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List by Dearheart posted over a year ago
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Who is Mary Sue, you ask?

She is a pest, a scourge, a CURSE upon the world of fiction; a dull, cliche character who mostly invades the fan fiction universe (especially in fandoms like Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter), but can also be found in original work, TV shows, books, movies, etc. In fan fiction, she's usually the fangirl's way of inserting herself in the story and pairing herself up with the cutest/hottest character. This infamous evil can be identified by the following traits:

1: She is stunningly/unusually beautiful. Oh she may deny it, claiming to be a "plain Jane" and modestly deflecting any compliments on her looks, but everyone else in the story will be sure to drool all over her. Mary Sue is perfection incarnate - perfect hair, perfect eyes (the kind that "sparkle like jewels" or "pierce into your soul"), perfect skin, perfect figure, gorgeous gowns/snazzy leather warrior outfits, cool-looking weapons, etc...though she may bear a striking resemblance to the author of the story. And she sometimes shares the author's name (that includes middle, last, nicknames, acronyms, etc.) Mary Sue could easily be described as an...
Guide by mermaidgirl112 posted over a year ago
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These are the top 4 mermaid spells that have been known to work, we did number one and got the side affects instantly.

(These side affects will occur for any spell you do)
Side affects:
Keeping legs crossed
Very itchy legs
Singing a lot
Rash on legs
Making un-normal sounds
Acting a bit out if the ordinary (goes on and off for about 6 hours)
Drinking lots of water.

Where it says the colors of blue and gold, that was just an example. You can choose your own colors and powers. (Ex. Freezing, heating, shaping)
Most girls that have done these have started getting tails (when wet) within 45 hours. The time will be no earlier than 24 hours prior to.
Also, when the spells give no direction to be in a pool or bath, (just the plain spell and no instructions) have your hands in a bowl or cup of water just to be safe.
**None of the spells [i]have[/i to be on the night of a full moon, it is not a full moon now and side affects are showing.
Article by ToEkNeE posted over a year ago
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I woke up as usual. But there was something about today that was going to change. Unusual. I stumbled out of bed, opening my eyes to darkness. I wouldn't need to expect sunlight just yet. I clumsily found my way to the bathroom to take my shower.
For some reason, I wanted extremely hot water. Usually, I would have tepid water on, but this time, the water was blazing. The water beat my back with an intensity far beyond a human could ever intake. It was like hail was being shot at my skin, with a beat to it. The burning was far worse. When every droplet hit my skin, there would suddenly be a sharp pain at the spot hit. But in seconds it would go away. Once I had adapted to the water, it became numb. It almost felt, cold now. Could it possibly be that I had been in there so long that the pain had surpassed me? That my nerves had been ripped apart so much that I couldn't feel anymore? Or was the water so hot, it was cold?
I got out of the shower, ignoring my curiosity. I threw on some clothes or whatever I could get my hands on. I hadn't found the light switch yet, and I wouldn't have bothered to. After I had all my clothes on, I fumbled around looking for a particular...
Guide by Cinders posted over a year ago
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Photo by Steve McAlister
Hey there, everyone! It's the start of a brand new year, and I know we all have brand new ideas for our lives. That is why I want to open this year up with the first ever Fanpop poetry contest! It's basic and simple, because everyone can write poetry, and it's short which means everyone can read all of the submissions in a brief period of time, whereas stories may take longer. However, if you're a story-writer (I sympathize), never fear! If this contest goes well, I may sponsor a Fanpop Short Story Contest afterwards.

Established Rules
1) Any piece of poetry is accepted, so long as it is not plagiarized. If you wrote a poem ten years ago that you would like to revist and submit for the contest, by all means do so. Or if you would prefer to write a brand new poem, more power to you! So long as it is your own work anything goes! There is a strict plagiarism policy, however. If your submission is found to be plagiarized, you will be immediately disqualified and receive a nasty lecture from me. In fact, I take plagiarism so seriously that if I am your fan, I will de-fan you. That's how seriously I take it.
Article by Emoshinell posted over a year ago
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To me, Will is more than a name. This is what it means to me:

W is for the softest whisper in the sweetest breeze of spring.

I is for the icy chill that goes down my spine when you spare me a small glance my way.

L is for the look my penetrating eyes give you when you turn away from me; when I want most for you to stay close to me.

And L is for the unconditional and irrevocable and irrational love I feel for your soul.

