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axemnas posted on Feb 11, 2011 at 09:53PM
Okay heres something we can use to get to know our characters and others three of your characters can ask 1 question or one can ask all three if you want to talk in their view point which i must say is a lot of fun to do.If you do three characters then they answer the three questions each like i'll give an example at the bottom with a few of my characters

first post
Larry Talbot:Where are you from?
Sir John Talbot:Are you interested in Astronomy?
Béla: have you ever gone hunting?

next post
answer1: Europe i think
answer2:the stars. their beautiful to look at but I'm still working on dealing with my current issues at hand to worry about space
answer3:yes, but only for survival

Dolly Adams:
1.Greenville,North Carolina
2.Yes but i wouldn't want to be an astronomer
3.no,i love animals too much to do it,but i have friends that have

Jac Billings:
1.Atlanta, Georgia
2.its interesting but i'm focusing on earth
3.I did once,but only once

Fang:have you ever flown
Dolly:are you from the city or country
Jac: do you like baseball

You can do a variation of what i did the questions are about as limited as your imagination the rules are the same as most topics, perfanity to the minimum.
have fun i'll start below
Okay heres something we can use to get to know our characters and others three of your characters can

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over a year ago Albina21 said…
1. Summer, I feel a tingle on my skin on really hot days, but that's the closest to warmth that I feel without burning myself. Fall is fun to because of the "warm" colors.
2. Sink. I don't swim.
3. 15.

1. Spring, I know it's kinda girly, but it's kinda like, the Earth is being born again, and my feminine side (yes girls, most guys have one. We are good at hiding it, though.) thinks it's cool.
2. Depends, but I can do a good doggy paddle!
3. 15

1. Winter, because snow if just water in frozen form.
2. Swim! I'm so skilled! I know Butterfly, Breaststroke, Back, Free, and I'm a good diver.
3. 15, but a 20-year-old Hippie at heart.

Iggy: Are you a fan of Horror movies? I'm not...
Connate: What's your favorite holiday?
Aquamar: What's your clothing style? (Artsy, business, camoflauge...)
over a year ago axemnas said…
Fang:1. Yes especially of the Universal classics
2. Christmas because everyone seems a bit nicer and then Halloween because I can walk around with my wings out or dress up in something else
3. Military

Laurie:1. Yes especially Halloween and A nightmare on elm street originals
2. Halloween I love dressing up and watching horror movies then Christmas
3. Musician

Jason: 1. Uh, yes
2. Samhain , then Yule
3.classic black robes and Griffindore colors I guess

Fang:what were your parents like
Laurie:favorite music group
Jason: do you write with a quil
over a year ago Albina21 said…
1. My dad was... I don't know. My mom is a journalist, and she is very hands off, and she is pretty old fashioned.
2. Rush. Best Indie group EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3. Umm... NO! So Pre-Revo Lution dude. We use out FlatBoards to communicate.

1. Mom's dead and my dad's insane. Need I say more?
2. I don't know. The Benz. They are a group of kids at the Arx that play during lunch.
3. Sometimes we try them in Pre-Revo Lution class.

1. Murdered.
2. The Baby Dolls!
3. EWWWWWWWWW!!!!!! Bird feathers?!?!?!?!?!?! GROSS!!!!!!!!!!!

Iggy: Do you have a job? What is it?
Connate: What's your favorite piece of clothing/jewelry?
Aurantava: Have you ever kissed?
over a year ago axemnas said…
Fang:1.mostly assassin, or career military, I either train marines and aviators kill whoevers my target is or participate in air shows but that ones for fun
2. My aviator hat
3.once but I lost her forever

Laurie:1. No I just go to school but I have plans to work at a music store
2. My earphones
3. Not yet

Jason:1. No
2. A amber necklace I guess
3.no not yet

Fang:do you have nightmares
Laurie: favorite tradition
Jason: favorite and least favorite teacher in school
over a year ago amutokitty said…
1. My life is one. But yes, I have chronic nightmares.
2. My old family still celebrates the Feast of Fortuna from roman times, that's definitely my favorite.
3. I hate them all, they just don't understand what I go through.

