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The Major Differences between X2 + X-Men the Last Stand and the Dark Phoenix Saga comic story line?

Okay. I have seen the X-Men movies and shows. And I wanted to see the actual comic book story lines. There is a lot, a lot to go through. And after shifting through online pages for hours, my head hurts and everything's a mess. I think X2 and X-Men the Last Stand is based on the Dark Phoenix Saga of the comic book series. or whatever arc of the comic book story line it's based on.

I want to know the major differences in plot. Between the movies and the comic series.

If someone can explain them to me in detail, I'd be very grateful.

And did Professor X die, or did he not, at that point in the comic book series?
 kaihillover posted over a year ago
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x-menobsessed26 said:
I like to think of the movie plotlines as VERY loosely based on the comics. I mean, there are so many different pieces of so many different comics and story arcs all frankensteined together into one movie.

The details would go on for...ever, even the major ones since it's a complicated arc. There is hardly any way to sit down and describe them all, especially since opinions would get very biased.

Professor X did not die in the Dark Phoenix story arc and was very much alive for the ordeal. I think the best way to show the Dark Phoenix saga without having to get opinionated would be to tell you to look up the X-men : The Animated Series phoenix and dark phoenix saga episodes. X2 was based off of the Phoenix saga while X-men the last stand was more Dark Phoenix.

Each saga in the cartoon is split into parts so here are the links for each.

Phoenix saga :

Dark Phoenix :

It's not perfect, but it's pretty damned close.

If you have any more questions, please let me know.
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posted over a year ago 
Alright then, I guess, I should stop relating to the movies for now. It's confusing me even more. Okay, so then there are far too much differences to be noted, okay. Okay, so the animated series has the arcs done accurately! Awesome, I'll be checking it out then. :) Aww, you posted the link for the cartoon. Awesome. xD I
kaihillover posted over a year ago
* I'll start watching immediately. Thank you so much for all your help. :)
kaihillover posted over a year ago
Anytime. :)
x-menobsessed26 posted over a year ago
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