Without you, my heart is silent. You arethe only one who has touched my heart and it will always be yours. You are my only love. I've left my heart with you; look over it closely. It's your only responsibilty. Protect it from all harm. You are the only one who who ever has and ever will touch my soul. And it too is yours.

Your curly brown hair is the image that haunts by dreams. The fluff is softer than the petals of a rose.

Each little freckle on your face is like a word left unsaid to me. Oh, how I wish I could read each message to decode each of your thoughts.
Article by Cinders posted over a year ago
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It's finally here! All the submissions to this month's poetry contest is included within this soapbox, for your convenience. For the sake of the judges, I am allowing two weeks from today for them to peruse the works herein and then create a pick with their top five choices. The judges may confer amongst themselves if they wish. Input from the Fanpop community should also be considered. Comments on particular poems are welcome. The only thing that is prohibited is pointing out (subtly or obviously) which poem is yours. As a poet, that may disqualify you from the competition, for betraying the anonymity clause.

Judges, please post a pick by Thursday, January 29th, or alert me if you need more time (you are more than allowed to take as much time as you need, so long as you let me know).


"The Secret Life Of Children" by Contestant Number 1

The kids are hunched over fires
Laughter licking it’s way along the ground
Fan fiction by harold posted over a year ago
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The author considered. Then the author wrote:

Two opposites sat on a park bench

The author deleted

eating their curds and whey

as soon as it was typed, and replaced it with

and one wanted the other to leave.

The critic noted "That's really not very specific, is it? Two 'opposites'? Come on, you're going to have to be more specific than that."

The author considered. Then the author wrote:

The Republican sat down next to the Democrat on the park bench

and nodded, satisfied. The critic clucked his tongue. "Welll...it's not exactly original, is it? And how different are they, really? Honestly, you couldn't have had a Peace and Freedomer in there instead? And what's this with focussing on US politics? Isn't that going to alienate most of your readers, who don't live in the US and wouldn't be able to tell why they're supposed to be 'opposites'?"
Opinion by Dearheart posted over a year ago
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Ladies and gentlemen, writers of all ages (especially teens/preteens) and species (except mosquitoes), welcome! I'm bored, have a writer's block made of concrete and am feeling particularly resentful towards the curse known as textese/chatspeak. (Seriously, whatever happened to good ol' morse code?) So I decided the best way to give my writing a rest is to help out with yours! Aren't I generous? :)

Before I begin, I'd like to point out that I am not an expert by any means. I'm not a writing guru or a master advice-giver-person. I am simply a fellow writer who wants to pass on what she's learned; and if there's something I said you don't like, you don't have to follow it. Just take what you can use and leave the rest.

Alright, here we go! Strap on your seatbelts, kiddies!

Dearheart's Do's and Dont's:

DON'T ever use textese!! (Example: "ill tlk 2 u l8tr.") I can't stress this enough...and yes, I am looking at YOU, preteen people. Just. DON'T. Too many so-called "online writers" do it. It's very, very bad (not to mention a slap in the face to the English language) and it shows that you're too...
Article by iluvtheshow posted over a year ago
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I woke up that morning exhausted and numb. I had no idea where I was, and for a split second I panicked. Then, like floodgates opening, it all came back. The hurt, the tears, the anger; my newest scar. Suddenly I had an idea. What if this was all just a terrible nightmare? What if Lyn was waiting for me in the kitchen like always? I hurried out of bad, pausing to only make sure I was decent for my cousins. I stepped out of the room onto the cold tile. The house had an eerie morning silence, so with every step I took I hesitated. I hadn't prayed in a long time but I did then. "Please, pretty please, let this all be a bad dream. Tell me Lyn will be just around the corner." I was two steps away from the kitchen. I held my breath and stepped in.

She really was gone.
Never coming back.

