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Chapter Seven

    I blinked up at him in surprise.
“What are you doing here?” I asked sharply.
He offered me a small smile, his eyes roaming up and down my body. I frowned and crossed my arms over my chest, very self conscious about what I was wearing. I mean, come on. I didn’t know the hottest guy I had ever seen was going to show up on my front porch. I wasn’t looking my best. What was I wearing, you ask? An old sleeveless tee-shirt and short denim cutoffs. Yeah. But I didn’t have that Daisy Duke effect… No if anything, I looked horrible. I glanced down at myself and almost groaned. Yup. There was dirt and grass stains as well. I had to bit my lip to stop from moaning. Why? Why did this have to happen to me?
“Your mom called me. Said it had to do something with a wolf?”
I flinched. So that’s why she had made such a hasty escape upstairs.
“Wolf? No, there were no wolves here. There was a dog next door…” I trailed off and finally looked him in the eye.
His green eyes darkened.
“Really? Nothing was here?”
“Really, really. My mom has a big imagination.”
Rafe leaned against the porch railing, and crossed his arms over his chest. I swallowed hard as his muscles bulged.
“ Uh, would you like to come in?” I stuttered.
He grinned, his dimples flashing.
“ Actually I have plans.”
My heart dropped. What was I thinking? He probably had a hot date or something.
“Oh, um. Right. Well have a good night. And thanks for coming over. Sorry Mom bothered you.” I gave him a small smile and started to shut the door. His forearm hit the door with a thump, stopping it from closing. I looked up in surprise. My heart started to pound once I realized how close his face was to mine.
“ You didn’t let me finish, Shayda.”
A slow smile curved his full lips. I blinked again at how close we were. His arm that wasn’t leaning on the door came up and tugged gently on a strand of loose hair, hanging down from my pony tail.
“Oh…” I breathed.
“ You’re invited too.” His green eyes sparkled down at me.
“ I’m invited?” I repeated. “ Invited to what?”
His grin grew bigger.
“ You’ll see. Just come with me.”
I looked down at what I was wearing.
“Do I have time to change?”
He chuckled and traced his knuckles across my cheek.
My eyes sprang wide open as my cheek tingled from the contact.
“ No, believe me. You’re dressed perfectly.”
“I look horrible!” I protested.
He shook his head. “ You could never look horrible. Just trust me on this one, Shayda. Go ask your mom. Ill be waiting in the truck.” His fingertips slid across my cheek once more, causing my knees to go weak.
I turned and practically ran up the stairs. I was really excited, but at the same time, I wondered what I was getting myself into…
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Chapter Three

    I gulped and followed Elder Jacobs toward the front of the room, where two other men sat.
“Shayda, this is Elder Matthews and Elder Johnson.” Elder Jacobs nodded toward the other two men. I smiled at them politely and stood there, nervously clasping my hands.
Elder Jacobs offered me a smile and began speaking.
“ I know you just got here, but there this much to discuss.”
I nodded.
“ You see, every year our students spilt into groups and we go into the forest. We call it,” He trailed off again, glancing at the other two men who looked very solemn....
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Chapter Six
“ Gracie?”
Gracie wanted to ignore that persistent voice and allow herself to fall back into the black void.
“Graceanne. Come on.”
Gracie would have groaned if she could, but everything felt numb.
Her eyes finally opened, everything appearing fuzzy and blurry.
“ Gracie? Can you hear me sweetheart?”
“Mom?” Gracie croaked. She felt like someone had stuffed her throat with cotton.
“ That’s right. Can you see me?”
Gracie made herself concentrate until finally the blobs became actual things. Her mother’s concerned face leaned over her.
“ Yeah kinda.” Gracie muttered...
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I just wanted to apologize to everyone... Lately i havent been writing very much... Im not ashamed to admit that ive been pretty depressed. Im having a rough time in school and just life in general. One thing that always brightens my day though, is my friends on here, always happy to talk to me and cheer me up. You guys' support is OVER welming. Now, not trying to sound creepy, but i actually feel like i know some of you better than my friends i actually know in real life... I have had the AWESOME priviledge of getting to know a few of you more than others, but this artical isnt trying to single...
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We have a problem... It has been called to my attention that there is already a fanfic called this.. darn.. my apologies.. i wasnt trying to copy... SO, if anyone has any ideas for a new title.. let me know..:

Chapter Two

    I stared at her, frowning in confusion. Her smile slowly died, and she looked over at Rafe uncertainly. He had been leaning against the wall, looking dangerously good, but he was straightening now, scowling. In two long strides he had covered the distance between us, and grabbed the other girls arm, dragging her a few feet away.
“ What are you doing...
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well... here we go... again. This first chapter is NOT very interesting, but it'll pick up ok? Please rate and tell me what you think!

    I stared down at my book, trying to concentrate. I really, really hated moving around so much. Starting a new school every month was getting old. Really old. Like now, I was sitting here, waiting for someone to pick me up in this hick town to take me to school. I would be surprised if they even have a school here. All I see in forest. Trees, trees, more trees. Ferns. It just goes on and on.
I glared down at my book. I was a huge reader,...
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Chapter Twenty Nine

Quinn’s face broke into one of his rare, full blown grins.
“ I was just kidding, Glory.”
“Oh.” Her heart gradually started beating again. “Where are we going?” Glory asked a few moments later.
“ Just somewhere we can talk.”
Glory glanced down at the ground, far, far below them.
“ Uh, are we almost there?”
A soft chuckle slipped out of his lips.
“ Yeah.”
Glory felt oddly relaxed. The beating of his wings kept gently fanning her face, and she let herself enjoy being up high.
She closed her eyes, the gentle swaying motion of Quinn’s wings making her...
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wow! sorry guys.. this one took a LONG time to get on here.. i was really busy this weekend.. ill admit this chapter isnt the best. Next one will be better, i promise.:)

