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Article by misscrazel posted over a year ago
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November 5th 9,999,980 BC 6:01 A.M.
Mist wanders down a small deer trail through the woods. He pulls himself up onto a glistening tree branch. He sees a small girl huddled on the ground. He jumps down and slowly approaches her.
He draws an arrow. The girl turns around.
'Who are you?' asks Mist.
'I am Amirell, daughter of Amerith,' she says. 'Now tell me, who are you?'
'I am Mist, son of Karellcia.' he says.
'I could help you,' says Amirell. 'I have food and water. if we rationed it we would have enough.'
'I shall not need a woman's help,' says Mist. 'tis easy to find food out here. If I killed you I would have the food you have and your body to eat.'
'You can always kill me later.' says Amirill.
'I shall spare you for now, however I shall not hesitate to kill you.'

'He shan't be trusting folk like that,' says Karellcia.
Mist's mother agrees with him.
'She is an elf, half virtual, half reality. she cannot come out here or else she will fade.'
Article by GreenLight24 posted over a year ago
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Author's Note: Hey, guys! :D I've finally drafted the third installment of the "Blacktie." series. It does require some knowledge of the first two stories posted in order here: link]http://www.fanpop.com/clubs/writing/articles/213262/title/blacktie-revised-version[/url][/url] and here:link]http://www.fanpop.com/clubs/writing/articles/213538/title/blacktie-dinner[/url][/url] This is the story of Blacktie's run-in with a female accomplice! It picks up right where the second story left off. Enjoy. :D

Anthony gently pulled at his bow tie and unbuttoned his coat as he peered devilishly towards the living room. By now, his aunt's body had become nothing more than an empty shell, her skin imbued with the ghastly palor that only death can bring. As the sharp young villain stepped calmly over the corpse and through the entryway, he could still heat the lighthearted chatter coming from the parlor of his aunt's home. "Jamie and Lola.", he muttered, "Always the life of the party." Before he reached the gathering, he heard...
Fan fiction by teamphantom posted over a year ago
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I’ll never forget the day I had encountered a ghosts with my best friends. And I will be happy to share that story with you.
It was August 20th exactly one week before the start of middle school. My best friend Alex and I sat outside on the curb and ate our half melted strawberry ice cream on a cone. It must’ve been 95 degrees outside because we could feel our sweet dripping off our faces. We didn’t say much because the calefaction made us not want to be social. We sat there in silence and licked our ice cream.
“What do you think middle school will be like, Collin?” Alex broke the peace.
“I’m not really sure. My oldest brother, Joseph, said it’s not really hard if you get on the teachers good side.” I answered him back flicking a pebble into the road.
Alex had mixed skin, a brown buzz cut, and brown eyes, short and scrawny. He was the height of 4’11 and weighed around 90 pounds. He was 13 at the time Alex was the type to play video games all day and eat rather than be outside and run around. He was very intelligent, reasonable, and observant. He was very shy so he didn’t really have too many friends.
Article by misscrazel posted over a year ago
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April 22nd 100,000,023 BC 3:45 P.M.
Arialica stumbles through the underbrush, seeking her chosen destiny, seeking the place she is drawn to that shall tell her chosen destiny, and fate. She sees the small, barren clearing through the glistening branches. She creeps closer. There is a flash of light as her destiny is written before the woman.
You shall find the one you love and four children shall be born under the shining stars. Through the mirror of fate one child shall return.
She falls backwards, through the mirror of fate. A single tear runs down her face as she runs out into the open air. She falls to the ground sobbing.

November 3rd 200,100,089 BC 7:05 A.M.
A young woman lays on the cold icey ground, snowflakes drift down onto her naked body.
Her Guardian Angel visits her through a dream. she tells her of what she must do.
She begins her journey to find her chosen destiny.

December 8th 200,100,085 BC 9:00 P.M.
Article by misscrazel posted over a year ago
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June 17th 100,000,000 BC 12 O'clock at night
Four children are born, quadruplets, the youngest born at the strike of midnight. The first child is named Queverial, the second Ceelarion, the third Ierailiasha, and the last one is named Mist. The father decides the last child should have a complex name as the others do but the mother has made up her mind that Mist is the perfect name.
Then she sends them through the mirror of fate to find there destiny. They may never return if they do not find it in time.