I think that was when I decided to hate her. Before, I had decided I would just cut her out but now, I would loathe her with a fire that could burn anything. Hate her with a passion. She had left my dad while he was SICK! What self respecting woman leaves her husband when he is SICK!?!? I don't mean with a cold, OH NO. He has a tube sticking out of his side...
Opinion by VampirePrinsess posted over a year ago
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I read this and had to pass it on.
my name is sarah
i am three
my eyes are swollen
i cannot see
i must be stupid
i must be bad
what else could have made
my daddy so mad
i wish i were better
i wish i werent ugly
then maybe my mommy
would still wanna hug me
i cant do a wrong
i can't speak at all
or else i locked up
all day long
when i wake up
im all alone
the house is dark
my folks arent home
when my mommy does come home
i try to be nice
so maybe i'll just get
one wipping tonight
i just heard a car
my daddy is back
from charlie's bar
i heard him curse
my name is called
i press myself
against the wall
i try to hide
from his evil eyes
im so afraid now
im starting to cry
he finds me weeping
calls me ugly words
he says it's my fault
he suffers at work
he slaps and hits me
Article by VampirePrinsess posted over a year ago
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Mommy... Johnny brought a gun to school,
He told his friends that it was cool,
And when he pulled the trigger back,
It shot with a great crack.
Mommy, I was a good girl, I did what I was told,
I went to school, I got straight A's, I even got the gold!
But Mommy, when I went school that day,
I never said good-bye,
I'm sorry Mommy, I had to go, But Mommy, please don't cry. When Johnny shot
the gun, He hit me and another,
And all because Johnny, Got the gun from his older brother.
Mommy, please tell Daddy; That I love him very much,
And please tell Chris; my boyfriend; That it wasn't just a crush.
And tell my little sister; That she is the only one now,
And tell my dear sweet grandmother; I'll be waiting for her now, And
tell my wonderful friends; That they always were the best; Mommy, I'm not
the first, I'm no better than the rest.
Mommy, tell my teachers; I won't show up for class,
Guide by breebree446 posted over a year ago
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Hope I manage to get your juices flowing!
Let's face the facts. All writers get writer's block every now and then. That time when you writing and you just stop because you can't get any ideas. I write all the time, so I get Writer's block constantly. And news flash...it bites! But there are some things I do to overcome them. This is a little article to help all my fellow writers out there!

1. Take a Break!

Believe it or not, it helps to back away from the story for a little while. I mostly write at night when my parents are sleeping. When I get stuck, I sit in the recliner for a few minutes with my mp3 player and daydream. More often than not, it helps me out!

2. Listen To Your Dreams!

As screwed up as some of my dreams are, they can sometimes be my creative outlet. Some of the things in my dreams give me ideas. I consider myself a fantasy writer, so the stuff I see in my dreams helps me by giving me a description of a place in my story. For instance, Grunge Valley. A place in my story where the evil creatures lurk...
Opinion by cassie-1-2-3 posted over a year ago
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Spelling is important.
Grammar is important.
Especially when involving words…

In today’s world, written word is growing more and more common. With the fairly recent introduction of text messaging, email, IM services, social networks, and online self publishing (which is what we’re all doing here on Fanpop when we post articles, and what I am mainly addressing), it is not only important how your words sound, it’s just as important, if not more so, how they look.

link* to me, some people seem to believe that spelling and grammar is not at all important in these self publications.
Just to list a few examples I’ve come across:

" so what if [your spelling] is wrong it just mean that u r writing this from ur heart and not really caring about the spelling"

This, I can see this person’s point, but that is what a rough rough draft is for. (I don’t know if rough rough is the proper term, but that’s what my 12th grade English teacher called it)
Fan fiction by Rozaliciousness posted over a year ago
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My name is Sapphire, and my best friend is an anorexic. Just thought I’d clear that up.
At first I was jealous. Ruby was just so skinny. She started drinking water like it was the only drink in the world, and it gave her spotless skin. I admired her. She had the self control to choose what she wanted to eat. Whereas I couldn’t seem to stop myself if someone offered me something yummy.
But slowly admiration for her slim figure turned into me being freaked out and a little bit disgusted. All her clothes started to hang off her body and her stomach started to curve inwards. Her face lost most of its flesh and made her eyes look sunken and too big. She couldn’t talk about anything except food and dieting, and she started fainting all the time.
Me and her other friends tried to get her to eat. She didn’t even like chocolate any more. And when we told her she could end up in hospital she just told us to stop being so melodramatic. If only she knew.
Two years after Ruby stopped eating she was admitted to hospital weighing the amount of a four year old even though she was 15. She was fed by tubes into her stomach for two months, in which...
Opinion by lilacool posted over a year ago
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Little raindrops shiny,silver,
Dropping silently into the river.
A girl sitting quiet,alone,
Her smile is fading,her hope is gone.
It faded really long ago,
That sounds sad,i know.
She quickly wipes away a tear,
It's her secret so no one can hear.
She secretly cries every night,
It's her fate,so she cant fight.
She touches a raindrop and goes back inside,
She is so lost,she's losing her pride.
All she asks for is a friend,
Someone to be there and understand.
So help her to make her dream come true,
There's always something you can do.
Article by whitelion posted over a year ago
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i always thought, and i always knew
i would end up here with you
i was a restless wanderer on a distant path
you were a lonely dreamer with a broken laugh

