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Fan fiction by Ichigo127 posted over a year ago
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An Amuto one-shot
hope you enjoy!
‘You know, Amu…,’ he was sitting there again, on the ledge of the window, staring wistfully outside. ‘All of them think you’re gone. But I know better. You are alive, I know it. Somewhere out there, you’re thinking about me too, aren’t you?’
He was talking again, talking to the moon. ‘You’ll never admit it but you have already fallen for me,’ he smirked at the moon. No, not the moon. It was Amu’s blushing face that he saw and it was her voice that he heard, ‘Shut up!’ he didn’t know it was the echo of his memories because he thought of it so often. All of the times he spent with her. All of his memories with her. And he wanted more.
‘When are you coming back, Amu? I miss you so much,’ he saw her flushed face and heard her voice, ‘Pervert!’ ‘If you don’t come back soon, I’ll come to get you and then, I won’t ever let you leave…’
Where was she? Where was Amu? In front of him, yet never there. But……he knew she would be back. She couldn’t spend a minute without tripping and who would save her every time she fell? Him, of course. He had always been there for...
Opinion by ITF posted over a year ago
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A shadowy figure silently brushed the silken curtains aside as she slipped through the open window and stepped into the dark chamber. Passing a small table and a bed, the fox quickly headed towards a cabinet that stood against the far wall.
Beaded necklaces hung above a oval mirror that was set in the center. Her eyes rested on a miniature strongbox half hidden behind the mirror.
Paying no heed to the deafening clatter coming from the oblivious guest downstairs, she skillfully picked the tiny lock and raised the lid. It was hard to tell what was what in the darkness, so she emptied it into a sack, before replacing the strongbox on top of the cabinet.
Suddenly, the door burst open and two mice entered, dressed in servants’ clothing.
Lexi crouched in the shadows, pulling the hood of her blue mottled cloak over her head with one hand, the other resting on the hilt of her dagger.
The light from the mice’s lanterns cast a soft glow about the room as they sat at the table, chattering in lively tones. The minutes slipped away, but they appeared to be in no hurry to leave. Lexi felt herself growing stiff and shifted slightly. And still the mice talked...
Article by BuffyFaithFan1 posted over a year ago
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Hello Dear Reader,
I am writing an original novel and I wanted people to at least hear the word of it before I tried to get it out in the world. It's called "The Death Contracts, Vol. 1: GLIMPSE" and it's the story of the main character named Astrid Marker.
The reason why I'm posting this link everywhere I know possible is because I want fans. Desperate? No. More like curious to see how many people can review what I have so far and tell me what they think. I have the first 8 Chapters posted on my profile at the website figment.com, the link to it plus the synopsis is straight below, but I wanted to enlighten fellow authors to be first.

CreateSpace.Com - What? Yes. For any author in the business, or any musician, or any filmography buff, Createspace.com is THE place for you! There you can upload your product of book/music/movie, after making sure it's as professional as you'd like it to be, and you can get it out there on Amazon.com for the world to literally SEE and BUY! No joke. Check it out. I know this girl that I follow on my Instagram account who has done this and her first novel is called BORN OF LIGHT, book one in her...
Fan fiction by t_direction posted over a year ago
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So, this is a kind of short story that I wrote one evening when I was just bored out of my mind. Please tell your opinion, feel free to criticize, it is much appreciated =)
Thanks ^_^

The voices buzzed inside my head, making me feel dizzy. I couldn't help but hold onto the bed post for support. In a state of exhaustion, I collapsed on the bed with a sigh. The voices never let me sleep. They were like many people were talking all at once, screaming all at once.

Madness, rage, worry, sadness were the emotions that those voices gave off. I couldn't understand a word of what the people were saying, only bloodcurdling screams. These voices were making me go crazy. Slowly, gradually, I was losing my sanity.

I didn't want to become like her. I could still hear her screams, very much like those inside of my head. She, my sister. She had been the same as me, hearing those voices, she had gone mad and unable to take it any longer, she had committed suicide.
Article by Ichigo127 posted over a year ago
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Yo! this is the first poem i wrote with a sane mind xD do tell me if you like it =)

a combination of helplessness and anger,
a combination of joy and gratitude.
what different meanings it holds!
sometimes of love,
sometimes of hate.
with what different feelings we cry!
but those tears are the same.
they dwell inside the eye,
ready to attack,
the peace of our heart.
to flood the face,
with undoubted love and care,
with undoubted anger and hate,
with undoubted pain and despair.
pain? yes, and despair too!
the breakdown of our heart,
the dawn of the truth,
leading to flood the face,
with our sentiments undoubted.
Opinion by oboe_player posted over a year ago
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First of all, this is completely false and never took place and never would've taken place for many reasons that I will elaborate on later. Einstein is quoted saying that he never believed in a personal God, let alone the Christian God like this post proclaims. Einstein was never a Christian and even if he did have some kind of religion, it would most likely be Judaism, not Christianity.