January 21st 9,999,990 BC 3:30 P.M.
The children grow up living in the chosen lands behind the mirror of fate. They grow close to each other and learn how to survive. The others take care of Mist and protect him.

The mother sees the land the mirror has chosen and warns the father of the barren lands their children must survive on.

November 4th 9,999,980 BC 7:56 P.M.
The children have learned to hunt and fight. they will soon begin their journey to find their destiny.
Article by misscrazel posted over a year ago
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If I put: **** it means they said a cuss word I don't feel comfortable writing.

Brianna was running through the woods, branches whipping her face. She glanced behind her. A young woman with long black hair was pursuing her. She shot an arrow at the woman but she dodged and it flew right passed her. The woman grabbed her hair and pulled her closer.

"You can't get away can you Blondie?" she asked. her breath stank of fish and blood.

Brianna struggled to get away.

"Your a tough one aren't you?" she asked, "Well I'll spare your mother if you stop it."

"I don't believe you," said Brianna.

"Well than," said the woman, pushing the woman that had been in the room before to the ground, "I'll take both of you."

"No!" yelled Brianna, "no! I'll stop! just let her go!"

"You already had your chance." said the woman.
Article by misscrazel posted over a year ago
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A young fourteen year old girl walked down the road talking to her three closest friends. she was an average girl of average height and she had dirty blond hair and brown eyes with a light dusting of freckles.

She and her friends reached her driveway and she walked down to her home. she had a strange feeling like someone was trying to take her over. she ignored it and went inside.

that night she had the strangest dream. she saw a young boys dead body laying in a small room. his mother was there weeping over his dead body. his spirit drifted out and flew away. he found a baby and possessed her.

suddenly she was somewhere else. she was at a building full of futuristic looking machines.

"Daisy!" someone called, "Daisy be careful with the machines."

the girl woke with a start. her dream had seemed so real. like it had really happened. and the boy. there had been something farmilier about him and his mother. like she had sen them before. she felt like she had died in that room, like her mother had wept over her dead body, like she...
Review by slims0ciety posted over a year ago
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Ariana Monae
Ariana....The Braceface...

Ariana is a diva and likes to have her way. she had a boyfriend but she got dumped because of her attitude. She is really nice but she never trusts anyone idk why...Oh and btw she's Aaliyah's Sister.

JoJo....The Sexy One......

JoJo is a nigga. But he has trust issues also because of his last gf Chyna. He also uses the word ma and nigga alot lml and hes Princetons brother. (In this story)

I know you guys are going to exspext sex. They might makeout but in the story they are 12 so they might cuss but aint no sex because they TOO DAMN YOUNG! pshh pervs...
Fan fiction by jeweleryfan11 posted over a year ago
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It has been 10 years since she learned how to be a real warrior. She had straight, long, golden hair instead of curly goldilocks like when she was 8. She had blue eyes that could be the ocean. And her skin was so fair she could be snow white. Except Snow White wasn’t like Allyson. She was more rough than she was. She finally needed to know. “ Master light. I must speak to my parents,” she said. “You cannot,” master light said. “ Why not?,” Allyson, now asked. “Red star. The prophecy has come. You must know. All of the youngins must know once they turn 18. But first you must come to the meeting,” master light answered. “But why can I not talk to my parents? I might have younger siblings I might have to talk to. What if I have a cousins. Or-,” Red star said before getting cut off. “You do not have cousins, or siblings. You have no family. You were supposed to be the only one in your family left,” Master light said, disappointing Allyson. Does that mean, my parents are dead. HOW DID THEY DIE?!,” she said disappointedly. “ In a plane crash. You might not remember how they looked. But they are in the spirit group,” he pointed to a box. “ So they are...
Fan fiction by slims0ciety posted over a year ago
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These girls are kinda odd. Well they are my friends so of course they'll be odd.

Yn..The Joker😂

Yn loves saying random shit, throwing rocks and sticks and bricks at people, pranking people, singing and dancing, and making her friends laugh.

