XXXM Kiti sad despite her rescued.
-why you're sad?-asked XXXM
XXXM Kiti start telling:

XXXM Kiti lived on the planet of cats and no luck, and all the laughed at it, it was so miserable. And one day XXXM Kiti watched Tv where showed Ms Kat, who was sent to Earth to get food for the inhabitants of the planet, but to no avail. He heroically battling for hungry cats. While others just laughed at him. Then Ms XXXM Kiti has become protected by Kat but others scorned it and said "go to Earth and help Ms Kat»
XXXM Kiti, sent there XXXM Kiti was sensor and she knew where to fly. While Ms Kat shot Coop from weapons and accidentally hit a flying saucer which XXXM Kiti. And a flying saucer crashed into the ground. out of the wreckage and sees her surrounded: cars, helicopters, dogs and people. XXXM Kiti scared her, surrounded on all sides ... And suddenly it shot XXXM Kiti loses consciousness. She woke up in a glass cage and sees people who want to hold over her cruel experiments. XXXM Kiti spared that spares here. But then resorted XXXM and Ms Kat and release her.

XXXM listens carefully to the story and learns it herself, she understands her and gives a magical collar, and said to her:
-now you can do, but remember "Even the best dreams are nightmares"