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Article by FreeAwesomeness posted 10 months ago
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The way you killed me…and so many more…
Why? What’s the point?
For yourself? Earning yourself money?
Is that it? That’s all?

You don’t care about us in the least!
You don’t care about the pain you put so many through!
How could you? How can you?
You’re just ruthless, and nothing else

You’re just doing it so you can survive!
You’ll do anything for that!
You don’t care about what you put us through!
You’ll steal our ability to survive so you can yourself!


Because you’re selfish
And careless
And if you want to stay like that, be my guest
By my guest to let me kill you

There is a price you must pay to take our lives
We’re not just going to let you have them
Over the years, you’ve taken so many
Are you ready to pay the price for that amount?

Prepare for your worst nightmare to emerge from the seabed
Fan fiction by vanelandsisters posted 11 months ago
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The queen walks into Amy's and Sonia's bedroom, where her children are having a slumber party with their friends. The girls's best friends, Cream and Bunnie, had recently been given up by their mother because their father had passed and she didn't know what to do with her daughters. They'd been staying at the palace for a few months while Aleena and Jonathan decided what to do with them.

Queen Aleena: "Sorry to interrupt, guys. Can I borrow Cream and Bunnie for a bit?"

Sonic: "Sure, Mom. Just bring them back within two hours. And you know that I'll be waiting!"

The queen shakes her head and the children proceed with their game of 'Truth or Dare'. Cream and Bunnie respectfully and gracefully follow the queen into their kitchen. They all sit down, and the king is already sitting at the table.

Queen Aleena: "Don't worry, girls. You're not in trouble. That's not what this is about whatsoever."

Bunnie: "Then why'd y'all call for me and my sista'? Just curious."
Fan fiction by vanelandsisters posted 11 months ago
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Told By: Sonic J. Aleena (and when Sonic's a baby) Shadow the hedgehog or Miles 'Tails' J. Prower

Chapter 1: Turned Into a Baby

I waved 'bye' to Tails and ran off. I went to the forest at Möbotropolis Park. My siblings were at home. I started to attack Butt-nik's robots- even the two main idiotic ones. I said, "Alright, Ro-butt-nik. Enough is enough, egghead." I looked around desperately for a hiding place before he caught me. I saw a bunch of plants, so I ran towards them. I hid under a bush and waited for the perfect moment to attack Ro-butt-nik. I had a smirk on my face, cause he'd no idea I was hiding there. I heard him say, "Where is the brat? Where is that bratty blue speedster?" I wasn't stupid- I was waiting for the perfect moment to pop out at him when I heard Butt-nik say, "Prepare the Chaos Blast. And don't forget to put something in there to turn you-know-who-" I couldn't hear the rest of what he was saying. I assumed he was coming up with a trap for me. But like I said before, I wasn't stupid. But then all of a sudden I heard something explode and all of a sudden I saw tons of smoke. I started to run off when...