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posted by GlitterPuff
Phoebe took Rene to her apartment. Of course while Phoebe took her home, Rene clung to her as much as possible. Phoebe tried to pry her off without hurting her severely. They went into Rene’s apartment; the red head sitting on the couch, looking at what she though was her mother.

    “Okay R- Cosette, please stay here."

    “But, I want to go out, and see people.”

    “No! I mean, it’s too late Cosette. Maybe another time…”

    “Okay…” Rene said, looking down at the floor. Phoebe laid her down on the couch, covered her in a blanket and crept out of the apartment when she saw Rene fall asleep. Phoebe closed the door quietly and walked to the nearest zeta tube.

    Ashton, Twan, Rocky, Emily, Zach, and Blade were still all at the cave.

    “How did I get chosen to be her “boyfriend”?” Ashton asked.

    “The new kid wasn’t here and Twan’s with Rocky,” Blade explained.

    “Good job Capitan obvious,” Twan said.

    “Thank you,” Blade said. Zach sat on the couch quietly. Emily just left through the zeta, trying not to be noticed. Twan pulled Rocky close to him, kissing the top of her head. Blade made a puking noise. Rocky smiled a little, sticking her tongue out at Blade. Phoebe walked into the cave.

    “Well, Rene fell asleep on her couch. We have to stay in character at all times around her.”

    “Or you could just tell her where she is,” Zach said, head in his hand.

    “She’ll just freak out,” Twan said.

    “And it could get ugly if she did,” Rocky explained.

    “You guys are an annoying couple,” Blade said.

    “Thank you,” The blonde boy said, smiling.

    “Well,” Zach said, “If you guys are just going to nothing, I’ll go set her straight,” he said as her went back into her phone. Rocky sighed and leaned into Twan, staying close to him.

    “Well then,” Blade said as she took another cupcake from her bag,” I’m just gonna leave this cupcake here as I walk out of the room…” She set it on the table and walked out of the room, slowly. Blade immediately came back in, and the cupcake was gone. She glared at Twan.

    “Wasn’t me,” Twan said, pointing at Ashton, his face covered in frosting and sprinkles.

    “YOU ATE MY FUCKING CUPCAKE!” She yelled as she tackled Ashton. She pinned him to the ground, he flipped her over. Blade threw punches and kicked him, but he blocked her. Phoebe pulled them apart.

    “Not the time Blade. We need to get there before Zach does.” Blade ran out first, then Phoebe and Zach. Ashton scrambled to get up, but Rocky ‘accidentally’ made him trip, making him go out last after Twan.

    Zach came out of Rene’s laptop that sat on her desk and walking into her main room, seeing her lay on the couch. Before he could go wake her, Blade rushed in the door and tackled him.

    “Zach,” she whispered, “we can’t do it! We have to stay in character!” Phoebe came in as looked at them on the floor. Twan, Rocky, and Ashton came in as well, all of them staying quiet.

    “Fine,” Zach said. Blade got off him and stood up. The room was silent, until Rene started to sing in her sleep softly.

    “There is a castle on a cloud/ I like to go there in my sleep/ Aren’t any floors for me to sweep/ Not in my castle on a cloud/ There is a lady all in white/ Holds me and sings a lullaby/ She’s nice to see and she’s soft to touch/ She says ‘Cosette, I love you very much’/ I know a place where no one’s lost/ I know a place where no one cries/ Crying at all is not allowed/ Not in my castle on a cloud…” They all looked at her, quiet. Rocky looked like she was about to cry, Twan held her close. Phoebe stood there, emotionless, same with Zach, Ashton, and Blade. Zach went over, kissed the red heads forehead and walked out of her apartment, hands in pockets.
posted by XxSilverScarsxX
Character’s Name, Nicknames, and Aliases
Naomi Piers. Nicknamed "Mel" or "Birdy". Aliases listed from most known to least: "Melissa Adams," "Joanna Heath," "Kylee Gillsburg," "Sarah Pike."

Age, Sex, Ethnicity
14, female, caucasian

Hair colour, Eye colour, Height, Weight
Hair is jet-black, eyes are emerald green. She is a muscular 5'9, 145lbs.

Scars, Birthmarks, Tattoos, Piercings and other Defining Features
Major scarring on arms, torso, legs, and face.


At birth, Naomi was pronounced dead. In reality, she was very much alive, and was taken to a School facility.

From the time she was taken to...
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So these are the PAST loves of Ciel(Harmonia), Dylan(Notte), Zeth(Loki), and then some BeccaXSam just for fun. Obvious, no one's dead...yet
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((SO this is all taking place after that Deception series I wrote(and never finished but I am writing an epilogue to finish it off). Anyway. Like R_L said this was a mutual agreement. Couples break up. It happens. I would like to thank her for being so awesome and calm about it. ily. anyway this is Blade's side))

She paced back and forth in her own apartment. The light outside had disappeared as if giving up on her and leaving her without any support in this decision. The darkness had shrouded the den, not a single light in sight. The curtains had been drawn and all light-switches cut off. She...
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posted by GlitterPuff

Every day she ran.

When she ran, her heart would beat faster and faster. Sweat poured down her body as she came to a stop, catching her breath. Her hands on her knees, back a bit hunched, her breathing labored. The concrete beneath her collected the drips that fell off of her and made a satisfying splatter, the street now becoming somewhat of a work of art. Standing back up, arching her back slightly as a small stretch, she began her run back home, holding one hand over her heart.

Running had always been her escape....
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posted by KatRox1
B/C you guys are probably UBER confused every time I talk about Bella...

Name: Bella Harmony Watson
Nicknames: Bells, Mercy

Age: 19 (as of January 2, 2014)

Alignment: Neutral

Powers: Previously able to create and control fire with her hands, her powers seem to have evolved to where she now can create fire with her mind. The only catch is that if she is not constantly focused, her powers take on a life of it’s own and will randomly spark fires on objects in her surroundings. Additionally, she is only able to be in direct contact with flame for no more than a minute or so. Her average body temperature...
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So this video resembles how because of the Rouge family's lifestyle and past culture, phoebes life was meant to be like this and how she was meant to be that 'Primadonna' type of girl.
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