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lovedeath26 posted on Jun 01, 2009 at 04:25PM
twilight is the best
thats all i have to say

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over a year ago harold said…
Reposting my response from a few days ago, since the system didn't seem to notice it, even though it was posted:

Are you writing some stories related to Twilight, then? Or do you want to talk about the writing that it is in Twilight? We're here to talk about writing...I'm not sure which way you want to go with this.
over a year ago Dearheart said…
If you like Twilight, that's cool...but please, please keep it in the Twilight spots. I know it's popular, but seriously. I'm getting sick and tired of it invading all my favorite spots.
over a year ago harold said…
I, for one, would be happy to hear someone analyze the writing and make an argument for why the Twilight books are the best-written ones. Discussion of any writing is fair game.

On the other hand, the discussion doesn't have to be positive when analyzing the writing, either. Come to think of it, I wrote a critical article a while back about Twilight, and was unsure where to put it that would be appropriate. Book reviews seemed the most logical, but I also think that a good deal of that would work here, too.
over a year ago harold said…
OK, I had to find my review and it took a while, since I hadn't actually published it when I wrote it last year. It's here, and will likely get me burned in effigy by screaming hordes of my former fans.

But the question of the calculated nature of Meyer's writing is still interesting to me, as an example of a cold-blooded approach to cashing in on a target demographic. What has astonished me is that I occasionally run into grown women who are into Twilight as well; that leaves me with the uncomfortable choice between admitting that my theory about the appeal of the writing is wrong, or admitting that those people are emotionally stunted. Neither is desirable, nor particularly understandable.

What I need help with, in understanding statements like "Twilight is the best" (referring to the writing), is to know what other writing is being compared to the Stephanie Meyer series. Are they comparing to Willard Price or Jane Austen, Robert Asprin or James Joyce?
over a year ago Dearheart said…
If this could be for real discussion and debate, then I don't mind at all. It's just that the phrase "Twilight is the best" is beginning to get on my nerves, that's all. And let's not take that phrase too seriously, either. I guarantee you that if Edward weren't so ridiculously perfect and good-looking, Twilight wouldn't be nearly as popular.

I personally don't understand how Twilight got published in the first place, lol. SMeyer's sentence structure alone is...ugh! What the heck was the editor doing? Or NOT doing? I swear, my brain turned inside-out multiple times trying to figure out what she was saying half the time!

And it somewhat terrifies me that people are getting inspired by her work to write their own stuff. Twilight's spawning a whole new generation of "mini-SMeyers"... *shudders* I feel compelled to mourn the future of teen literature.
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over a year ago Bella_Swan3 said…
Can't help but notice, but Dearheart and harold, you're kinda talking to yourselves.
over a year ago harold said…
Yeah, we're not getting anybody interested in a discussion, are we?
over a year ago girscouts2664 said…
I'm writing a Twilight fan fiction. Its a continuation of Breaking Dawn...­ict­ion­/fo­rum­/..­.g-­1
over a year ago peridot242 said…
I understand where Dearheart and Harold are coming from, as everywhere I look, Twilight this and Twilight that.... I don't mind the book in moderation but it is becoming extremely annoying, and also corrupting the young and teenage minds. I shudder to think of the youth today after reading Twilight and aspiring to be authors. The future for literature will be doomed.
over a year ago Bella_Swan3 said…
Well, Twilight is not the best. No book is. They all have strong and weak points. Dearheart, "miniSmeyers" ? Look at the reading levels of teenage girls before twilight was published, and look at it now.

Although it's debatable whether Twilight is beneficial when it comes to forming healthy relationships, ("my boyfriend doesn't love me because he doesn't watch me sleep and doesn't want to know where I am 24/7.") I still believe that Twilight is a fantasy novel that allows imagination and has drastically improved adolescent reading.
over a year ago 1-2vampire said…
i understand where dearheart and harold are coming from (even if they are talking to themselves XD.
BUt as Dearheart said, please just please keep Twilight in the TWILIGHT spot! Its taken over fanpop i swear, its even probably gonna manage to seep through to 'lighting things on fire' spot!! i swear, people are coming obbsessed with this, yeh, i was a fan at first, but with everyone going ooh, twilight's the best, ooh, edward cullen is so HOT, ooh, no, jacob's hot! actually, it the actors who you think are hot, and you didn't take any damn notice in them before twilight, so s.h.u.t up and yapper about it in the Twilight spot!
And Bella_Swan3 has a point about the no book is the best and the dramatic incresed levels of teenagers reading, being it actually GOT them into reading, and then they want to read more. My friend hated reading before twilight, and now she's like a reading wurlwind. But she's not obbsessed like chatting about it all the time, yes, we noe, all you twihards are jealous of bella la de la de da! We've heard it all before.
Just keep it in the Twilight spot, for heavon's sake!
over a year ago Bella_Swan3 said…
You know, 1-2vampire, ironically, I saw a youtube video of people burning a copy of Twilight...the fangirl bashings in the comments are quite entertaining. So it technically COULD seep into the "lighting things on fire spot", right?
over a year ago sweet_n_silly said…
lol. awesome! burn Twilight! ahahahahahaha!
over a year ago 18wanda said…
Twilight sucks and I don't know why so many people are mesmerized by that work of garbage.
over a year ago pixie09 said…
big smile
its not so much that people are mesmerized by it, it is more that it is an easy read, with a happy ending. when people say that its corrupting the thoughts of young girls, well, if they are stupid enough to believe edward is real, then, quite frinkly, they deserve to be disappointed.

