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Guide by Cryda posted over a year ago
fan of it?
- her name is Hanna
- she's 19 (birthdate: 29.11.93)
- she lives in Germany, near Munich
- she goes to the 13th class at a FOS (that's something like a College in Germany)
- she loves to read, write, vid and tinker all kinds of images and stuff
- favourite movies/TV shows: Buffy, Cult, Prison Break, Riddick, Repo! The Genetic Opera, Silent Hill, Sweeney Todd, Fragile, Little Britain (so mostly horror and fantasy)
- favourite music: Evanescence, Within Temptation, 30 SEconds to Mars, Mumford and Sons, Paramore, Thriving Ivory ... (rock)
- favourite stars: Anthony-Daisy-Emily Head, Robert Knepper, Alan Rickman, Jared Leto, Jodi Lyn O'Keefe, Meryl Streep, Clint Eastwood, Kate Winslet
- shipping: Uther/Morgana, ASH/Katie McGrath, Buffy/Giles, T-Bag/Gretchen Morgan, Robert Knepper/Jodi Lyn O'Keefe, Lex/Lana (Smallville), Sparrabeth, Roger/Kirstie (Cult)
- story of her user name: One crush of her was on a guy named Mark Medlock, who she shipped with Francisca Urio. If you take the first letters of each name you get FUMM. Then she added the XxxX because it lookes better. She doesn't care much about them anymore, but got used to her user name and is using it ever since
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Clubl said:
thank you
posted over a year ago.
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good to know, helps a lot with the quiz
posted over a year ago.
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McRodi said:
sounds so lovely
posted over a year ago.
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footstep said:
awesome taste in music
posted over a year ago.
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boytoy_84 said:
Very nice.
posted over a year ago.