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Opinion by xXjakeloverXx posted over a year ago
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hi guys! sorry its taken me so long to write.. but heres the deal for this story. Sk8bordnewmoon won a fanfic contest and got to choose someone to write a story of her choice... and this is it! it was supposed to be a one shot, so i have to apologize becaust i've never been good at One shots... and this ends VERY badly.. but i hope you like it hon!! :)

    I stared down at Renesmee’s shining face. She was so cute. She was nearing seven now. But she had the face of an angel. I twisted one of her curls around my finger and grinned down at her. She giggled and played with her doll. Something felt different every time I was around her. I stilled loved her dearly, but it was like a part of me was closing itself off, waiting for something. When she was first born, it was like I couldn’t bear to let her out of my sight. Now I still loved being with her, but it wasn’t a need. My heart felt bruised, like it had when Bella had choose him. Or when I had learned that she had been turning into one of them. I was still a little bitter, but I was coping much better. I could actually look at the Bloodsucker-err,...
Fan fiction by xXjakeloverXx posted over a year ago
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Chapter Four

I glanced up at Parker quickly.
“ What?”
He nodded towards Rafe, who was standing in the middle of the wrestling mat.
“ Rafe’s gonna teach you how to fight.”
“Uhh.” I balked as Parker tried to gently push me onto the mat.
Rafe stood there patiently as I leaned back against Parker.
“Umm.” I struggled to think of an excuse why I couldn’t start my lessons today.
Parker’s finger drifted up to touch the skin under my lip.
“ You might want to take that out.”
I twitched as Parker’s rough but gentle finger tip coasted around my stud. Yeah, so I had the skin under my lip pierced. No big deal. I wasn’t Goth. Or Emo. Like I said, it was the ‘in’ thing at my old school.
I recoiled from his awful words, fingering my stud.
“ I never take this out.”
Parker arched his eyebrow but didn’t say anything. At first.
“ OK, go ahead and get it ripped out.”
I winced and dropped my hand.
Fan fiction by xXjakeloverXx posted over a year ago
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Chapter Three

    I gulped and followed Elder Jacobs toward the front of the room, where two other men sat.
“Shayda, this is Elder Matthews and Elder Johnson.” Elder Jacobs nodded toward the other two men. I smiled at them politely and stood there, nervously clasping my hands.
Elder Jacobs offered me a smile and began speaking.
“ I know you just got here, but there this much to discuss.”
I nodded.
“ You see, every year our students spilt into groups and we go into the forest. We call it,” He trailed off again, glancing at the other two men who looked very solemn. One frowned and gave a barely discernable shake of his head.
Elder Jacobs frowned and started over.
“ Here in our town we want to connect with nature. To live in peace with it. So every year, we take treks deep within the forest.
It teaches students how to survive in the wilderness and how to be comfortable in their surroundings.”