Second of all, no professor would pick a fight with a Christian student. Even in this day and age a professor wouldn't dare address religion in the classroom unless the lesson specifically called for it. If this were true, it would've taken place in the 1890s or 1900s due to Einstein's birth year being 1879. Christianity was extremely popular back then, no one would want to come out as anything but Christian, especially not an anti-theist. The conversation itself sounds like its an argument out of the movie "God's Not Dead" which was NOT based on a true story and overall sucked ass.

Opinion by tamore posted over a year ago
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He's looking at me and smiling, obviously oblivious to what’s inside of me.

I smile back but I’m looking at his lips and thinking about how I would pry them apart with my own, only to spit poison down his throat just when he starts to think he’s safe.

My lips would still be on his even as his tongue stopped responding to mine. I would pull away and place my hand on his cheek as if pushing the color out of them, as if the poison is a snake sliding through his veins under my command. I would watch his eyes lock on mine as his body became limp in my arms. I would stare at the paleness and translucence of his skin and I would feel nothing; I would leave him empty open-eyed body in the grass among a field of daisies, romantically destroyed but destroyed nonetheless.

He’s looking at me and smiling and he doesn’t know I destroy everything I touch. I may look like flowers and smell like summer but the taste in your mouth isn’t pennies but blood.

Opinion by SkyDragonWendy posted over a year ago
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“Sabohime-sama, are you really going to send Sayorihime-sama to THAT clan?” asked a woman who was wearing a light blue sleeveless kimono, has katana on her left side of the waist and the side and back of her kimono are long(goes down to ankles)and the front of the kimono is short and is wearing white shorts, has blue hair tied up in a bun and her eyes are closed, “We have no choice Tatsuta, in our current condition, if Seimei attacks us with his army, we would lose. And besides, that old bag and his men can be trusted, and I’m pretty sure they can protect my granddaughter!” answered a young woman who looked like she was in her 20’s while wearing a white kimono with a short black hair(like Sayori’s but shorter), short to the middle of her neck, two medium-sized bells are floating beside her and some flower ornaments on her hair and her golden eyes seem to glisten like stars while she was drinking sake. “I understand that, Sabohime-sama, but you already know that Sayorihime-sama doesn’t like yokais, and putting her in a place full of yokai might get on her nerves.” “Relax, Tatsuta! I’m positive, sooner or later, she will open up to them!”
Fan fiction by SkyDragonWendy posted over a year ago
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First Name: Sayori(you are called Sayorihime at your temple)
Last Name: Tsukine
Age: 16
Height: 5’7
Weight: 121
Eye Color: Pink
Hair Color: Black(straight short bangs, straight long hair that goes down to your knees and the end of the hair is straight)
Personality: Stubborn, clever, smart, tactician, strong-willed, kind and caring(but doesn’t admit it because of stubbornness)
Info: You are the descendant of a very strong and powerful miko* named Mizuhahime. You have strong powers, strong enough that if a demon absorbs you, its powers will increase by 100X and if mated with a half demon, the child becomes a full demon, if a quarter demon, the child becomes a half demon. You are also skilled with weapons, especially a bow and arrow. You don’t like yokais because of their ways and thinking. Also your grandmother, Sabohime, asked the Nura Clan to guard you, because you were being targeted by Seimei’s thugs and trying to absorb you to become more powerful. Your grandmother is friends with the 1st master of the Nura Clan, Nurarihyon.
Fan fiction by Dudespie posted over a year ago
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Just to clarify for the others in my group story, this is just a prototype. I may ask you to rewrite this with your characters in it. I'm just starting with my two.

