Am I the only one who thinks his face is off in the picture?
I am no fashion expert. I just thought that since Havok is mutant of the week, it would be fun to review his past costumes purely off pictures. I wanted to write a Havok article and this seemed like the easiest one to do. I'm getting my pictures and info from So without further ado let's get to the article.
I mean seriously it's like a black hole.

1. Containment Suit
This is Havok's first superhero costume and like with a lot of superhero costumes it doesn't look too great. It is plain, and black except for some circles on his chest and a very interesting looking headpiece. The circles and headpiece helped control his powers so it's understandable why he wore these interesting pieces in the first place, but he still wore this costume even after he could pretty much control them by himself. Maybe he just liked looking like a hole cut out of reality. It's not great but it could have been worse.
In this picture I always imagine him shouting orders at people.

2. Genoshan Magistrate tells me that this is the uniform worn by all Magistrates, so he didn't really have a choice in the matter. He was manipulated into being a Magistrate after waking up from a coma with no memory. I actually like this one. It resembles his X-Factor uniform with a brown jacket and brown baggy pants. It's pretty much the same thing just in earth tones. Sadly, it does lose points for the fact that he was pretty much brainwashed when he wore it.
He likes to feel the wind blow gently through his hair.

3. X-Factor Uniform
This is one of my personal favorite Havok costumes.It closely resembles civilian clothes especially with the bagginess of the whole thing. It's a refreshing change from the skin tight tights of most superheros. This costume includes a blue shirt with a large yellow X on the front, a blue and yellow leather jacket with an X logo on it, baggy blue pants, and some type of head gear. It's good looking, not too bright, and professional.
Are those like tentacles attacking his face? (Insert hentai reference here)

4. Brotherhood Containment Suit
Yet another brainwashed costume. This time he was kidnapped by the Brotherhood and appeared wearing this costume. It is just another take on his containment suit with orange straps, and gloves, and an even more interesting head piece. His original containment suit looks much better to me.
Not sure what the wrist things are suppose to do. Keep him from commiting suicide?

5. Mutant X Costume
Alex was transported to the Mutant X universe and wore his counterpart's costume. This one is simple, and almost entirely blue except for some yellow wrist guards and a yellow belt. Also there is his signature glowing circle and rings on his chest. Very simple and elegant looking.
Legs apart, arms back, chest out.

6. After Coma Costume
After coming back from the Mutant X universe Alex started wearing this costume. It is black with black boots, and silver gloves, shoulder pieces, and ornamentation on the head, and he is again sporting the glowing circle on his chest. This costume personally reminds me of Multiple Man and I don't think it's one of his best. I do like how he starts leaning towards simple and toned down costumes but I think this costume would be better without the skull cap.
I wonder how much those gloves weigh.

7. Current Costume
Okay bear with me we're almost done. This costume has his glowing chest circle, and the black and silver color scheme. When he first started wearing it it had clunky silver gloves and boots, a visor, and the skull cap from the last costume. He later dropped the skull cap and visor to make what I believe to be his most recent costume. This has to be my favorite along with the X-Factor costume.
Maybe I just prefer when he let's his hair down. All I know is that Havok has had some fun and interesting costumes. If people like this enough I might do a costume review for every mutant of the week. Even if people don't like it I might do it just because it was so much fun to look over his old costumes. Either way Alex has had some great costumes.
I don't think he was happy with my review. If I don't show up for a while you know what happened