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XxKFforeverXx said …
Was anyone aware they had a Young Justice games for the 3Ds? owo I just randomly found it at Walmart and got it.. It's quite.. Interesting.. Posted 2 days ago
MafiaYJ said …
Inspired by my darling ducky, I too will post my OCs accents
Babylon: Originally born in London she has a south east english accent, casual received pronunciation. If anything its Estuary English, I think if we went by region/town she'd have a Dorking or Littlehampton accent. SHE DOES NOT HAVE THE HEAVY LONDON ACCENT
Odette: From East Coast, Northerner, tad New York-y
Mafia: Russian, not as heavy as it used to be, similar to odette's heavy O, R, Ye etc Posted 5 days ago
SilverWings13 commented…
Babylon has an accent o.o I will never read her the same way ever again. 5 days ago
MafiaYJ commented…
//I NEVER REALIZED YOU DIDN"T KNOW THAT cause like i made her i knew thi obviously but i think people forget Babs is English 5 days ago
killer24 commented…
It's true, I'm sure everyone would say the same. Going that extra mile to make your writing topnotch is awesome!) 5 hours ago
SilverWings13 said …
I haven't posted on here in a couple of weeks, so random OC facts! Theme: ACCENTS
Aleksander: Mostly American, but sometimes the Russian slips through
Declan: American
Ana Rome: English (more cockney than received)
Angel (Aryess): American, very New York
Nereus: pretty much same as Angel's
Olivier (Nereus' cousin): something that sounds like Italian

I used to have more diverse OCs, but I pretty much killed them all :D Posted 6 days ago
MafiaYJ commented…
//I never considered Nereus had a NY accent! And 'something that sounds italian' o.o 6 days ago
SilverWings13 commented…
He'd probably be a little less than Angel's, since he didn't grow up in the city. But he was around a lot of people who did, so yeah 6 days ago
killer24 commented…
'But I pretty much killed them all', that's not a good thing.... A cockney eh? That's interesting hahaha. 1 day ago