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Fan fiction by Skittygirl posted over a year ago
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“Huh?” Luigi frowned while flashing the lights on some approaching ghosts. “I think you put it down when you were mumbling all that giving up mumbo-jumbo.”
“I didn’t throw it, did I?” Yoshi asked desperately.
“Not that I remember. The only thing I saw—despite the fact it was pitch black, though when those images were flashed it seemed to lighten up the room a bit—was that you took it off and put it down. After that, I can’t recall if you ever did anything else to it.”
“Looking for this?” King Boo laughed. The two looked up to see Yoshi’s Poltergust floating away from arm’s reach, and kept locked up in a mini vault.
“Why you—” Yoshi was out of a bad enough word to cuss at King Boo for what he’d done.
“The key is hidden within any of these ghosts,” King Boo said, obviously enjoying Yoshi’s moment of inconvenience. “Beat these ghosts, and maybe you’ll be able to find the key for that precious vacuum. But I doubt you’ll be able to last long with all these ghosts.”
Opinion by YOSHI90 posted over a year ago
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This club, surprisingly, has been inactive.
Perhaps people just can't get on...?
I'm sorry I couldn't post, but now I'm ready too contribute all over again.
Like a phoenix , let us rise from the ashes.
there, hopefully, are still Yoshi fans ready to contribute.
I thank skittygirl.
She tried her hardest to keep this club active, along with all of Yoshi's loyal followers.
Let us begin, anew.
For Yoshi will never will never give in.
For heavens sakes, he has TWO new games coming up! TWO! (Yarn Yoshi, Yoshi's Island 3D)
for all the loyal Yoshi fans out there, who read this article, I need you to help me. Help me revive this club.

Thank You,
Fan fiction by Skittygirl posted over a year ago
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“So it was you who was a-messing with our heads!” Luigi scoffed. “It was a good thing I snapped out of your twisted dark magic and all your illusions!”
King Boo snickered. “Merely a trap to not only get you to quit, but also to get you to give up altogether.” Then he added with an evil smirk, “But there were no illusions involved—everything you saw before you were real. Your friends are really suffering; you’ll really be up against all the forces that are beyond your wildest expectations....”
“And as I’ve said—I’m going to save them no matter what!”
“Still so stubborn. Too bad you snapped out of it at the spur of the moment—the fact your little green friend gave up could’ve been enough to make you do the very same thing.”
“Well, a-too bad Yoshi didn’t convince me quite—Hold on! Yoshi!!!” Luigi searched around for his friend. After all, surely even Yoshi saw that it was all a trick.
“We should’ve quit, Luigi. Now just look what you got us into...,” Yoshi said in a monotone; he spoke as if he were in a trance.