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The fans pick: Minion
The fans pick: Dick Grayson
The fans pick: Taylor Momsen
The fans pick: Yes!!!
The fans pick: Phoebe
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FangYJ said …
((I can't believe I remember the password to this account, the feels man, the cringy feels ;~; I so wanna rp with him but I don't have the time. *cries internally for three thousand years*))

"Make sure you laminate your notes before you do. Hi everyone." Posted 16 days ago
MercyYJ commented…
((It took me 4 tries to log in… ONE MILLION THUMBS UP)) 16 days ago
XxKFforeverXx commented…
(Ah, you were now? Well, did you have a nice nap?) 11 days ago
Robin_Love commented…
(Uh for the most part.) 9 days ago
KatRox1 said …
lol school AMIRITE ( But seriously, HELLO I hope you're all surviving school or work or whatever is going on in your lives and I wish you all the best <3 ) Posted 21 days ago
khanna266 commented…
Barely but, yes I am surviving. How have you been? 19 days ago
Robin_Love commented…
HELLO!! BEEN SO LONG!!! 18 days ago
XxKFforeverXx commented…
That sounds fantastic <3 16 days ago
big smile
SilverWings13 said …
Is anyone even alive here anymore?? Hope you guys are going alright! I posted a thing that I was nervous to post, so check it out if you feel like it? I should be doing my hw. I'll go do it now. But would much appreciate any feedback bc I value all of your opinions by the tons ^.^ Love you guys! Posted 1 month ago