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SilverWings13 said …
If you're like me and you have not a lots to do this break, join me in invading this ghost town with an RP! :D (Angel, in a white lab coat and a blue surgical mask, went through the medicines in the fridges at Gotham General Hospital. After wrapping a few of the glass vials in rags, she stuffed them into her backpack, then slipped out of the room. Walking slowly to blend in with the rest of the hospital staff, she made it to the stairwell and headed down the stairs for her escape.) Posted 6 hours ago
killer24 commented…
(Sounds like a plan, I ain't afraid of no ghosts.....I'm sorry I had to.) Alex walked into the stairwell heading up to the roof after dropping of a wounded person, and getting patched up himself. He occasionally skipped a step or two while heading up not really paying attention. Muttering under his breath about not needing any medical attention. 4 hours ago
khanna266 commented…
(Yeah I actually have French for an elective I have an A in there right now if only i could do the same in math and science) Daniel:What's convenient ? 5 minutes ago
killer24 commented…
(Science is great, maths not so much.) "Oh nothing, but I'm afraid i'll have to take my leave now." He stood up and waved goodbye before running off to sneak up on the thief girl. 1 minute ago
khanna266 said …
Hey everybody! I miss posting so, i'm just gonna do some random shiz. Hope you like.:p
OC Facts: How my OC's would get put in the hospital:
Daniel:Eating too many cookies
August:probably mono
Ari:broken knee
Klei: Probably because she got lost.
Jake:Motorcycle accident
Ashton: ...Who the hell knows?! It could be because of anything!
Kareem: He was in heat. Meow!
Lily: Being too adorable! Posted 2 days ago
killer24 commented…
Alex: "Broken knee?, how interesting." *hides bow innocently* (I'm confused how getting lost, being adorable and being in heat could lead to hospitalisation, but okay...) 1 day ago
khanna266 commented…
I was running out of idea's but getting lost was because, Klei has no sense of direction that she tends to end up in the craziest places. 1 day ago
khanna266 commented…
Oh,Thank you! 1 hour ago
DiscordYJ said …
((Ayo. Cam here.

I'll be leaving fanpop--no not because of any of you, I love you guys. But between school and life you can see I haven't been he most present person--all those RPs I never continued-- I'm sorry! ;-; But I decided to drop by and say so. Anyway. My OCs are still alive but I shan't be active anymore. If you'd like to RP you can message me on here or email me at Thanks for the gr8 many--about 4--years. May everyone's OCs live long and prosper.)) Posted 23 days ago
godmor commented…
Hey Cam. Good luck whit school, i hope it goes well, stay in contact, if you ever need me you can always contact me, Twan 22 days ago
khanna266 commented…
I'm very sad to here this. Though remember Ohana means family and family means nobody gets forgotten or left behind. 6 days ago
killer24 commented…
That's a shame, well you know where we are if you ever decide to return.) Ajax: "I'm totally counting this as running away Miss Vampirate." 1 day ago