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Article by chloeluvzmiz posted over a year ago
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Power Rankings for 4/16/12 - 4/22/12

25 Gene Oakerlund +
24 Daniel Bryan +
23 Kelly Kelly average
22 A.J. +
21 Ryback +
20 David Otunga -
19 R-Truth +
18 Beth Pheonix average
17 Brodus Clay +
16 Cody Rhodes -
15 Lord Tensai +
14 Primo & Epico average
13 Randy Orton -
12 Alberto Del Rio +
11 Kofi Kingston +
10 The Miz average
09 Santino Marella +
08 Mark Henry +
07 Kane +
06 John Cena +
05 CM Punk -
04 Brock Lesnar +
03 Chris Jerico +
02 Big Show +
01 Sheamus +

At 1st, I put 'David Otungag.' Should've left it that way cuz it's true!! LOL

Thanks 4 reading! 4 more info., visit www.wwe.com

-chloeluvzmiz ♥
Opinion by Cazzy702 posted over a year ago
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#11 Sheamus
The first-ever Irish-born WWE Champion impressed many when he won that coveted title in his rookie year, but what's even more remarkable about Sheamus is the confidence he has displayed behind the microphone so early in his career. Where many Superstars have spent years stuttering on the stick in hopes of finding their voice, The Celtic Warrior immediately grabbed the mic with confidence and ran down opponents in his unmistakable Dublin brogue. And while fans may jeer at the pointed threats Sheamus has directed at rivals like John Cena and Randy Orton, they can't help but smile when he addresses them as "fella."

#10 Santino Marella
Not since George W. Bush was in office has a man made such a mockery of the English language to such hilarious results. The master of the malapropism, Santino Marella's losing battle with basic vocabulary has inspired such classic Santino-isms as "Cold Stone Steve Austin" and "Knobberslockers." But the braggadocios Superstar is at his best when his Italian ire is up. Displaying the same red-faced frustration as a third grader in timeout, Marella kicks, pouts and complains until he gets his way - or gets a beating. No...
Opinion by anna_bella_duff posted over a year ago
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When I think about some of the best WWE Superstars in recent memory, a few names pop up in my mind as well as everyone else's. But one name that consistently comes up with just about everyone is the name Chris Jericho

Jericho has been wanting to break out in the pop culture world in both acting and music. His band Fozzy has sold a ton of records world wide and have finally gotten to a point where they are doing well on American radio.

Their metal-like rock music seems to be striking a cord with we Americans, and worldwide they've always done well. This is why Jericho has left WWE. He was given a major opportunity to be on Dancing with the Stars.

For those that don't know, this show helps revive or start careers. It gets so many views on both days that it's on, that it's crazy to read how much AD money ABC makes with this show.

So Jericho was smart for taking ABC up on their offer. And no one is upset with him for doing it, unless you work for WWE.