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KatRox1 said …
GUYS ITS BEEN A WEEK AND MY HBD POST IS STILL AT THE TOP…are you guys still alive? Posted 6 days ago
SilverWings13 commented…
Are you suggesting we were alive to begin with? Why are you excluding the undead?? 6 days ago
KatRox1 commented…
Maybe I'm not. Maybe I'm trying to gather data and recruit people into my undead army… One may never know 6 days ago
KatRox1 said …
Because I'm in Chile and wifi is hard to come across:
HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO BELLA, who turned 20 on the 2nd!
...God, she's old... Posted 16 days ago
XxSilverScarsxX commented…
Happy super late birthday~ 10 days ago
khanna266 said …
Feliz ano nuevo!!!!!! (Happy new year) Te quiero mucho! Posted 23 days ago
khanna266 commented…
Te quiero mucho(I love you much) 23 days ago