Aaliyah..The Drama Queen

Aaliyah likes laughing like Ariana Grande, talking about being rich, spending time and talking to her bff's....

Jasmine..The Pretty In Pink girl..

Jasmine loves pink and purple PPP btw, But she likes talking ghetto, being bout tha buis. (business), sticking up 4 her friends, and flirting with boys.

Now Taylor is sum else..lml she likes flirting with boys or girls she likes both but mostly boys.. She likes poping and grinding, hanging out and always in sum ish.

*Those Were The Main Characters*

Theeen you have:

Rachel-Ho3 Ho3 Ho3 (Santas here) Maybe she should by some condoms..
Fan fiction by slims0ciety posted over a year ago
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4 girls by the name of Taylor,Jasmine,Aaliyah&Yn who are getting bullied,abused, and nearly killed by there "So called" FRIENDS: Craig,Chresanto,Jacob&Raquan out of the the whole group Yn is the one who is getting hurt the most. Her brother is Craig and he knows that she is getting tormented but yet does nothing to stop it, As much as he says im sorry he still never does anything to stop this mess.

Readers will notice some emotion,cheating,lieing,and fightng. Rated R & PG13. We should stop bullying because of the fact it leads to suicide.Do NOT let ANYONE judge you because u are diffrent or ur not as pretty. Because u are.

Fan fiction by jeweleryfan11 posted over a year ago
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Once i was having a day dream about this story. And it brang me to this. A story about AshleyxDamon.

Chapter 1: Sunset
Sitting in an oak tree,a young 13 year old was writing a letter to her father in Tokyo. He was doing research. Then her twin Austin came. "What are you doing here?," she asked. "I love the sunset", Austin said. "That's why i'm here," Ashley said. They watched the beautiful sunset and went in they're vintage home. "Ashley who is the letter for,"Austin asked. " Dad," she answered. "Dinner you guys," there mother said. And they went inside.
Credit to breebree446
Article by taini posted over a year ago
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How To Save a Life (story inspired by song by The Fray)
--------step one you say we need to talk, he walks.
you say sit down it's just talk.
he smiles politely back at you,
you stare politely right on thru.-----------
''scott we need to talk'' artemis said. scott stood up. ''i need to do something first'' he muttured. the lie felt wrong on his lips but he didnt want to talk. he knew what artemis would say and he didnt feel like arguing right now. ''sit down it's just a talk'' she muttured. scott looked at her weighing his options. talk to artemis or leave. he preffered the latter but he decided to get it over with. he smiled at her trying to ease the tension between them. ''i know that you think of suicide'' artemis said. scott flinched as if she had hit him. he didnt want to talk about that subject.
--------some sort of window to your right,
he goes left but you stay right.---------
Article by jeweleryfan11 posted over a year ago
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Asked to the movies
Chapter 1: The walk with Gabe

My first day of high school. I felt if I was going to burst! I have never been to high school and I wasn't gonna start now. I'd rather be home schooled than go through this! Then i started to think about leaving until my alarm clock rang i screeched NO! For the whole time. So life as I now it stopped now. Here. I was about to enter the big H. High School. I got dressed and left. Unhappy. Then I saw my friend crush Gabe. He said " Hey. So later me and my brother are going to the movies. Wanna come?," I felt my heart skip 100x. "Of course! I mean yeah sure sounds like fun, what time," I say making up for my nervous behavior. " 7. So don't be late," He said. I just shake my head before saying something stupid. So I walk in the school jumping.
Article by -SilverFey- posted over a year ago
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Just a few things before the story; one, if there's something you don't like about it, please tell me! I want it to be as good as it can be. ^-^ Just please tell me in a respectful way, please. I would appreciate that. Thank you.
Also, this story will be a little (well, more than a little) bloody and violent, and there may be some cussing later on. Just a warning.
That being said, I hope you like it!

