District 11:

She dressed in her black skirt and blue dress shirt, " wow. don't you look fancy " her brother Daemian said behind her, she turned around giving her brother a smirk " thanks ", she turned back around attempting to braid her hair but failed miserably, he laughed " here " he walked up behind her and untangled her hair and braided it neatly for her. She smiled hiding the fear inside so her brother wouldnt see her cry, though he could tell, he put his hands on her shoulders "'s only your first have one name in there...their not gonna pick you..." he said. She looked at him sadly and hugged him tightly " i hope your right......" she muttered closing her eyes as a tear escaped her eye and ran down her cheek.

The reaping was today and all the kids between 14 and 18 made their way to the ceremony, Silver walked in alone, her brother was lucky not to have been picked and he was now safe and sat in the back with the rest of the "adults" she remembered sitting in the back with all the other little kids as her brother went in hoping he wouldnt get picked, and now she was sure he was feeling that. " Give me your hand " A woman said, Silver gently held out her hand and the woman grabbed her finger and poked it with a needle drawing blood and put her finger on a piece of paper leaving a drop of blood, the woman scanned it and it beeped " alright go ahead " the woman said and Silver made her way in, she was lead to a spot in the girls section and she despraetly looked around the back section for her brother. The attention turned to the front to a woman who wore way too much make- up for anyones taste, " welcome, welcome we have a video sent all the way from the capital......" she said in a cheery tone and the video played.

District 12:

The video played and Lucas looked over at Artemis mouthing the mans voice in the video and making a funny face, Artemis covered her mouth trying hard not to laugh, the video finished and the screen turned off, " now the time has come to... select one coragous young man and woman for the honor of representing district 12 in the 74th annual hero games..." their announcer was also way too over dressed. " As usual ladies first.." she said smiling and walking over to a see through jar and grabbed a small ballet and held it up to the crowd walking back to the microphone and opened it, " Jenna Story " she said, Lucas's heart stopped and guilt over came him just this morning he had told her that she wasnt going to get picked. Jenna looked around and everyone around her stared at her, " come out dear..come out " the announcer said into the microphone, Jenna stepped out in the opening in the middle and the guards grabbed her starting to take her away. " Jenna!! " Lucas shouted as he stepped out in the middle and walked towards his sister, but guards grabbed his arms and he struggled, " i volunteer!! " a voice shouted and everyone turned to look where the voice came from " i volunteer as tribute " Artemis said stepping out into the middle, the guards released Jenna and she ran over to Lucas hugging him tightly " Jenna go find uncle Flynn...." Lucas said sternly, Jenna shook her head no and ran over to Artemis hugging her tightly " its okay Jenna... " Artemis said trying not to cry, Lucas walked over and grabbed Jenna " no!!, no!!! no!!!!! " she screamed in Lucas's arms, Lucas turned back around one last time looking at Artemis in sadness and Artemis gave him the same look but two guards grabbed Artemis taking her away to the stage, she went up on the stage next to the announcer, " whats your name dear ? " the announcer said motioning the microphone towards Artemis, " A-Artemis Crock...." she stuttered, " hmmm well your district 12's first volunteer and i bet that little girl was your friend..." she said, " yes...." Artemis said still partly shocked looking out into the crowd at Jenna then at Lucas who was now back in his spot, she didnt know how much worse this could get. " Now for the boys..." she said picking up a ballet and opened it reading it " Lucas, well isnt this a train of events, Lucas Story " Lucas looked up from his spot and walked out to the middle with what looked like more of anger then fear. guards took Lucas's arms and brought him onto the stage " ill give a hitch that that little girl called before was your sister..." the announcer said motioning the microphone to Lucas. " Yeah... she is..." Lucas muttered looking straight at his sister from the back who had tears streaming down her face, " give a hand to this years tributes!! " she said clapping herself and noone clapped but kissed their three fingers and held them up in the air.

(( hey hey it be Mclovin, okay so characters still to expect in this : Willow, Billy, Wally, Bentley, Chance, if you want more you can inbox me and maybe explain a part that your character has from a character in the hunger games that might work but people taken are Peeta, Katniss, Gale, Rue, Prim, people you can use, Kado, Glimmer, Haymitch, Civa, (( forgot that guys name who dies but controls the game)), and other tributes so go on and message me if u want ur oc in this and please tell me if you like it by commenting below :P))