It was a bright and sunny day on the coast of Australia. The sun was shining, people speckled the shore, and all was well. "Luna! Stop fooling around in the water! Your burger is going to get cold!" Melody shouted to Luna, the youngest of the group. "Oh relax, sis, it's only water. Besides, I can microwave it when we get home, we're not going to be here all day long ya know" Luna retorted at her big sister. "You are SO stubborn sometimes" Melody shouted to Luna, who was not paying attention. An hour at most had passed, and most of the people had vanished. Melody had been lounging under an umbrella when she heard a distress call from Luna, who was being pulled under the current. It was sunset, and there were no lifeguards on the beach. For you see, Melody and Luna were on a private part of the beach, owned by their father, Michael Brooks. Melody, tired and aroused from her nap, became immediately awake when she heard the frantic call of Luna. "Help Mel! The current is too strong!" " Luna! I'll be...
Opinion by nimone posted over a year ago
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Let's be honest we have all at least once in our lives experienced the misfortune that is the power cut.

The power cut it'self may not be as intolerable depending on the circumstance. If you live in a place where it is sunny and there is a lot to do outside then you don't have much to worry about.
I for one do live in this kind of climate usually. This however was not the case yesterday!

Not only was it the only day of the week where everything is closed as it was a Sunday, oh no it was also pouring down raining!

I was forced indoors with nothing to do and it was really dark inside due to the coal black rain clouds outside. Most people would have been able to read a book if it weren't so dark.

Fortunately there is still a local radio broadcast which tells us what is going on and how long they believe the power cut will last. Most radio stations might not even bother with this piece of information.

I live in a small place it is only ruffly three and a half miles long, two and a half miles wide. So it is not surprising that news travels fast here. This power cut might possibly have been the most...
Review by beaniEDude posted over a year ago
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I am and avid Sonic fan. Ever since I was 3 I've been hooked on Sonic. Sonic R was my first game, after all. That being said one of my favorite characters in all of fiction is Shadow the Hedgehog. So, you can imagine my surprise when I found out he had his very own game. Now I'm going into this review without any bias. I'm not excusing anything just because it's Sonic. So without further ado, let's begin the review.

Gameplay: Have you played Sonic Adventure 2, or Heroes? If so you'll be glad to know that the gameplay is the same. For those of you who don't know Shadow can run, wall jump, and do a homing attack. There is something else added though. "What is it", I hear you ask. Well, I'll tell you. It's guns and vehicles. Now before you attack the game for having these game mechanics, they're optional and are not mandatory to use. The other gameplay mechanic is choosing to follow the good, evil or neutral path in order to progress the story, revealing different parts of Shadow's past. Overall the gameplay is pretty solid and follows the Sonic formula to a T. 4.5/5
News by MisterH posted over a year ago
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Copied and edited from: link



I really mean it! What would you be able to do if SOPA/TPP censors the internet? What would you be able to do if writing fanfics and drawing fanarts become illegal? What would you do if it's illegal to do a cover of your favorite song on YouTube? What would you do if downloading things from the internet (music, movies, TV episodes, etc) became illegal? What would you do if SOPA/TPP wins the war and takes away internet freedom? Net Neutrality is already dead so far, we can't risk the freedom of internet from getting killed by SOPA/TPP!

SOPA may have been stopped, but large companies with many copyrights are trying to re-institute portions of it under other names and policies. This attempt to limit protected speech in the name of copyright is unacceptable, and must be resisted.
Opinion by -DarkGirl23- posted over a year ago
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Defined words;
Words that play roles in the exact Deadly forms that declare one as a person.
Tears written by the hand of an invisible Teenage nothing.
Whose words represent the world’s untold secrets,
who is nothing may write all that is something.
Yet there plays a frown of despair and loneliness,
Eyes falling through her transparent perspective, creativity a blob ignored by most.
There is a hollow Empty,
Yearning for something,
Misunderstood and malicious morbidity that attacks her soul in a war of mankind;
The end to everything and yet the beginning of something totally new.
Who mimics her pain through repeated words,
I hate it all; I hate myself. I hate it all; I hate the world.
Repeating- repeat- repeating her vows of eternal misery;
I hate myself, I hate the world. I hate myself, I hate this breath.
The very existence of all that is nothing;
Seeking and defining what is life’s purpose?
Article by australia-101 posted over a year ago
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Act like you're not
okay when you are and
that you are when you're
not. Run barefoot in
the snow. Stand out
in the rain for an hour
and think about anything
and everything you can.

Fall in love with
riddles and things that
aren't real and the
way some stars
shine. Cry when
you realize that life is
just one big sham and write
one hundred cliché poems
about it, and then write one
that you actually mean.

