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Mclovin_69 said …
Oc facts: left or right handed
Willow: Lefty
Jet: right
Bentley: left
Isaac: right
Luke: right
Rowan: can do both, prefers right.
Bloodmist: left
Lana: righty!!!!
Emmerson: can do both, prefers left though.
Caylen: right Posted 14 hours ago
Mclovin_69 said …
Rp with isaaccccccccc :)))) (( Isaac: ( bank alarm goes off as robber runs out with bags of money in ine hand and a gun in another,stands on building across street with hood pulled up so you can see the shadow of my face but no features, spins staff of matter in air before it turns into now and shoots a narrow pinning robber to Brick wall and jumps down going over to him pulling bags of money from him and throwing them to side, he pulls out his gun but I quickly knock it away with my staff) )) Posted 1 day ago
KatRox1 commented…
...Do I dare bring back Bella? 1 day ago
KatRox1 commented…
((*gives a thumbs up* Well, guess I'll be seeing you around Hood-Guy - what, with your high-profile heroic acts and whatnot! *gives a small salute and walks back into bookstore*)) 15 hours ago
Mclovin_69 commented…
(( ....alright girl..? )) 15 hours ago
Eclipse-YJ said …
I'm not dead! Honest! Sorry for being away so long but recently I have had the wonderful honour of falling in love for the first time so I've been a little occupied >3< (also I had practise exams in all subjects so that didn't help XD) But Phoebe, Zero, Ariel and I are back at the best of our ability and ready and waiting for the adventures we have on here!

I'm in an RPing mood so choose whatever character of mine and scenario you wish! Posted 3 days ago