1. Yeah, all the time. Lately I've been having one that happens every night, where I'm talking to Lorelei, and then her face morphs into the face of my sister, and she kills me. It's odd, but it feels... important...
2. Um, pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving? Pfft, I don't know,
3. Kyouso-sensei is my favorite. He's my sixth grade language arts teacher, and he liked to scooter around the classroom and tell jokes. My least favorite was Kuno-sensei. She was a real jerk and considered me to be the spawn of the devil.

1. Yeah, fashion nightmares!
2. I always buy a new pair of high heels every week. Does that count?
3. I hate school!

Lorelei: Have you ever killed someone?
Ven-Ven: Are you a virgin? If not, who was your first?
Prima: What's your favorite dance style?
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over a year ago kaylap1410 said…
(this is after the books are done, not at the beginning or during. The end.)

1. Not yet
2. That is a really awkward question. Umm... not really. Umm... wow... my first...?
3. I LOVE contempory. I teach it to the advanced girls every Monday, Thursday, and Friday. But I also teach a little ballroom

1. Yes, Aleck
2. No, and I don't remember
3. Whatever little Brookie does that makes her extremely sexy

1. No!
2. Not willing to answer this question
3. Ballet

Brooklyn: What is the question you love to answer
John: biggest turn on?
Macy: what is your type?
over a year ago axemnas said…
Fang:1. in a sarcastic way or in general in a sarcastic way my age i guess, otherwise its where all have you been
2.uh i don't know
3.uh smart beautiful brunettes i guess i really liked Ginger Rodgers and Kathy Hepburn to give an idea

Laurie:1.What's my favorite song? which its always changing so i'm being asked at least once a week by my guy friend
2.i'd rather not say
3.tall dark and handsome with a killer since of humor kind of like Cary Grant

Jason:1.What's my dog's name i guess
2.i'd rather not say
3. again i'd rather not say

Fang:Which type would you rather have if you had to choose one to love cute and stupid or rude and smart
Laurie:Do you fish(I don't)
Jason:What's your favorite animal
over a year ago amutokitty said…
1. Cute and stupid. I don't like rude people at all.
2. No. But I'd like to try someday.
3. Cats. I really love them.

1. Rude and smart. I hate ditzy girls, even if they're rude, I'd like a girl with an IQ of at least fifty, which pretty rare in this dump.
2. Nah, it bores me.
3. I like rabbits. People call me gay because of it, but , hey, I like rabbits!

1. Cute and stupid! I not care how smart they are if they look good!
2. Ew! No way!
3. Horses!

Lorelei: Do you believe in magic?
Ven-Ven: Who's the dumbest person you know?
Prima: Have you ever been elected to studen council?
over a year ago axemnas said…
Fang:1. can't afford not to
2.hmm lets see well there was this guy that was in my unit a short time we always called him a 'smart a**' i believe his name was Biff Hurbert
3.No i've never even been to school

2.most of my classmates
3.No but i was elected president of the music club

Jason:1. Well i am a wizard they sort of go hand in hand
2.hmm there was this guy in my transfiguration class that couldn't even transfigure a beatle into a button
3.No, the closest i've come to anything like that is when Professor McGonagall made me her assistant in transfiguration class

Fang:What is the most unbelievable thing you've ever seen
Laurie:What's your favorite thing to do on a rainy day
Jason:Have you ever seen a Hippogriff (my dad and i have raised 4 of em)
over a year ago amutokitty said…
1. A couple of large creatures with claws dancing on top of a pond in the middle of a desert.
2. Sing and read, maybe spend a bit of time with Ven-Ven...*blushes*
3. What are they?

1. Prima being nice. Shocking, right? Just kidding. It would probably be... Umm... One of Lorelei's OCD attacks. When she flips out, she just doesn't seem like herself.
2. Play violin and play Sudoku. I also like listening to Lorelei sing.
3. Huh?