i would go anywhere the road would lead
my hopes and dreams is all that i would need
i don't need a house or fancy cars
i would rather sleep underneath the stars

you did'nt have much to call your own
but what a lovely smile on your face shown
you said your chance at love had past you by
i told i'm here so dont you cry

our lives were like the pieces of a broken heart
now that we're together what a life could start
there was magic in the air that night
everything was moving at the speed of light

you were like my juliet and i your romeo
you love me i love you thats all i need to know
no longer will you dream of love thats true
no longer will i wander my search has led to you

Opinion by ToastedRabbits posted over a year ago
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Someone once told me,

"Being a writer is like being a prostitute, really. At first you're only doing it for yourself, then you decide to tell a few friends, let them in on the action, then you decide to let a couple strangers in, pretty soon you're welcoming the entire world."

Such a very accurate quote. When I heard this, I was at a very formal luncheon with a few kids from my journalism class in which we produced the school's newspaper: The Jagged Edge. It was an awards ceremony for individual work as well as our newspaper as a whole to be recognized. Granted, it was a local newspaper that was sponsoring the event, nothing major, but it was a big deal for me - for us.

In our class - Digital Design- I can't explain what it's like. I don't know if any of you have been in such a class before, but we're like family. There aren't many of us, but I'd say about 80% of us are dedicated to journalism, all aspiring to be journalists. That 80% was there with me, sitting around the table all dressed up, proud of our lowly funded newspaper. The newspaper without color, without someone sponsoring us, giving us all the money we needed,...
Opinion by juicyjossy9 posted over a year ago
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1. Practice kindness and gratitude with everyone, including yourself, everywhere and every day, it's great for the soul!
2. The most important sex organ is the brain.
3. Life is too short to waste time hating anyone.
4. Don't take yourself so seriously. No one else does.
5. We all have been born. We all have to die. What's in between is up to us to create.
6. You don't have to win every argument. Agree to disagree.
7. Cry with someone. It's more healing than crying alone.
8. Stop listening to the words you've heard, no one but yourself will agree with you more.
9. Save for retirement starting with your first pay check.
10. Make yourself a life, not a living.
11. Make peace with your past, so it won't screw up the present.
12. It's okay to let your children see you cry.
13 Don't compare your life to others! You have no idea what their journey is all about.
14. If a relationship has to be a secret, you shouldn't be in it.
Guide by vampiress015 posted over a year ago
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I presuming we all joined this spot 'cos we love to write, right? If so then you all know what I'm talking about when I say that we all love our main characters and sometimes want to make them the best people in the world.


Yes, we want to make our main character gets the best out of the story, since it's their story. But if they're the best people in the world it doesn't really make them believable and then the reader just doesn't care about them (which is hard to understand cos we as the writer love em, but unfortunantley it's true)

So here is my step-by-step guide to make sure that your character isn't a Mary Sue, because trust me, when I first started to write there were Sue's all over my story- it was the worst story in the world. Most readers want to be able to see the characters fall then come back up again- it's more entertaining.

Step-by-step guide: Mary Sue's

Okay so most of you must be asking who Mary Sue is? She's the prettist, most intelligent, gets all the boys kinda girl who saves the day, has no flaws and every other character in your story loves her. You hate her already, don't you?...
Guide by Cinders posted over a year ago
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Ah, the dreaded cliché! The worst feedback a writer can get is, "Well, it sounds sort of cliché, doesn't it?"

All authors want to be original. If someone even mentions that a writer's work reminds them of someone else's, the writer tenses up. "No, no, no, I'm nothing like him," he says swiftly. "I've never even read him."

"Yeah, but it's kinda like him," the reader persists, believing she is giving a compliment rather than an insult. "He's incredible, you should read him!"

The thing is-- it should be a compliment when a reader compares your work to a published writer. We all have our influences. It is important to know that there is no new idea. If you've considered something, odds are there was someone before you who considered that very same idea. It doesn't make you unoriginal or a copy-cat. It just makes you human.