Gnarled branches. Green leaves grew from them—green leaves spotted with yellows and reds. They rustled dryly, talking of the upcoming season of autumn.
    Below the canopy of trees and foliage, a boy slowly awoke to find himself lying on the ground, something sharp digging into his back. His left cheekbone and forehead throbbed with a dull pain, and when he rolled over and sat up to regain his bearings, a sharp twinge shot along his stomach, from his left side to his navel. He winced and looked around, noticing as he did another pain in the back of his neck.
Article by zanhar1 posted over a year ago
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It pulsed rhythmically like a beating heart across the horizon. I guess that makes sense considering it looked like the solitary line on a heart monitor, radiating orange as it zigzaged up and down. I've been here before; Level 1, Dark Space. I don't know how I knew, I don't even remember being here before...I just know I have. Despite the darkness, and there was plenty to go around, I knew from somewhere that it was my favorite level. The candimals bought small and soft light, which was enough for me. I touched the flame as I always did, it never hurt nor left any burns. At the brush of my fingertips the flame burst into a brighter orange then took on the shape of a fox staring at me with brilliant gold and ruby eyes. That's what candimals do; sleep as simple candle flames and awaken as stunning animals. In only seconds the fox had resumed its candle-wick-flame state. This lead me to wonder what would happen if the flames died out. Surely in this dark I would worry about such, but my senses couldn't seem to pick up on the fear. No, I knew somehow, that they were eternal. And even if they did, the billions of constellations overhead, to the sides of me, and beneath my feet would...
Opinion by nimone posted over a year ago
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It is considered wrong to judge someone just because of there disabilities. We might not bother them in a public place or treat them unfairly socially, or in the work place.

But there is a sense of discrimination for different types of disabilities. Many people with disabilities need things that we don't provide.

For example people with wheelchairs can't enter shops because there is no ramp for them to go up. The fact is that the person has no way of entering the shop. so in a way the shop is denying the person on the wheelchair service.

In many places it is considered illegal to deny someone service for their race, religion, disability or illness. By not making it possible for a disabled person to enter they are in direct violation to this law. Yet nobody seems to notice.

Sometimes it's what we don't know. People that are deaf find it difficult to communicate with others. Their are very few people that know sign language, that are not deaf.
Fan fiction by tsmith120 posted over a year ago
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My name is Timothy Roger Cole III. This is more or less my story.
Well, mine and about a half dozen others. So for the sake of convenience I'm going to tell this story to you from a third person perspective, and not always narrate it from my own point of view - since I wasn't present for some of the important stuff, and it'd be easier to tell you what happened than recount the tedious discussions on this stuff that I had to go through to get anything remotely resembling a full picture of the events.
I hope you appreciate the things I go through for you. Anyhow, let us begin.

Timothy Roger Cole III, or just 'Tim' as he preferred to be known as (with a mouthful of a name like that, wouldn't you?) lived on a very large estate in the English countryside, in the early twenty-first century. The estate he lived on had once upon a time been host to a huge house, during the Second World War. Said house had been demolished long ago, however, and Tim's family lived on one of many smaller country houses in the area.
Article by Rae-Ash posted over a year ago
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What do you want from me?
A tortured body?
A broken soul?

What do you expect to happen?
As you kick me down
As you rip me apart

Tell Me!!!!!!!!!!

What do you want to happen?
As I close my eyes
And take my last breath

I said I would stay
Till I took my last moment
But now I'm leaving
A victim no more

I lived with your love
The love you showed with your fist
I died because of that love
Your love was only Hate

Now someone else will take my place
Will live with your kind of love
Now someone else will receive your lies
Will know your treachery

What did I expect?
That you'd change?
That you'd learn to love?

What did I ever see in you?
That I ignored my needs
As I made excuses for you

Why Me!?!?!?!?

Why did you choose me?
Fan fiction by EmilyMJFan910 posted over a year ago
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One afternoon, Sapphire sat in her room, on her bed, quietly daydreaming with her headphones in. Her eyes were glazed over, and she was in her own magical world.
[i]Sapphire entered the sparkling cave in the middle of the forest. Her blue dress was tattered, and her misty pink fairy wings were damp from the moist, warm air. But she was feeling fine.
Sapphire took a few steps into the sparkling cave. It was made entirely of ice and crystal. Trickling water could be heard as miniature streams fell continuously from the ceiling. Icy stalagmites stood firmly in the cold crystal floor. Icicles hung from the ceiling. The entire cave sparkled. It was mesmerizing.
Sapphire reached to touch one of the crystals. It was smooth and rough at the same time - an amazing texture. It was cold to the touch, too.
Sapphire slid off her silver satin flats and took another step, taking in the sensation of walking barefoot against the icy crystal floor. She walked forward and stuck her hand through one of the falling streams of water. It was brisk, but it felt amazing.
Opinion by kiabearmisfit posted over a year ago
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****your at home with roc royal and princeton***