1. That horrible pair of stilettos in the mall!
2. Design new clothes and text, of course!
3. What?

Lorelei: Have you ever faced a major fear? How did it turn out?
Ven-Ven: What's your favorite classic book?
Prima: What's the ugliest outfit you've ever seen?
over a year ago axemnas said…
Fang:1. Yes i've faced several and one over and over. A phobia of water i developed came out perfect i can swim without fear, My fear of Victor has just turned out close to the same except its less of a fear and more of a grudge
2.hmm, either Frankenstein, the legend of sleepy hollow, Dracula or the Invisible man
3.I've been through the hippy era may i say more

Jack;1.Yes and it turned out fine i was a little smarter for it
2.The Invisible man
3.hmm this yellow zebra striped dress

Jason:1.Yes a few some turned out well and i'd rather not talk about the others
2.the tale of the 3 brothers and the hollows
3.i am blind so i can't say anything on that one if i tried

Fang:What's your favorite food
Jack:What do you want to do for a living
Jason:What do you do when someone insults you
over a year ago amutokitty said…
1. Cranberries. I love the bitter taste.
2. Sing onstage... Maybe start a career with Ven-Ven...*blushes*
3. I run away and cry... Ven-Ven usually helps me out, but, if he isn't there, I just curl up in a corner and cry after bing insulted.

1. Chili, I don't know why. It just has such an autumny taste to it. Is autumny a word? Autumny is now a word.
2. Work as a violin and voice duo with Lorelei.
3. It depends on which personality I have at the time. I don't know what the others do when they're in control, but I punch the person's lights out.

1. I don't eat.
2. Be a model in Paris!
3. Backhand their sorry ass!

Lorelei: Who is your shoulder to cry on?
Ven-Ven: Is the glass half empty or half full?
Prima: X-Box or Playstation?
over a year ago iluvPrinceMJ213 said…
1.Kaden till he started dating Phoenix then Peter till he cheated on me so I guess my dad...
2. Half-empty sadly enough
3. Playstation Marshall threw our X-box out the window when he ran away

1. I don't cry...
2. Half-empty

1. Keaira even if she's pissed at me right now
2. Half-empty yea we're negative people
3. Playstation
over a year ago CriminalAnatomy said…
(you didn't ask any question?)
over a year ago amutokitty said…
(I'll start it back up.)
Lorelei: Who was the last person to call you?
Ven-Ven: Ever heard the Nyan Cat? If so, is it annoying to you?
Prima: Have you ever played truth or dare?
over a year ago axemnas said…
Fang:1. My old friend John Goodman( no reference to the actor AT ALL)
2.it's weird I could see it being annoying tho
3.once or twice

Dolly:1.my mom
2.sounds like a weird rendition of the Mario theme
3. Yes

Jason:1. On what a telephone I've only used it a few times but owl post and the flume network my dad
3.I did till Dean Thomas dared me to hex Professor Snape

Fang:What are you afraid of
Dolly:have you seen the vid screaming eggs
Jason: have you ever made a jackOLantern
over a year ago CriminalAnatomy said…
Leslie: 1. slowly disapearing from peoples life, them having no memory of me.
2. No.
3. a Jackolantern? No I don't believe so.

Kila : 1. Ghosts, the supernatural anything creepy like that.
2.Of course
3. Yes reluctantly.

Blake: 1. fire
2. no I don't believe I have.
3. Yes with my dad ,before he you know left.

Leslie: Whose your greatest inspiration?
Kila: Whats's your faviorte food?
Blake: Where do you wish you could travel to?

over a year ago axemnas said…
Fang:1. I don't know I don't have many friends
3.the past or at least somewhere peaceful

Dolly:1. My friend Jac and my dog I guess
2. Macaroni

Jason:1. My guide dog I guess
2.beljum waffles

Fang:what is your special talent
Dolly:what's your favorite song from the 70's
Jason: what subjects do you study at school
over a year ago CriminalAnatomy said…
Leslie: 1. Blending in I guess.
2. Alive and Kicking Tighter tighter.
3. history and english lit.