Use profanity. Be the
one fucking introvert
in a room full of
extroverts and scream
shit just for the fun of
it. Swallow every goddamn
metaphor you ever dreamed
of and write them down
with your own blood.

Eulogize your own
misery. Put a crown on
it and let it rule your
heart for six years before
you throw a coup d'etat
but just end up with
your head in a basket.
Article by FURRY posted over a year ago
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Coughing, struggling for air, this, this is life, always trying to find the next thing to sate your interest never sitting back to relax always trying to find something new to do. This is the story of one young man destined to find something greater then life itself, greater then anything he had ever come to know or ever will know, our hero's name is Kindred Alphonz Maniker. Kindered had always been and adventurous boy, at a young age he found what seemed to be a crystal, no one in his village had seen such a thing before, it bore no resemblence to any gem they had seen before, it had an odd color about it and emitted a strange aura, this was enough to send their mayor into a frenzy "Get rid of that cursed thing!" he exclaimed, he had his most trusted men take it to Mount Ullard the valcano that sat not far from their village.

Kindred didn't understand at first but wasn't bothered about it seeing as he had more adventuring to do. His parents always told him not to venture far from the village "Kin!" a voice called out to him, he looked back seeing his old friend Ryse Kollin Hightop, an odd name for such a short being, "Hey where have you been I've been looking...
Fan fiction by MaryDoesMc posted over a year ago
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Salleria and some other characters that will soon be involved in the series
~NOTE: This series has several POVs. Each episode will have a POV at the top. (POV means point of view) Don't ask about if there will be a a boy's point of view. I only do the girls. If I make a sequel to a series I will add the boy's POV.~

~Salleria's POV~

I had heard someone call my name from down in the music hall. I walked over to the music hall seeing all of the rockers there. "Salleria! Over here!" I heard someone call I looked around and saw someone waving their tail calling to me. A cat? I thought. Why would a cat want to talk to me? I walked over to the cat and saw her pull out her wristwatch. I knew only one person at my school who had a wristwatch. She pressed something on the watched and she changed to a wolf. I was one of the foxes, and foxes and wolves were enemies, but I managed to make friends with the captain of the wolves. "Hey Astrail!" I said. "I didn't know you were in music?" "Well now you know!" she laughed. Astrail's laugh is kind of high-pitched but still cute. "I keep forgetting to ask you," she said. "What skill are you in? I am the the top singer of my team." "Well, I am the top artist. I help my leader...
Opinion by erissajade05 posted over a year ago
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hey guys.i wanna be in a group sooooo...... please be in my group by erissajade05(me),so we have activites and we talk about different kinds of things such as:mermaids,t.v shows,and tell each other about our selfs so hope u wanna be in my group its fun a lot)its going to very fun too.so buckle up for the fun cause the is about to began 123 here we go .please subscribe and please write comments .If you wanna be in my group add me and say yes in the comment box below.if you don't want to be in my group don't add me and just say no in the comment box right below.no personal stuff guys just being me.

Opinion by ilu_rayray posted over a year ago
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Liyah (me)

My pov
Wassup im Aliyah but you can call me liyah for short. I sing and im a backup dancer for mindless behavior with my two besties Alexus and Jasmine. I feel torn that prod left but ayyee Nobody knows this but i kinda like Ray idk what it feels like to like someone bcus my dad always abused me and i never liked boys ever since but the past is gone and im living the life out in L.A.

Alexus pov
Hello im alexus but i perfer u call me lexi. I live with my sister Jasmine and bestie liyah in L.A me and my sister been through alot our parents always fighting and never paying us attention then we were adopted then abandoned we found a friend (liyah) who is like a sister to us and she took us in until we were back on our feet. now as many sexy boys in L.A. its dis one boy roc oooo lawwd Jesus his name even sexy i just dont know i think i like him but i never felt this way before.
Article by j1edwardcullen7 posted over a year ago
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when you have been outside all day