You as an individual are very unique. Our experiences, family, friends, and personality combine to make a fingerprint that no other can replicate exactly. And even if you came up with the idea of a scientist and his alter-ego without ever even hearing of Robert Louis Stevenson,...
Opinion by daragirard posted over a year ago
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The Writer Behind the Words
Luck has little to do with link. A long lasting writing career doesn’t just happen. A writer can burst onto the scene and quickly disappear. Another can have a series of hits then write a bunch of flops and never be heard from again. The difference between a long lasting career and one that burns out is strategy. Here are seven rules to help you find the right strategy for you and get you started on your journey to long lasting success.

Learn the power of focus. For most of us, we have more than enough to do on a daily basis. And when it comes to any writing project the list can grow exponentially- you have a blog to write, a monthly newsletter to keep up with, two deadlines for upcoming books, a speaking engagement and more. A long “To Do List” can be overwhelming and for many of us can lead to procrastination, confusion or just plain paralysis! The solution? Do one thing at a time. Come up with a goal for the day. Writing or marketing? Then do the tasks that will accomplish that goal. If you have extra time you can focus on other less pressing tasks.
Opinion by RanmaRaj posted over a year ago
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Guess even the sky is lonely
See its crying so bitterly
Its raining here today
Cuz its valentine day

Everyone has a smile on their faces
Either true or fake
Some have their heart's aces
Others hated even to wake

Now that you're gone
I'm staring at my phone
Hoping you to make a small call
That you wanna meet in the mall

There's an empty place in my heart
I'm in agony due to the pain
The day you left it broke apart
I cry as much as the rain

Pls come back to me
Pls say you love me
And that I'll never again have to stay
Alone on a valentine's day
Fan fiction by sweet_n_silly posted over a year ago
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“Even as a child I had a wild imagination. A younger child, I should say. I’m only sixteen now, so I could be considered a child to some. Oh, by the way, my name is Sarah Way. I live in a small town called Ammarion. It’s a growing town found in America. It’s really in Idaho, if that tells you anything.” Sarah began. “I’m here to tell you my story. I know you are skeptical about magic, but you won’t be after hearing my story.”
I’d like to drag you back in time with me. We only need to go back to last summer. School had just gotten out and I had ample plans for my three months of freedom. My parents deserted me and went off to Hawaii for a long anniversary celebration. They entrusted the house, the yard, and everything in and on them to me.
    “What can happen in three months?” they asked when I asked if they were sure it was a good idea to give me so much responsibility for such a long time.
    That query belongs on the top ten list of the stupidest questions ever asked. You wouldn’t believe how much can happen in three months. At the time, I thought they were probably right and admitted...
Opinion by VampirePrinsess posted over a year ago
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The Two Sides of Me
Nobody knows it but there is a canyon in me
It splits me in two
Across the gap stretches a rope that is starting to unwind
And separates the sides of me
On one side there is the child me
She created a world where pain never existed
She is perfect
Time has never touched her
Shes sweet and innocent
She will never grow up
She will always remain a child
She will never learn that the world is a harsh place
She wears a tiara and a pretty pink party dress
She will always be playing tea party with her Babies
She sits in the middle of a friendly forest
She is surrounded by her family and friends
She will always believe that her father loves her
And would never hurt her
She will always be able to swim in the sea
She will always be able fly above the clouds
She refuses to look at the canyon, instead she pretends it doesnt exist
She believes that if she doesnt look at it, it will eventually go away
Opinion by Cinders posted over a year ago
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I've been slowly but steadily coming to the conclusion that poetry as an art form is quickly losing its flavor amongst the iPod generation. And I'm not talking about contemporary poets who don't get read by the masses, because as Gertrude Stein would say, "Those who are creating the modern composition authentically are naturally only of importance when they are dead because by that time the modern composition having become past is classified and the description of it is classical. That is the reason why the creator of the new composition in the arts is an outlaw until he is a classic." Or, in other words, a poet only matters after his work has been deemed a classic. This has occurred plenty of times in history. The only real audience for contemporary poets is other poets.

No, I am not worried about the contemporary poets so much as I am worried about the classics.

As a lover of poetry myself, I signed up for a Modern Poetry class because I thought it would be fun to read some of the classic modernists and discuss them with a group of fellow poetry enthusiasts. Now, as a young American with friends of varying interest, I could already tell that the...