Kila: 1. Soccer of course.
2. I'm sorry but anything from that era is kindof outdated.
3. Phys Ed, Photography and theatre.

Blake: 1. I don't have one
2. I wasn't around then so I'm unsure.
3. History, Liturature, writing and Chemistry

Leslie: If a genie granted you 3 wishes what would they be?
Kila: What is your faviorte acessory?
Blake: If you could time travel where would you go?
over a year ago axemnas said…
Fang:1.Hmm lets see 3 wishes, are there any catches to them?, 1That i could have one day where i had no real worries and be a real kid for once in my life 2 to have a glimpse at what my life would have been like if things of happened the way my mother and father had planed, 3 to have the means to protect the ones i love
2.my aviator hat
3.Back to the early 1900's so i could at least see what my father looked like

Dolly:1.Oh No i'm not making any wishes i know better than that i saw Wishmaster
2.a pare of earbuds
3.1776 to see the signing of the Declaration of Independence

Jason:1. to bring the dead back to life if i knew they'd be happy, to be able to cure damage caused by dark magic, to possess wisdom
2.my wand *shrugged*
3.Bad things have happened to wizards in time, using a time turner i'd go to the rest of my classes

Fang:favorite moment in history
Dolly:favorite movie
Jason:favorite animal
over a year ago CriminalAnatomy said…
Leslie: 1.Do I have to choose theirs so many. The Renaissance, The end of the war...
2. Saving Private Ryan
3. Narwhals.

Kila: 1. None, History's a snore fest.
2. Easy A duh it's like the top movie right now
3. Panda bears.

Blake: 1. hmm The signing of the declaration of Independence
2.I don't really watch movies.
3. A penguin

Leslie: Your faviorte weather is?
Kila: What could you not live without?
Blake: Have you ever Loved someone Like really loved someone?
over a year ago CriminalAnatomy said…
over a year ago kaylap1410 said…
1. Rainy! I love snuggling up in the couch with a blanket and a good book and watch the rain fall from the window. I love the way it fells on my face when I look up into the clouds with glee and a new cleansed felling
2. My family
3. yes... Am I proud if it? No.

1. Snow! Love making snowmen and snowangels in the winter and having a white Christmas. That is why I miss New York and hate Texas. Well... one of the reasons
2. Realistically: water but I am guess you meant what material iteam can I not live without. That I would have to say my mother's necklace. What I WANT my answer to be is love though
3. Yes but he doesn't even notice me

1. Sunny, I love to feel the hot heat on my dark skin and take in the beautiful, warm, summer rays.
2. Hope or my glasses
3. Not yet... hopefully soon though

Brooklyn: the hardest thing you have ever had to hear
Rika: most devastating site?
Carter: Most prejudice thing you have ever heard? (that occurred in you lifetime)
over a year ago amutokitty said…
1. That I had OCD... It scared me to no end, especially since I was 5 and I didn't know what it meant.
2. My mother's dead body.
3. That I'm a bizarre freak because of my outbursts...

1. That I have MPD. I still don't really believe that I have it.
2. Lorelei cry in a corner... It broke my heart to see her like that...
3. That Lorelei is a freak because of her OCD attacks.

1. That my skirt looks horrible on me!
2. That disgusting polkadot dress!
3. What does prejudice mean?

Lorelei: What makes you cry?
Ven-Ven: Have you ever used a gun?
Prima: What do you hate most?
over a year ago CriminalAnatomy said…
Leslie: 1.That I can't stop the death that happens all around me.
2:In the past, a long time ago..I try not to think about it.
3. Getting close to someone but having them torn away.

Cyan: 1. I don't cry.
2. Yes.
3. That list is to long to say it all.

1. The Memories I was stripped of ever having, Like my first Kiss and my first love.
2. No, but I've known people who have, I guess thats why I am where I am.
3. Not being able to hold Leslie in my arms.

Leslie: What makes you smile?
Christian: What do you regret?
Cyan: What do you Long for?