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axemnas posted on Feb 11, 2011 at 09:53PM
Okay heres something we can use to get to know our characters and others three of your characters can ask 1 question or one can ask all three if you want to talk in their view point which i must say is a lot of fun to do.If you do three characters then they answer the three questions each like i'll give an example at the bottom with a few of my characters

first post
Larry Talbot:Where are you from?
Sir John Talbot:Are you interested in Astronomy?
Béla: have you ever gone hunting?

next post
answer1: Europe i think
answer2:the stars. their beautiful to look at but I'm still working on dealing with my current issues at hand to worry about space
answer3:yes, but only for survival

Dolly Adams:
1.Greenville,North Carolina
2.Yes but i wouldn't want to be an astronomer
3.no,i love animals too much to do it,but i have friends that have

Jac Billings:
1.Atlanta, Georgia
2.its interesting but i'm focusing on earth
3.I did once,but only once

Fang:have you ever flown
Dolly:are you from the city or country
Jac: do you like baseball

You can do a variation of what i did the questions are about as limited as your imagination the rules are the same as most topics, perfanity to the minimum.
have fun i'll start below
Okay heres something we can use to get to know our characters and others three of your characters can

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over a year ago sideshowbobbart said…
1:Yes i used to go
2:only by airplane

1:Haven't gone for a long time but yes
2:Top secret
3:Idiots and peanuts. I am alergic to both

Chris:Who's your hero?
Kevin:Who's the person you hate the most?
Chris:When are you very glum?
over a year ago Lord_Anubis said…
1. Mortals with honor.
2. Myself.
3. All the time.

1. I'm hero of course :o
2. I don't have hatred in my heart ^^
3. I'm never glum.

-Which side you belong; good, evil, or in between?
-Do you believe in God or gods, would you worship them?
-You ever had someone that you loved more than life?
over a year ago Belatrix said…
Elisabeth: 1. Well, I guess it's good side. I have a tiny bit of darkness inside, but not enough to say "in between".
2. Kinda, but I wouldn't exactly "worship" them.
3. No, not yet.

Blake: 1. Definitely in between.
2. Not really.
3. Well, no.
over a year ago sideshowbobbart said…
Anyway I'll put them...

What's the most evil thing that you have ever done?
What's the important thing in your life?
Do you feel good about yourself?
over a year ago ivoryphills said…
-Killing off demons without giving them the chance to redeem themselves.
-As a goal: rescuing humanity from Beelzebub; as an objectk my mother's butterfly necklace.
-Abusing my daughter's trust and raping her.
-Now, the most important thing in my life is God. He can save me.
-Never had, never will.
-What's the worse sin committed against you?
-Have you forgiven that sin?
-Who do you feel saved you?
over a year ago Lord_Anubis said…
1. No one in person harmed me. I guess I was harmed by society cause they were always rejecting me and I was always alone so it turned me into clodhearted chuff.
2. No, most of them are still scum having love only for themselves and teasing weak ones.
3. My friends and I could call them my family.

1. Well, my childhood has been taken away by orcs. Like my brothers, I was trained to be a warrior.
2. I can't really blame them, they were doing their duty attacking the city of Parton. And king Nurtor was pretty much like father to us.
3. I never actually had mental problems so I'm the one who saves the day ^^

-Were you ever mentaly teased? How?
-Did you ever stand in line for hopeless 'charge' and if not, would you do it?
-Do you think you are somehow attracted by someone?
over a year ago ivoryphills said…
-Romance isn't my thing, so no.
-Eh, I guess so, if you count being surround by a dark living mass torturing you with illusins and such as mental teasing.
-I'm sorry, but I'm not understanding you...
-Nah, there's not that much romance passed around us demons .
- How hard have you worked to have people to at least tolerate you
-What are the most frequent you experience during REM sleep
-What is your all time favorite song?
over a year ago axemnas said…
Fang: more than average person, I've been beatin for years just to be tolerated
You mean like dreams? If so then my most reacurring dream being one where I wake up in this tank of water and get a sudden sharp burning pain all over my body, I usually wake up around that point
I don't know lux aeterna,or the score to the Wolf Man

Have you ever been to camp
Where do you go in your mind when you need to escape
Whats your favorite treat
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over a year ago shenelopefan said…

