I have no drive to do any fanfiction writing right now, so I decided to instead use that time to write another countdown article. My sister and I as a tradition will watch X-men : The Animated Series together over the summer, and we started that today. I received my inspiration for this countdown for that, and in the first of what will become a series of X-men : TAS countdowns, I am first counting down my top 10 favorite X-men from X-men : The Animated Series.

I am only going to ask that you keep your comments mildly civil. I am surely going to say some things you won't agree with, and I am more than willing to here your own list and reasons, but I don't appreciate serious flaming attacks against my own just because they're different or you don't agree with my reasoning. Telling me you don't agree is one thing, but a nuclear bomb of hate is another.

#10 - Kevin Sidney (Morph)

Now, I wasn't going to include him on this list, but I did for two reasons. 1.) Without him, that leaves only 9 X-men, which would be your title X-men, and I like countdowns which end in multiples of 5 and reason 2.) He is still technically a member of the X-men, even if he wasn't a member for very long.

That being said, he was just an annoying character all around to me. I felt (much like the Nostalgia Critic) that he was just created to die, which I'm sure he was. His death was pathetic and unnecessary, which made his character seem extremely uninteresting and unnecessary. He never really did anything other than act as a pawn by anyone, which was I'm sure because they felt like they needed to bring the tenth member of the X-men back, since no other character ever really joined throughout the series.

Not only that, but his laugh made me want to feed him to rapid honey badgers.

#9 - Jubilation Lee (Jubilee)

Now, I was first introduced to Jubilee through watching this series, and let me tell you, it wasn't a very great introduction. Her character is so WEAK. It's actually really sad to watch, especially when identified with her comic counterpart. Sure, her comic counterpart started off weak, but at least she actually grew stronger and became useful. The only thing this Jubilee seems to be good for is a target/distraction/decoy while the other X-men do the actual work.

While her feeble use as a X-man irritates me to no end, it is her accomplishment of insulting all children of the 90's that really does me in. I know other television shows did this too, but the way Jubilee does it makes it that much worse because she's proven many times within the show that she could talk like real people in the 90's did. Her relationship with the other characters is weak, even with Wolverine, and when she really starts to shine as a character, it's only a few episodes from the end of the series. All in all, I'm not impressed.

#8 - Professor Charles Xavier (Professor X)

What? Why is Charles so low? Well, as I'm sure you can tell, I'm about to let you know.

Does this man ever actually check the situation he is sending his students/friends/family into? It seems that these characters seem to get hurt more for his complete disregard of attempting to get some useful facts. Instead, he's alerted to a problem and does no checking before telling his team, go do this. Unbelievably, they seem to be okay with that.

On top of that, how much do his students actually know about him? I know no one knows much about Wolverine, but at least he's made it pretty obvious that's mostly because he doesn't know himself. Charles is just afraid of a past which could fatally hurt his loved ones and refuses to make it easier on them. Also, when he doesn't know the answers himself, he sends his team in anyway. Does he not realize that his students are human beings and if they get killed, they can't just respawn...in theory.
That complete disregard for ethics and logic, especially for someone who claims to hold ethics and logic dear, is why Charles is at #8.

#7 - Scott Summers (Cyclops)

I love Cyke and think he is a great leader and had much potential as a character, but that's my point. It seemed like it was all potential the writers didn't want to unlock and that made him suffer as a character. When he was developed, it was weak. When he was strong, other characters were stronger.

I wish they would have done more with his character, but wish all I want, they didn't, and that has landed him at #7 on this list.

#6 - Jean Grey

Jean is only so high on this list because of that ultimate sacrifice she gave and all that crap. Honestly, I am so sick of all of this Phoenix bullshit that her sacrifice does almost nothing for me anymore, but I thought it should be noted. Just like with her hubby, she had potential and a lot of it, but they NEVER unlocked it...ever.

She only ever looked interesting when under the control of Phoenix, but my point comes in with that. She looked interesting; she wasn't ACTUALLY interesting, at least to me. Her character fell flat with nearly everything they tried to do with her. I don't know how a character can be so one dimensional, especially one who is so clearly trying to be portrayed in a specific way, but it failed...terribly. She is tied with her husband in nearly all ways with me regarding this list, but the sacrifice episode of the Phoenix Saga is what pushed me over. It's the only thing I remember her for, really, other than just being there.

#5 - Henry "Hank" McCoy (Beast)

I don't have any personal vendettas against Hank, but he has never really been an interesting character to me. At least they gave him some personality, which is seriously lacking in many of these characters...to me, of course. However, Hank has been shown to be intensely dedicated to his work and extremely protective of those he cares about, willing to do anything to ensure their safety.

My favorite episode with him was Beauty & the Beast which perfectly portrays his dedication to work (fixing Carly's blindness) and protectiveness (Carly herself). It was beautiful and really gave some dimension to his character, who desperately needed it after being absent most of the first season.

#4 - Ororo Munroe (Storm)

I nearly dropped her below Hank due to her horrendous ill-treatment of her powers. It was a rare thing to see her use her powers in an interesting way. It was extremely annoying and boring.

However, MjNari and the Shadow King further helped add to her character, as well as her role in the relationships with the other characters in the show, whether it be a sister-like friendship (Jean), mother-daughter (Jubilee), or romantic (alternate universe Storm and Wolverine), it gave so much more to her character, and showed her emotional potential, which I guess would be extremely important in their line of work.

#3 - Logan / James Howlett (Wolverine)

Now, I love how his involvement with the X-men brought in a fuckton of new villains and heroes for the fans to explore on the screen, but I wish it was more than meet, greet, and beat.
However, if I even tried to say that this character didn't have dimension, I would be lying through my teeth and be an insult to most of the X-men community. While I may not be a huge Wolverine fan, I can't deny that the man is badass and he pulls it off well in this show, given what was done to some of the other characters.

Not only that, but parts of his past which I saw in the show began to make me more interested in the comic book character, especially the episode 'Old Soldiers' with Captain America.

#2 - Remy LeBeau (Gambit)

Gambit's development as a person is what landed him at #2. It wasn't a small change either. He went from being a grossly overconfident, ex-criminal womanizer to that but having taken a major downgrade and combined with his love for the team, friends, and, of course, dedication to Rogue, which was also interesting to see evolve over the course of the series.

#1 - Rogue

Anyone who knows me (as much as you can know a person you've only met online) knows that Rogue and Gambit are not my favorite characters as they are with much of the X-men fandom. That being said, I love how she was portrayed in this series. Her split personality with Ms. Marvel always fascinated me as did her origins as a villain, both of which were shown beautifully in the series.

Not only that, but her large angst over her lack of touch was perfectly portrayed by being slightly overdone, but not enough to make me want to punch a fist through my ancient television. How she can have such strong emotional bonds without the aid of being able to touch makes for an interesting dynamic, which was not ignored by writers. Her evolution as a character was also interesting to watch as she began to come to terms with her situation and learn from the hardships she was facing.


PLEASE leave me your comments below. I love hearing from you, even if you don't agree with me, as I'm sure some of you won't. It was extremely difficult for me to make this list, taking a couple of weeks of mental tossing and turning, but I just decided to write it. I hope you enjoyed the read and will stick around for my other countdowns. If you have any interesting ideas for countdowns I could do, please leave them below and I will take them into consideration. :)