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Article by jedigirl posted 3 months ago
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I pull up to our house with dad right behind me. He rushes me into the house like we're being followed.
"Don't worry Kodi. We'll fix this," He tells me.
"I don't want this fixed Dad! I want answers. I'm tried of lying to myself. Telling myself that they're just daydreams, when clearly they're not! Don't keep me ignorant anymore. Please," I plead. For years I had been complacent about his silence, but not anymore, because now I have information and I will use it.
"Sweetheart, you not knowing is the safest place to be right now. Until you have full control."
"Control of what Dad? I can't control something I know nothing about!" I sigh in frustration and plop down on the couch.
"Can you tell me exactly what you know?" He asks, sitting next to me.
"Not anything, apparently,"
"Kodi, please."
"Okay." And I tell him about the very odd conversation with Rachel. When I'm done, he sighs.
"So what aren't you telling me?" I ask.
Article by Anudie posted 4 months ago
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Once upon a time, in a perfect world there stood a perfect pink castle guarded by a perfect number of perfect fluffy horses and surrounded by a perfect wall of perfect pink flowers.
In the perfect castle there lived a perfect, perfect girl with a perfect life. Her perfect name was perfect: Serenity Lianna Honeyblossom Sweetytreat Sparkle Cupcake Beauty Mary Sue.
She was always paid by authors to star in their books and act like the perfect dream girl; aka a Mary Sue. She lived in Storyland, where all the ideal characters lived until they were picked for a story and then dropped back in after.
One day, when Serenity was happily brushing her perfect mane of perfect blonde hair, a pink sweet-smelling letter sealed with a author's wax seal floated onto her lap. Serenity beautifully and cutely swept her hair onto a nearby table and gracefully opened the letter.
Dear Mary Sue, it read.
I am asking you to star in my new story. I am trying to test out all sorts of characters for their roles in my story in this Storyland, but first I need you, Mary Sue, to play out the role of Anna Akanique, the vain magician girl that is friends with my main character,...
Article by IceyyHeart1525 posted 4 months ago
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Chapter 1
I was sitting in a prison. A prison where everyone here hates me, well almost anyone. I’m staring out the window when I should be focusing on the boring math page on my desk. Mother has been worried recently about my grades, like she cares anyways; it burned my heart when the thought settled. Leaving an empty feeling in its place. Ever since Dave, (my mother’s boyfriend) moved in things have gotten a lot worse. He still beats her, She still swears he loves her, and I still sneak out at night alone. Just to get away from the screaming and crying that they do. I began to forget what caring was. Forget what friendship was, love, and happiness. I clicked my black nails against the desks wood, staring at the tree as if it were more interesting then the snobby girl beside me (applying much more lip-gloss then needed), the nerd in front of me (Who seems so in love with the math page that I could almost picture him making out with it.) Ugh. I hated it here. My blonde hair fell in front of my eyes; I didn’t move it, just sat instead and stared out the window, almost as interested in the tree as the nerd is with the math page. I sighed. Then the teacher spoke. Snapping...