Truth or Dare?

Authored by RobinKF


One beautiful summer day on Mount Justice, the Justice League & the Young Justice were having a fiesta! but Robin, the Boy Wonder was very, very bored! He went over to his many friends, They saw Robin standing there & motioned the boy over to their group & Robin started up a wonderful conversation, the days passed & the fiesta kept going.


Some of the Justice Leaguers & Young Justice Leaguers picked out the games: Batman picked Hit the Piñata, after Aqualad picked Duck, Duck, Goose, they had to run until they caught their friends, after that, Artemis & Speedy picked Freeze Tag, then M’Gann & Conner chose Spin the Bottle, & lastly, Robin chose Truth or Dare.


Either the Leaguers had to pick Truth or Dare, Zatanna said to Conner,“Conner, Truth or Dare?” Conner said,“Dare.” Zatanna said,“Conner, I dare you & M’Gann spend the rest of the round…speaking Spanish!” M’Gann frowned, but changed their language to Spanish. Speedy scoffed,“I’m too dumb to say Dare, so, Truth!” Aqualad asked,“do you know how to crack your knuckles?” the protégé of Green Arrow nodded & cracked his knuckles for them.


Then it was Kid Flash’s turn, he chose Robin & he asked his lover,“Cara Mia, Truth or Dare?” Robin said defiantly,“Dare…hit me with whatever dare you choose Mon Cheri!” Kid Flash tapped his chin, then he said,“I dare you to kiss me in front of everyone!” Robin was stunned! Why did he do that?


Oh, well! If that was how it was gonna be…he had no choice, but he did as his lover said. They kissed in front of everyone: Bruce sighed & smiled sweetly as the lovebirds kissed, but Orin & Kaldur were so shocked that their jaws dropped! then Olliver Queen covered the eyes of his young niece & nephew, Roy & Artemis, Clark Kent covered the eyes of his son Conner Kent & Diana Prince covered the eyes of her niece, Sandy.


Once they were done, it was Robin’s turn to dare someone: he chose his lover Kid Flash, he asked,“Mon Cheri, Truth or Dare?” Kid Flash said staring down his lover,“Dare!” Robin said with a evil grin on his face,“Big mistake!” he let out an evil cackle & said,“Mon Cheri, I dare you to sit on my lap for the rest of the round!” KF was flabbergasted! That had to be the most impossible dare ever, but he decided to abide the rules of Truth or Dare.


Why was he forcing him to do what he didn’t want to do? But if that’s the way it had to be, he moved to where Robin was sitting & sat down on Robin’s lap. but KF warned his lover,“now Cara Mia…don’t get any funny ideas about this!” Robin said,“don’t you look at me like me like that Mon Cheri! I say the dare, you do the dare & besides, you’re the one who gets funny ideas about things like this!” but deep in his heart, he knew that his lover was right: he was the only one who got funny ideas about things like this & he knew it!


he was just happy that he was on his lover’s lap & focused on that happy thought in his head, but in the middle of the round as Conner dared Zatanna, Robin smelled KF’s orange-red hair & it smelled just the way he thought it would…like fresh autumn leaves, pinecones, blueberries, peaches, coconuts & mangoes: it was a sweet combination in KF’s orange-red hair.


but suddenly, KF felt Robin’s nose in his hair & asked his lover,“Cara Mia, are you sniffing my hair?” Robin nodded & sniffed his lover’s hair again & sighed,“MMMM! Pinecones mixed with mangoes, blueberries, peaches & coconuts with just a hint of fresh autumn leaves.” KF asked,“you can smell that in my hair?" Robin said,"I have the keenest sense of smell around, Mon Cheri!"


But then, a few days later, each time they played a game, Kid Flash sat in the Boy Wonder’s lap & he started to like Robin sniffing his hair & he started to let his lover sniff his hair, the other Justice Leaguers didn’t see this at first, but finally, they noticed that Robin was sniffing his lover’s hair & looked questioningly at Kid Flash, KF asked,“what? I like it when Cara Mia sniffs my hair!” they looked at each other, but they resumed their game of Truth or Dare.