in below 0° weather conditions

and you enter a heated room —

oh, the blinding saturated rush of light

when you open the doors

the flood of tingling and warmth

that soaks through your skin

and into your core

the thawing of your nose

where not even the tip remains cold

and the ringing in your ears

that makes everyone else talking to you

sound muffled and soft —

this is the way it feels

to be with you
... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...
Article by jedigirl posted over a year ago
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"Caleb? How? What are? Your a dimension jumper?" I ask, finally able to complete a sentence.
"Yeah I am. How are you even here? Your not suppose to know yet," He stares at me.
"Same as you apparently. Dimension jumping?" I guess.
"Yeah, I got that, but how are you even in here. No one jumps in or out of here. You have to be brought."
"So I've been told." I say. He looks at me. "And what do you mean I'm not suppose to know?" I eye him accusingly. He looks guilty, like he just gave away a secret.
"You weren't supposed to know I can jump until later. Like Two years from now. When you found out you can jump."
"Well fate didn't like what my father apparently had planned. I found out a bit early. And I take it you're learning different things from my dad other than working on cars," I reply sharply.
"I'm learning both from him. Today was mechanic lessons, but I've kind of been held up," he jesters to the cell.
"He'll teach you but not me. Nice to know where I rank on his list," I mumble.
Article by dreamer369 posted over a year ago
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There once lived a princess named Eleanor. She was a very beautiful and intelligent young girl. Yet, she was unhappy.
Everybody kept telling her, that she had everything she could’ve ever needed or wanted: the beauty, the brains, the fortune and a young, mighty prince to whom she was supposed to get married to. And they were right. In theory, the young princess’ life seemed perfect. But in reality, it was far from it.
The princess felt alone and scared, even when she was surrounded by people and was completely safe. And her prince. He didn’t make her happy. But not because he didn’t try. He simply couldn’t. She didn’t love him. She loved someone else. Someone kind, warmhearted, beautiful and also a royalty, therefore their love seemed acceptable. However, it was not.
On her wedding day the princess cried and cried, until she had no more tears left. Her pain seemed unbearable, her heart was ripping into two. As her maid opened the door and told her:
“Miss, we’ll have to start soon.”
Article by MermaidNicole posted over a year ago
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Here are lotz of spells you can try to become a mermaid!

1. Fill your bathtub with water, add seashells! Put on a locket with a picture of a fish in it!

2. Say " I wish to be a mermaid, I wish with all my heart, and now I'd really like my mermaid powers to start! I will choose my power and the color of my tail, and I'm very sure that my descision will not fail! My power will be (freezing, boiling, moving) and my color will be (favorite color)!
3. Get into the bathtub for 30 minutes, hold your legs together the whole time!
4. Get out of the tub and dry off, put moisturising lotion on, then don't touch water for more then 10 seconds for the rest of the day!
5. Also, don't take the locket off! It will hold your powers until they are done soaking in, they should be soaked in to you by 7:00 that day, but still don't touch water, you will still get a tail, but could lose your power!
The full moon can't effect you in real life, and you get to choose when you transform!
Article by Slinkywaffle posted over a year ago
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The sky was a canvas painted with pastels. Just before the sun truly said goodbye, it hung in the sky. Her eyes sparkled and her hair shinned with the last light of day. Salt water filled her lungs as she took a deep breath. Sand began to cave in on her feet when she tried to move them from where they were. She stared once more at the now deserted beach and thought, maybe a little longer? But no, she couldn’t. She was too good to break her parent’s curfew, and with the first day of school nearing, she knew she needed a good nights sleep. She slowly brought herself to her feet and grabbed her things. As she left she heard a boy’s voice behind her, “Wait up!” She swiveled around to see a handsome boy, not much older than her, jogging with something in his hand. To shocked to speak, she stood there, waiting. The boy was tall, tan, and had gorgeous brown eyes. His hair was cut neatly, but yet, it still looked shaggy, “You dropped this.” He held out his hand and inside of them were her favorite sunglasses.
Article by -SilverFey- posted over a year ago
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I found my bond early.

Not exceptionally early. In eighth grade. I was thirteen; he was barely fourteen. And a matching mark appeared on our skin, meaning that he was my bond. He is my bond.

Our mark is made up of three dark black stars, charcoal black, pure black. The first one, the biggest star, is on both of our left breastbones, the second largest just under it and slightly to the left, and the smallest just a little lower down, directly under the first.

This year, tenth grade, I showed my mark to my teacher, Ms. Satari. She said since it depicts something that exists only out of this world, it probably symbolizes curiosity, the need to explore, the need to know things. I think that's accurate to describe us; I, and my bond.

His name is Mico, and I love him.

* * *

In history, we learnt about how our world used to be. It sounds like a terrible place. People persecuted others just for the color of their skin, their gender or religion, or for being homosexual.