(Your dating roc royal oh if i write on you too will brake up fyi)

Me: aye prince Charming can you get me some peace tea prutty please

Prince: ugh better be lucky we friends

Me: thanks your the best of the best

Prince: finer than fine

Me: lol didn't say all that


Me: lol rocky bear

Roc: aye baby

***he gives me a kiss***

Prince: 😣ewwww

Me: lol you kiss to prince

Prince: i know i do it just that when yall kiss it like so Perfect it like man wish my Smooches were like that lol

Roc: well really i dont put much thought in to it but she my number one girl

Me: ***mocking roc**Me and my girlfriend, we go out every weekend.
We just two love-birds, that's why we're always tweeting.
I tell her all my secrets, she tell me all of hers.
Opinion by Attirox2 posted over a year ago
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The air was still as if it were holding its breathe waiting for me as I approached the ledge. I could feel myself pushing back tears as I clutched the fragile locket in my hands; I traced its dainty designs with my finger. "So mom and dad are getting the divorce after all. I guess you were right E. I don't know why I ever doubted you about that one I mean it was obvious! I guess I tried to block it out like what happened......" I muttered looking up at the milky white moon. It seemed to look down at me with sympathetic beams of light. My hands gripped the marble ledge tighter. "Eliza it's been so hard not seeing you. Seeing your bright blue eyes and the way you would always play with your hair when you were sad and the way you could make up a story to make me feel better! I miss you Eliza I-I need you back! Why did you have to leave?" I screamed at the sky.
The stars seemed to loose there brightness as I sat there and sobbed. My hair flew into my face as the wind blew harder and clouds rolled in. But I didn't care I just sat there still in the clothes I wore to the funeral and sobbed. Even as the rain poured I sat there looking at the only thing I had left of her; her...
Article by Rae-Ash posted over a year ago
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Do you know what it's like
To be in this world alone?
To be so different
That no one understands?

As we wish upon the stars
For the very first time
We stand there
Like time is ours
In a world
That's speeding by

Do you know what it's like
To be in this world alone?
To be so different
That no one understands?

So here we stand
In the wake of our dreams
Hoping and wishing
For a day
That they can come true
Hoping for a world
Where I can fit

Do you know what it's like
To be in this world alone?
To be so different
That no one understands?

Now I sit here all alone
In a world where I just don't fit
I sit here alone
Never knowing what to expect
In a world
I wish was fair

Don't you know what it's like
To be in this world alone?
Article by Rae-Ash posted over a year ago
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It’s the color of you
You always wore it
It’s the color we shared
As we hid from them

With it we showed our true selves,
Though no one cared
Our orange book bags
Were our shields from some of the pain

We protected each other
But it wasn’t enough
We were like two orange crayons
When everyone else was green

Then you left me alone,
All I had was our color orange
As they hit me
I took peace in knowing
You were in the orange field in the sky
You always said was there.

The orange of the sun set
Is your smile
Even though you left too soon


Now it’s my color
My way of remembering you
Now I am the lone orange in the rainbow
Without you here

I protect my own
Though I wish you were here

Now orange is my color
A color for your bravery
Article by Rae-Ash posted over a year ago
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You’re the reason why
I have to lie
Why I hurt so much
That my heart’s in a clutch

I’m slowly dying
‘Cause of your lying
You used to be my magic
But now you’re a dick

You made me long to be
Everything that wasn’t Lee
But look where that got me
Locked in without a key

If only you knew
That I plummeted deeper than blue
But then again
You’re just another two timing has been

You ran away
Thinking it’d be okay
But you were wrong
More so than any love song

You made me want to sing
With you following
But look at how wrong I was
Believing you that it was just “buzz”

Now you’re the reason why
I cannot do anything but cry