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"Humans and mutants tried to live together... The mutants tried to maintain thenselves stealthy and let the natural order make then the dominant race in the planet... However the humans discovered about us and found a way to defeat us... A great war happened... Humans vs Mutants... The humans had won... The world was in chaos, the mutants completely destroyed, wiped out from the face of the earth... It is now the year 4001 of the 23rd century... The world isnt too much different from what it was 2000 years ago... The humans after the great war, had to rebuild the word, rediscover, recreate everythin again... It took then 2000 years to do this... However, as the progress in the world may be stopped, momentarily, it never cease its struggle... The mutants are reborn... Normal humans are giving birth to mutants... The parents of these "blessed" or "cursed" beings, depending on what you call a mutation... Did not told anyone about then... The situation became the same it was before the great war... Mutants living among humans, unknown... However mutants hungry whit a dark desire, created an unknown group to restart the great war and wipe out the humans... A group called X-Men, which existed 2000 years ago, is being recreated too, to stop this from happening again... This time the humans didnt still discovered the anti-mutant technology... And a war now, would be a massacre... I joined then, and became their leader... I know the pain of losing family... I'll wont let this hapen to anyone else mutant or not... My name is Jonathan Clark ... And I'll wipe out any evil in this planet... I swear... By my soul..."

I was doing nothing special these days, and I like roleplayng games, and x-men, so I decided to create an rp based on a story I always wanted to see! You are welcome to join, but you have to be aware of certain rules...

1- No more than 3 characters per user.

2- Do not kill the character(s) of another player, whitout the player's aproval.

3- If you want your character to end whit another character, from another person, you have to ask permission to the same, first (just to not create discussions.).

4- The personality part of the character sheet, must be followed, which means that you have to hen using a character, make it act according to his/her personality.

5- Just join this rp if you have the intention of play it from beggining to the end(yes this rp will have an end.) And finally have fun!

Now here is the character sheet:



Date of birth:



Eye color:

X-men name (codename):

Description of the mutation(power):

Downside of the mutation: If it is to powerful, make sure togive it a downside so your character dont get to overpowered.

Alliance (Hero, Neutral, or Villain.):

Any visible mutation:


Background story:


Please, if possible, try to create your very own mutation, or try to use a very different mutation, instead of using the ones that everyone uses. However if you want to use the popular powers (telekinesis, magnetism shapeshifting etc), thats fine whit me, after all, it's your character! But please, make sure that there isn't anyone using the same power, so we dont have two mutants whit the same power on the story.

Also, if you choose to play a villain, you should know, that in the end, they will all lose. Also, you dont have to stay a hero or villain during the entire story, at all, you can change alliance if you want to.

Also, this is a roleplayng game, which means that there is NO main character... The only reason I used my character to tell the story in the beggining was for you guys to get interested. So all characters, independently of their alliance, are main characters...

Well that's it. If you had enough time to read all this, make sure to post your character below and let's roleplay!

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over a year ago Leleu2 said…
Name: Steve Cyans

Gender: Male

Date of birth: Day 2, June, of 3984

Height: 1,82m (in my country we use meters, and I dont know how to convert it to pounds... So if possible use it in meters, ok?)

Weight: 70kg (He is thin.)

Eye color: It changes, depending on what he is feeling, and therefore, the color of his vital energy at the moment... But most of the time, it's browm.

Hair color: Black

X-Men name: Energizer

Description of the mutation: He is able to fell everyone's vital energy. He is also able to use his own vital energy. When he does so he concentrates the vital energy at the palm of his hands (he can do this whit one hand only, but most of the time, he uses the two of it). When it is completely concentrated, it becomes visible, in the form of a small ball. He then can throw it, at the enemy, creating an explosion compared to the amount of vital energy he concentrated. He is also able to use both of his hands, to create one big more powerful ball, however when he does this, it is hard to maintain control, thus aiming becomes harder.

Downside of the mutation: He can only use his vital energy,even tough he can fell the other people ones. Also he can only fight as long as he have vital energy left. When he becomes short in vital energy, he gets confused, his senses stop working and he falls on the ground unconscious. If he somehow, manages to stay awake and use all of his last resort of vital energy, he dies. Also, when he gets unconscious, it takes at least two days for his body to rebuild his vital energy, thus it takes at leats two days for him to wake up. Even tough it is a very powerful mutation, it also is very limited.

Alliance: Hero

Any visible mutation: His eyes that change colors according to his feeling and his vital energy color at the moment.

Personality: He is very kind and gently, however he doesnt talk much whit unkown people. He is very altruistic, which means he will give anything he has, including his life, if necessary,for his friends. However, he isnt only good since he has a dark past. Whit time, he willlearn to trust his friends, and will become more talkative. But in the beggining, he is like a shy character. He also, doenst like hanging whit any girls he sees, since he is looking for his soul-mate, someone who can complete him. He is very romantic to the person he loves, even if the loved one doesnt even care about him. He also know the pain of losing family, thus he will prevent anyone from suffering the same. (Be sure to add how your character acts in everything, even when he is in love.)

Backstory: He was born in a very wealthy family. He didnt knew he was a mutant until he was 10, when he in the middle of the night, woke up seeing two clored balls at his hand, which exploded, and destroyed everything, including his family. He someho, got out intact, and lived in the streets until he was 11 when he was picked and sent to an orphanage. In there, he suffered all kinds of punishments.In the orphanage, he learnt to control his power, and leartn when and how to use it whitout killing anyone. When he was 17,he left the orphanage, and began to work as a waiter at a bar. However, adark force is emerging, and a rebuilding force, know as X-Men will call for his help nearly in the future.

There you go. As soon as you join in, make sure to add an intro post for your character. Also, the way of playng this rp is like, each one ill post like a page of a book, narrating, and using the characters you want. That's it. Have fun! If you have any doubts about how to post, make sure to take a look at the Fullmetal Alchemist my friend LinkKinuzuma, made. Have Fun!

There are some things in the character sheetthat I forgotto include, sorry for my mistake. Also just to make clear, the world, even touh the story passes in 4001, it is the same as it is today.
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