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Blitz359 said …
Why do I still get email notifications about people commenting on my Articles?
...Why are people reading my Articles? Posted 3 days ago
SilverWings13 commented…
It's obviously the universe telling you to continue writing them, duh. 2 days ago
khanna266 commented…
They still read them cuz' your a great writer! 2 hours ago
DiscordYJ said …
((>Be Me.
>@School. Eating Taco Bell.
>Some snob "ew...that's so nasty it's not even real mexican food."
>*squints* I know...I don't eat it cos I think it's real. I eat it cos it's cheap and I'll regret it later in my bathroom.
>Girl: *flabbergasted*))

((Guys...I really love taco bell...)) Posted 5 days ago
godmor commented…
good fore you, eat beceas you like wat you eat not beceas it has some label, also the fect thad it is cheap seems usefull. 5 days ago
khanna266 commented…
I'm the same way boo boo 2 hours ago
khanna266 said …
Made a new article:Toys and Guns so happyyyyyyyy! God how I miss making them. Posted 7 days ago
khanna266 commented…
trying to find inspiration to make another one. 7 days ago