Have you ever been in love?
Did someone ever broked your hear?
Have you ever fell in love with your boy/girlfriend´s best friend?
over a year ago ivoryphills said…
-I'm not romance's fan, so nope.
-I've only been heartbroken when my Dad refused to let me hunt with him and his buds.
-Before her death at age 6, we were both too young to have BFs.
-Greatest wound you've ever suffered?
-Biggest peeve?
-Where are your parents?
over a year ago axemnas said…
Fang:1.uh i guess there was this one time when i was shot out of a flaming building when it back-drafted i was on the 14th floor. The flash left me with third degree burns on most of my body, a broken back that actually left me paralyzed for a while and a fractured skull along with some other minor injuries
2.Constant babblers i guess for the most part
3.dead, i never met my pop and my mom died when i was six which i didn't see er for like three years so yeah

Do you have any pets
favorite thing
worst memory that you'd be willing to share
over a year ago dragonsmemory said…
Twera: No. I eat most animals. Why keep one if I won't eat it?
Kikikyo: Animals aren't as smart as dragons. Therefore, they are useless in a caave
Paarthurnax: I'm far too large to properly care for any pets. I'm also far too busy

Twera: Flying with my mate
Kikikyo: Fighting demons
Paarthurnax: Ruling the Dragons, as I've done for ten million years

Twera: When I first flew. I crashed into te side of a mountain because of my blindness
Kikikyo: I nearly betrayed my family to the enemy. I had been tortured.
Paarthurnax: I refused to let my son have the mate he wanted

-Have you ever lost a battle?
-Are you aware of the truths behind myths?
-What was your clumsiest moment?
over a year ago axemnas said…
Fang:1. quite a few, but they won't ever win the war
2.Yeah at least a few
3.uh probably this time at camp Pendleton i flipped upside down on the cargo nets right in-front of the senior DI

-How far will you go for someone you love?
-Any musician living or dead you wish you could see live?
-Favorite sweet treat?
over a year ago ivoryphills said…
-I'd go to the end of the world.
-I wish I could see Pink Floyd. He seemed pretty cool when my father introduced me to his music.
-This weird berry-orange jam concoction my father created for me years ago.

-Ditto on Amy's reply.

-I would love to see Satchmo.
-I use to love cookies of any kind.

- Your opinion on this "white genocide" theory going around?
-What would you do if you've crossed paths with Justin Bieber?

-HJow do you feel about angels?
over a year ago axemnas said…
Fang:1.I've lived and fought in the first genocide and if it leads to another war i'll do whatever i can to protect what is right
2.I would walk by and wouldn't give em a second glance
3.I wonder if everything they say about em is true

-Are you a fugitive or do you know of one, if not what would ya do if ya met one?
-favorite invention of the past
-What is your way to travel of choice
over a year ago 3rdCj2ndCJR said…
- I am a fugative from Ireland.
- I have always enjoyed the works oof the first telescop
- I would travel by horse, at least, if I had one out by my farm. Either way, I need too eat.

Can you smile with delight?
Do you fight in spite?
What is your major dream you would chase?
over a year ago ivoryphills said…
-If there's anything delightful to smile about, I would.
-I used to fight a lot of demons just because they caused the fall of humanity, but now I fight for protection.
-I'd love to resurrect my parents and my best friend; it sucks that after all of these years of fighting off demons and Beelzebub, I can't be with them again.
-Naw, even if there's something delightful to smile about; you'd definitely wouldn't like to see my smile.
-Naw, I don't fight, really, unless I really need to protect myself.
-I want my daughter's forgiveness and love, but I guess I won't be getting either, and who can blame her?
-Weapon of choice?
-Favorite toy as a child?
-Are you a genius?
over a year ago Belatrix said…
1. Bow and arrow.
2. Teddy bear and dinosaur figurines.
3. I am very intelligent, but I wouldn't call myself "genius".

1. Long sward.
2. It was a dragon made of wood.
3. Yes.

-Do you have any special talent?
-If you were an animal, which one would you be?

-Why do you need telling people all his things?
over a year ago axemnas said…
Fang:1.other than my mutant ability i'd say being able to do a classic rigorous fighter pilot maneuver on a dime without any instruction
2.wolf or maybe a hawk
3.uh, i don't understand the question

-Have you ever gone kayaking
-do you do any sports
-have you ever heard of a game called Goal ball
over a year ago Phangirl7 said…
1. Uh, no.
2. Yeah, I'll play anything for fun.
3. No, what's that?

1. Are you human or not?
2. Fave food?
3. Scariest or best dream?
over a year ago axemnas said…
Fang:1.Yeah i'm human though a normal one would try to argue it
2.a good steak burger
3.The scariest one i've ever had i was being attacked by a monster that wasn't just attacking me in the dream but also in reality

Jack Rains1.human nothin but the flesh you could say
2.I always like a burger, or spaghetti, probably pizza
3.Me and a girl were on the best date i ever had no better i was the star of a real life action movie

Edward Dillinger:1.human
2.I've always been a bit of a pizza person but i also like steak and hot dogs
3.The scariest dream was i relived my family's murder. My best dream was i put their killers away.

