And I Haven't Got My Tail Yet After 2 Days But I Will Soon!*

Witches of the sea and air, Please listen as i call upon thee, There is a wish that i most desire. A mermaid when wet, A human when dry. A tail of *Whatever colors you want* is what i choose. The power of *Whatever power you want example heating water* is what i feel to have. A beautiful top to go along with. Rain shall not affect thee but a drop of water should change me. Beware of the moon during its brightest night. Witches of the sea and air listen to what i most desire. x1

Mermaid #2
Mermaid #2
Opinion by Ichigo127 posted 8 months ago
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I wrote it once when i was down in the dumps =) Writing helps....so if you're sad, Write....it's an easy way to let it all out =D
so, Here goes:
Facades. That’s something everyone has. Some may appear to be tough and cool, others will be cute and delicate but in reality, they’re all same. Pretending to be someone else, someone they’re not but someone they want to be. They’ll pretend to be living, but inside, they’re dead, full of shattered feelings.
Even the smallest acts in this life forces our facades upon us. Someone higher up will insult us and we’ll appear to be sorry and say the best reply when inside all we want to do is cry out and punch that person, or even a wall, just to vent out…but we’ll have to clench our fists, count to ten and bow down.
In the end, this world is a masquerade ball. We all wear our masks and don’t let anyone see who we are. Unless someone tries to take off that mask, we’re all stuck pretending. And this world becomes a pretend game. A game in which we’re all happy, living and mannered.
Fan fiction by Ichigo127 posted 8 months ago
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An Amuto one-shot
hope you enjoy!
‘You know, Amu…,’ he was sitting there again, on the ledge of the window, staring wistfully outside. ‘All of them think you’re gone. But I know better. You are alive, I know it. Somewhere out there, you’re thinking about me too, aren’t you?’
He was talking again, talking to the moon. ‘You’ll never admit it but you have already fallen for me,’ he smirked at the moon. No, not the moon. It was Amu’s blushing face that he saw and it was her voice that he heard, ‘Shut up!’ he didn’t know it was the echo of his memories because he thought of it so often. All of the times he spent with her. All of his memories with her. And he wanted more.
‘When are you coming back, Amu? I miss you so much,’ he saw her flushed face and heard her voice, ‘Pervert!’ ‘If you don’t come back soon, I’ll come to get you and then, I won’t ever let you leave…’
Where was she? Where was Amu? In front of him, yet never there. But……he knew she would be back. She couldn’t spend a minute without tripping and who would save her every time she fell? Him, of course. He had always been there...