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Fan fiction by Skittygirl posted over a year ago
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Luigi, holding on to the nozzle, opened the mansion's door; it creaked noisily yet creepily.
"Anyone here?" Luigi asked, knowing it was a stupid question; there was either anyone here, or no one here at all—at least, not anyone solid around the mansion.
To answer his question, there was echoed laughter among the cobwebbed hallways.
"Uh, yeah...," Luigi mumbled.
The two went in; the door shut—well, slammed was the better word for it—behind them, leaving a huge cloud of dust in its wake.
"Very welcoming," Yoshi commented.
The dup practically tiptoed along the predictably and seemingly empty hallway, armed, tensed, and ready for anything that could possibly pop out of nowhere.
"Remember what I taught you, pal," Luigi said, his hand clutched tight onto the nozzle of the newly-upgraded Poltergust 3000.
Yoshi just nodded in response.
It felt weird walking in the dark silence of the mansion; there seemed to be nothing in store. Or maybe it was just a ghost's habit to pop out unexpectedly at the worst possible moment. Hard to say...
Fan fiction by Skittygirl posted over a year ago
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"So, let's a-have a quick rundown on what I taught you, Yoshi," Luigi said, his voice sounding somehow strained due to the straight hours of endless ghost-busting lecturing.
Yoshi grinned. "Okay, you ask, I'll answer."
"Gather up your ghost-busting weapon."
Yoshi took the twigs and leaves he'd gotten together to make the dud weapon. "Got it."
"Where's the flashlight?"
"Right where the nozzle is."
"A-what about the vacuum?"
"Let's see...Oh yeah, also where the nozzle is."
"How do you activate between the flashlight and the vacuum?"
"Easy—you flick the switch to the right"—Yoshi gestured to the side where the switch could actually be—"to activate the flashlight function. To activate the vacuum function, you push the button here"—he turned to the side that was parallel to his right hand—"and hold down the trigger"—he squeezed a side of the nozzle—"and aim at the ghost to reel it in."
Luigi's shoulder's shook. His mouth was pressed tight, like he was trying hard not to laugh.
Fan fiction by Skittygirl posted over a year ago
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Luigi and Yoshi arrived in front of the über-famous Luigi's Mansion. It was exactly the same as it was during those past few games where Luigi'd gone ghost-hunting: it was still scary, still clearly showing signs of abandonment, and it still was infested with Boos, spooks, and all sorts of ghosts.
Luigi shivered.
"What's wrong, pal?" Yoshi asked. "Haven't you gotten used to all this?"
"Probably still not," he replied in a barely audible voice.
"Come on—you've got an upcoming game soon. What was it called again? Oh yeah—Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. And I heard your handy Polter-something's getting an upgrade 'cause ghosts in your new game aren't vulnerable to flashlights anymore. I'm sure one more game can toughen you up, right?"
Luigi gulped.
"I think this is a good chance to tense you up for the next Luigi's Mansion game."
Luigi glared at Yoshi. "And you, pal? What about your up and coming a-game called Yarn Yoshi? I heard there's all sorts of whatnot coming up in there."