i mean, i like twilight, but i like other books better. i can also see that it isnt written in the most technical way, but some people prefer to not have to think too much while reading. reading is fun, not another English assignment, to me anyways :p

and lolz, im going to go watch that youtube clip :D
over a year ago sapherequeen said…
I too like Twilight but do not understand it's popularity.

*GASPS* 18wanda, I never expected something as harsh like that from you! Oh well, we all have our moments...
over a year ago gossipgirlxoxo said…
For those who hate twilight....why click on this link? On this spot we talk about writing and books so if we want to talk about twilight then we can have this forum to do it, leave us alone.
over a year ago Night-Sky said…
This is a writing spot. NOT a twilight spot. Please go back there, if you're wanting to obbsess over it.
over a year ago 1-2vampire said…
lol ive seen the vid and i was screaming at the top of my lungs, "YEAH! BURN THAT PIECE OF CRAP!" while eating poached pear in a red wine syrup (yum) and hopefully, *prays* that damn twilight wont get into too many spots on fanpop. and im asking god that it wont. imagine - *pencil spot* "i wrote a twilight fanfiction with a pencil ehehe* just imagine what will happen to the world!

ps, im going trick-or-treeting (yes, ino im not 6, im 12, who cares?) with a few m8s an were all dressing up as twilight vampires. you noe how? dress up normally and spray hair-glitter all over ourselves.
just as a piss take.
over a year ago 18wanda said…
(to Sapphire) Yes, I can get vicious!
over a year ago Free_Spirit said…
I liked twilight at the start but reading it again i've lost the attraction. I mean i find all the main characters besides alice and emmett to shy. Edward is self hating, and is somewhat possesive of Bella, and I find Bella is bit plain, and is a bit too clingy to edward, i mean come on she goes into a bloody depression, GET A LIFE BELLA. I think the appeal to it is, that many women want to find someone who cares for them as much as edward does for bella, someone who has the whole package, being immrtal probably helps. But i don't see how girls keep on fauning over all the characters, THEY'RE NOT REAL. I agree with harold and Dear heart, it does not compare to the classics. It is quite annoying how people keep on coming up with they're own little twilight lifes, and posting over and over again. Also funny how a bunch of vampire books have dominated the stores, most of them crap. Also the book, depends on how you interpret it, can give a bad message. In new moon its obvious because Bella goes into her depression just because she broke up, but the dangers she puts herself in aswell could be a bad message. Eclipse talking about how Edward is to controlling and how she throws herself at edward. and breaking dawn well killing yourself for an unborn baby well you get the idea, she puts herself in unnecassary danger.
Also every book is so cliche, bella puts everyone in trouble, they face it and they all live happily ever after, where the reality, wheres the death, he sadness. New moon was probably the least cliche one.
The upside is that like said above it has increased reading levels, but most of the girls i know just read twilight and that was it. But seriously it is so annoying having a bunch of girls talking non-stop about twilight, i swear i don't think they even breath. Twilight is corrupting the fanpop clubs, i swear i have been to a few clubs and most have some reference to twilight. Yes girls we do know it exists you don't need to make 60 clubs for it
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over a year ago pixie09 said…
just in defence of there twilighters, you dont have to join or even look at all these 60 twilight fan clubs.

also, i think people look WAY to deeply into what is essentially, a simple, romantic, easy-read. i am positive that steph Meyer never intended her books to endorse abusive relationships or depression ..

ppl who love it, well go ahead, just not in spots that you know full that ppl will get annoyed - and ppl who hate it .. well just accept the fact that other people like it ..

no one can ever see things from anothers perspective ... THIS IS WHY WE HAVE WORLD WARS !!!!!!
over a year ago Free_Spirit said…
I actually think i figured out why people like it so much. Us anti twilighters say we don't like it because it doessn't provoke your thoughts etc. But maybe thats why people read it. Because they don't have to worry about they're opinions being changed and because they can simply read it. I'm not saying that people who read Twilight are dumb, believe me i'm not, but i think because its easy to read. Also because it woke a longing in every girl, they want to be loved that way (though i don't see it as a love)they want to know someone could care that strongly about them and they have a chance of that happening. adding that its a vampire adds to the mysterious love each girl wants.But also the characters don't have too much depth. They have like one emotcion for the whole book and people always like happy endings and no lies... so that might be one reason.
over a year ago kayleebabee said…
yes please keep you opinions about twilight to yourselves people oh and harold great book reveiw by the x
over a year ago Mrs_Marbles said…
HAHAHAHAHAHA thats the best joke I've heard all year HAHAH- wait its not a joke?