Fang:Have you ever been left for dead
Jack:Have you ever run into an exact clone of you in every way
Edward:What's the worst thing that ever happened to you when you were a child
over a year ago kaylap1410 said…
1. What are you asking? Did my boyfriend leave me for a ghost? No. Ghosts don't exist.
2. No. Why?
3. Ugh! The better question is what was the best thing. I have had way too many crapy childhood memories. I guess the day I found out about my father's (my father that I live with not my biological father) illness was really bad. But then again the day I thought my mom was dead was pretty bad too.

1. No! What is this? I know like most of my friends are suicidal but are you really trying to refer to ghosts? Who believes in those?
2. No. What a werid question
3. My girlfriend getting pregnant when the kid was never mine. Not to mention nobody is allowed to date or have sex until they assign your wedding date with your assigned spouse. So let's just say both she and I were pretty much dead (they assumed the child was mine) (Brooklyn would like me to state that I am not taking about her at this moment. This is my ex-girlfriend, Sara)

1. Are you serious, dude?
2. Why would I? They treat us like clones anyways. They have no need to make us look exactly alike as well.
3. I had to shoot a police officer to was trying to strangle my sister (yes my biological sister. Don't ask how we found each other in this crap ass society)

Brooklyn: What inspires you?
John: Are you a rule breaker? And what rules have you broken
Parker: What you done just for the hell of it

(*please pardon my language. The character Parker is more of a bad ass. Well most of my characters are but Brooklyn and John are a different type. And John is a six in my book and sixes are sluts*)

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over a year ago axemnas said…
Fang: uh, i don't know, people that will fight for somethin even when the odds are against em
2.Yeah, uh lets see, broken out of cell, subordination, murder, snuck out, blown things up, shall i go on?
3.uh, flown a airplane i guess

Edward:1.My family, my friends, my dog, the good things in the world to balance out the bad
2.I try not to, I'm the one that catches the rule breakers
3.attended a party with some friends while i was in the academy, got drunk and got probation for spraying my DI with the fire hose.

2.Yes, travel around after curfu, told someone about a movie they shouldn't of known about, among other things
3.Stood on my head on base

Fang:have you ever done something that was against your morals?
Edward: What do you do when you just need to get away
Jack:Best prank you've ever pulled
over a year ago kaylap1410 said…
1. Yeah... I don't know really think you want to hear the details
2. I paint
3. Well, I tricked Malcom Heart into believing I was dead then I shot him in the head but I wouldn't really classify that as a prank but a cruel plan. I'm not that funny (John laughs in agreement :\ ). Have I ever mentioned how much I hate John?

1. I have a really low set of morals. Maybe it's because I'm death and can't appreciate human beings
2. Climb a tree and look out into the world
3. Every time I meet someone I pretend like I can't read lips and only use sign. You should see the look on their faces.

1. I've done things against my mom's morals but never my own. I'm a slut and I know it
2. Make-out with someone
3. Made John think we were caught kissing. He was so pissed off (like he and his little girlfriend is right now)

Brooklyn: Whose life do you treasure more than mine.
Lila: Has anyone treated you differently because of something that made you different
Macy: Worst thing you've every done to intentionally hurt someone
over a year ago XxLostAngelxX said…
1. At one point I would have said Bobby but now......I'm not really sure if anyone's life matters. Not even my own.
2. Yes but it's ok. I know I'm defective. I just wish they'd stop reminding me.
3. I took someone's daughter. I at least left a note. I told them I was borrowing her and I meant it. It's not my fault if she comes back a bit bruised.

1. I'm sorry but don't you mean to say "more than your own"? If that is what you meant, then I'd say my friend Emily.
2. Yes, all the time but I'm sure that has happened to everyone at one point or another.
3. I...I allowed someone to die. I could have stopped it but I chose not to...

1.Christine. I can't bare to think of anthing bad happening to her. Her life has been hard enough and I'm to blame.
2. Of course they do. Things that are diffrent or unknown are often mistreated. Even still, I hope that no one ever understands my sickness for in order to do that their minds would have to be warped beyond repair.
3. I don't go out of my way to hurt others but I'm sure I have. I just can't think anything at this point.

Kathrine: What would you consider your greatest weakness and why?
Cadence: What did you do growing up that got you into trouble?
Adrian: What sound do you love to hear?