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Ron + Hermione; Safe In My Arms... Tribute to Deathly Hallows Part 2 (Dedicated to Char)

Stay ; Ron/Hermione {A Seven Year Love Story} Collab With Char (DH Part 2 Spoilers)

Multifemales;Shark In The Water (Collab with Eva)

Lois + Clark; The Story

Lois + Clark; The Story (Preview)

Stana Katic; You're Beautiful {for Jana}

► Harry Potter Will Forever Live On • 'I will not forget the faces left behind'

Damon Salvatore; Everybody Loves Me

Damon + Elena; Bang Bang Bang

Nina Dobrev; I Am Special {NIC}

Ian Somerhalder; Say It Loud....

booth and brennan | where we belong

Gillian Anderson; Just The Way You Are {Dedicated To Char}

Nina Dobrev; Beautiful Girl

Clark & Lois | You Saw The Light

booth and brennan are having a baby! [6x23 SCENES]

Castle; Beckett - Skinny Love [Knockout 3x24]

Damon + Elena; Skinny Love

Behind the scenes of the Vampire Diaries (with Candice Accola & Kevin Williamson)

no victory, only battles. // (Beckett&Castle)

Smallville: Lois & Clark - Journey to the Altar

No Life After You

Lois + Clark; Breathe Again - Series Finale

Smallville | Series Finale Recap

Lois & Clark ; The Air I Would Kill To Breathe

Damon&Elena(2x22)"I Like You Now... Just The Way You Are".

damon & elena; you will be s.a.f.e.

damon&elena | i forgive you [2x22]

● I like you now ♡ | | Damon & Elena [2x22] ●

Damon + Elena Preview

nathan&haley ● teenage dream

Kevin+Scotty ; {Season Five} There Journey

Damon + Elena; Beside you (Dedicated To Sara)


Damon/Elena & Tyler/Caroline ;; I'll be right beside you

The Vampire Diaries (2x21) | "for me it's the end"

2x20 & 2x21 | yesterday i died, tomorrow's bleeding

Smallville Series Finale Wedding Photos

TVD ;; though you're still with me, I've been alone all along [2x21]

damon&elena • "keep this from elena"

The Vampire Diaries 2x21 - Lost Along The Way

The Vampire Diaries 2x21; "Hope Remains"

ships | justin&rebecca

TVD 2X21// "Let me fall"//


The Vampire Diaries - As I Lay Dying Preview Preview

I'll be right beside you [Damon♥Elena 2x21]


Oliver Queen/Green Arrow- **Amazing**

damon&elena • "you're in my veins, and i cannot get you out"

Dominion Clois scene: Three Weeks

chloe and lois {meteor shower} | smallville

Damon and Elena | May I be your shield...

TVD 2x20; He Did It Because He Loves You

Hurt - Damon/Elena

Damon Salvatore || Faceless

Clark and Lois ; You know i would come for you

there's gotta be somebody for me; out there.. ♡

Damon Salvatore ( TVD ) // Prelude

one day what's lost; can be found..


TVD;;dancin' till the World ends

The Vampire Diaries - The Last Day Clip

damon salvatore; "i've become so numb, i can't feel you there"

{ Fix You }; The Vampire Diaries

Damon + Elena | " I will try to save you "

Dan & Savannah || Anywhere But Here

[B]tvs Cast ; Calls Me Home

Lois & Clark | Colourblind

damon&elena; you're branded on my soul

katherine&elena [castle walls]

Vampire Diaries: Raise Your Glass

Damon Salvatore~Behind Blue eyes (2X12)

damon&elena | going under

Multifandom | Grenade

lift me up..let me go - Smallville

so happy i could die | nina&ian

nina&ian; "we'd be perfect for each other..

kevin&scotty | broken strings

Clark & Lois || Not Alone

Lois Lane ; Bang Bang

D&E/B&A - I will stand by you forever

quality test

2x19 TVD - two love trangle with repeated history.

Behind the scenes of the Vampire Diaries (with Zach Roerig part II)

Behind the scenes of the Vampire Diaries (with Matt Davis)

Behind the scenes of the Vampire Diaries (with Nina Dobrev part II)

Behind the scenes of the Vampire Diaries (with Nina Dobrev part III)

The Vampire Diaries - The Last Day Extended Preview

Damon & Elena - Your Hero



damon&elena | 'i wish you didn't have to forget this'

see the part of me; that noone does..

LONGER PREVIEW Damon + Elena & Lois +Clark

damon&elena | i will always choose you [2x18]

Damon&Elena - Too long we've been denying

Damon & Elena; She is LOVE

Damon&Elena || I´ll be the one to keep her alive [2x18]

damon&elena; "Would you hold it against me?"