Chapter Twenty Eight

Anna stared at Glory, frowning slightly.
“ Who’s coming?”
He is coming!” Glory looked around frantically, willing anyone to read her mind, so they could all know what happened.
Aden was staring at her, golden eyes confused, a small frown marring his features.
“Anna? Can you pick anything up?”
All of the vampires were frowning at each other, looking confused and a little shocked.
“ What’s...
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Here's a really funny Twilight spoof!!! :D Taylor Swift is Bella and this was on SNL. :D
taylor swift
wow.. hmm.. im not gonna lie... this one weirded me out.. its VERY weird.. but it needed to be portrayed for the next chapter.. EVERYTHING will be explained eventually, so.. just wait for it!! lol.

Chapter Twenty Seven

Glory wandered through her dream like state with ease. She was pretty used to being in these realms by now. But things were getting weirder and weirder. She couldn’t tell if she was she was imagining things of if they were real. They felt so real, so lifelike. Like right now, she was walking through a field filled with wild flowers. It was night time, the sky a dark blue/black...
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well... we'll see what you guys think about this one... Its different...Damien's POV.. Oh and this is for J_B.. Hope it makes you feel better hon.. and im NOT forgetting all you others! lol. i want to thank ALLLLLLL of you for your support!!

Chapter Twenty Six
    Damien stood in the yard, easily relaxed. This was not going to be a big deal. He just had to hurt the Vamp enough to let him know he could kill him.
Damien frowned. He wished he could kill him, but that would be like killing a Prince getting ready to take over the throne. The whole World...
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hmm... well this wasnt very long.. I know, i KNOW.. its been FOREVER since i've written this.. and this wasnt a very good chapter.. but for those of you who like this story, i hope YOU guys like it, because i DONT...>:(

Chapter Fourteen

    Kassie slowly opened her eyes as the rising sun reflected off of the water, bouncing into her eyes. Her eyes burned from crying the night before. She went to sit up slowly only to find something wrapped around her waist. She looked down slowly, shocked to see a tanned, muscled arm anchored firmly around her. Again. Her eyes followed...
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Chapter Twenty Four

    Aden’s full lips pulled up into a smile, but it wasn’t nice. Scorn dripped off every word when his mouth opened again.
“ Glory, let me introduce you to our Uncle Nicolas.”
“ Uncle.” Glory repeated, still not believing her ears.
“ You never told her?” Nicolas’s laughter bounced off the walls of the darkened hallway. His hawk like face looked thrilled.
A growl shuddered out of Lupe’s wolf form and she edged closer. Glory, shocked as she was, didn’t miss the way Gabriel looked back at Lupe quickly, concern etching into his beautiful...
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Well.....Im still trying to get this somewhere...Where? i'm not sure yet... Sorry the details arent very good.. Im using that im sick as my excuse...lol.

Chapter Five

    Gracie tightened her grip on the steering wheel of her little truck, squinting into the pouring rain. Her fingers screamed in protest. Gracie swallowed and leaned forward into her seat. She couldn’t hardly see a thing. She groaned and wished for the millionth time she had taken Nate up on his offer to drive her to school. Gracie peered around her wind shield wipers that were flying as fast as they could....
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Well this one definetly isnt the best. I'll call tonight my off night..lol. Next one will be better, i PROMISE... Hope you enjoy anyway!

Chapter Twenty Three

    Glory glanced around, and straightened her shirt. Aden was coming. That was clear. How she was going to explain her impromptu kiss with Damien, she didn’t know.
“ What’s going on, Glory?” Damien asked, watching her as she paced the room. Glory tried to ignore how she felt warm and tingly whenever he looked at her. This was not good. Not good at all.
Glory wrung her hands together and turned around, pacing...
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This was supposed to be posted last night, but my internet wasnt working... :( so! here it is now! Please rate and comment! :)

Chapter Twenty Two

“ I cant believe it. You’re in despicable!” Glory hissed and wished she wasn’t as weak as she was. She would like nothing better than to wipe that smug expression off Joel’s face herself.
“ You have to admit it was a good ruse.” Joel grinned arrogantly and lowered himself into one of the chairs. Glory didn’t miss how Damien watched him warily.
“ It wasn’t a good ruse! It was horrible! The Montez’s trusted you! And in return, you’ve...
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Wow. I dont even know where this came from. If you havent read my Love at First Sight Fanfic, you need to read it, because this is a continuation of that. I thought i was done with it, but apparently not. Hope you guys like this as much as the Original one... But im not promising about continueing it. Im just seeing how it goes. So PLEASE, tell me what you think!!

Forever and For Always

I grinned as Alice plumped my hair again. She just wouldn’t give up until I looked perfect.
“ Alice, its not going to look perfect! I’m not a vampire like you.” I laughed at her stubborn expression.
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here's for you J_B! hope it makes you happy.. :) and sorry, this one is a little bit long guys, and it STILL didnt really end how i wanted it to..but enjoy anyway! :)

Chapter Twenty

Glory tried to look around Damien as he bundled her out of the car.
“Where is here exactly?” She asked again.
“ I thought I told you not to worry about that.” Damien grinned at her and gripped her arm, steering her toward the large building. Glory grimaced at the sight of the dingy looking place.
“Sure is some place of luxury. I thought such powerful people would have a better place.” Glory probed sarcastically....
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