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posted by Robin_Love
WARNING: This is violent. There isn't a happy ending. If you choose to read, be prepared.

“How long has it been?”
“Almost a month.”
“How is she still alive?! You said she'd be ours within the week!”
“Calm down; we underestimated her. But we won't do that again. She has to break soon. Then we can mold her again.”
“You better or-”
“Or what?! You don't have any power without us!”
“Don't kill her. You need her as much as I do.”
“For now. If she proves to be a problem-”
A knock sounded against the heavy metal door. It scratched the door as it was opened. A man walked in, dressed and armed like a military general. In his hands was a plate of uneaten food.
“She sent it back again?!”
“Never even touched it. I don't know how she's doing it, but she should be dead by now. It's not possible for any human to go this long without any food or water.”
“That's the problem; she's not human. Perhaps it's time to try a different tactic...”
A pair of eyes widened.
“You can't do that!”
Ignoring it, the other two shared a look before one spoke.
“Do your worst general. But keep her alive.”

The lock of her cage sounded and she looked up from her shrouded corner. The heavy sound of boots warned her of the sudden intruder. Like a rag doll, she was picked up and carried away. She was unable to open her eyes, too weak from too many weeks without food. But she could hear it again. The whispers and laughter. The others who were imprisoned just as much as she was. But they mocked her now. In the distant, she heard the sound of savage barking. It made her toes curl. She heard him laugh at her when she shivered.
“Don't worry; I have orders to keep you alive.”
There was a cold mock to his voice that sent shivers down her spine. The barking grew louder till it was overwhelming. The barking halted when they arrived, chilling her to the bone. It was too quiet. She could feel their desire to rip her to shreds. The door opened and she was tossed to the floor in the ring. She resisted the urge to look. Then she felt them bite her. Sent on the hunt. Biting and tearing into her skin, tearing it off and she could feel the warmth of her blood.
“I thought they said she'd fight.”
“Maybe she's not as great as they said.”
“No; she's just resisting. This is only part one of the torture.”
She heard their cruel laughing fade into harsh barking. She was tossed and bitten for what could have been days; she wasn't sure anymore. But she had no will to fight. No strength. And when they finally called them off, she couldn't feel anything but the blood on her body as she faded into darkness.
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posted by -BelovedRobin
I took break from homework and figured these losers need an upgrade. Just revamps of old ocs that i plan to focus on whilst posting drabbles on this club.
Known Alias: Nero more commonly known as Charm.
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Martial status: divorce
Height: hella tall
Country of original: no records
Family: Wife- Amara (deceased)
Adoptive-Daughter- Bonnie (8 years old )
Sisters (not actually related) - Abel (21) and Cain (19)
Affiliations: Fathom Syndicate
Enemies: Young Justice.
Manages to take advantage of his 20/20 vision and inhuman ability to "zoom" onto target...
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posted by Hot_ShotYJ
“What now” The man huffs out an annoyed growl.

“Cadmus is hurt. You said this wouldn’t happen! We made a deal, remember?”

“A deal cannot be made if the dealer can’t even hold down his own promises.”

“What, Sebastienne? She’ll be fine its juts a little motorcycle accident. Besides I’d already brought her back to the cave. She’ll heal.”

“She’s my niece!”

“Is this care I hear? I though you came here to….hurt her or something.”

“I came here to ‘hurt' her father but I need her for this.”

“Same thing,” Burke argued. “You hurt her father and she’ll...
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Name: Damian Hellsing

Nickname: D

Alias: None

Occupation: Vampire Hunter

Race: Vampire

Age: 160 years old, but, in what he calls, "human years" he's 18.

Personality: He's looks at humans as nothing lesser than him. He will not take a human's life unless forced to, or if they're just being stubborn. *COUGH COUGH* What?
He's kinda a tease, but is more often serious. He does have a soft spot for some people but usually does not show it, of course.

Appearance: He has lengthy black hair with burning red eyes. His skin, unlike what most stereotypes believe, is not super pale, it's a light color with a hint...
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posted by SilverWings13
Collaberation by TwanYJ/ Twan/ the Twaninator/ Big T and SilverWings13/ Ducky/ the chick that needs to stop making up redonculous nicknames for everyone. Enjoy~

Rene slipped on the vest over her sweatshirt and pulled the straps tight. She looked at the black mask on the table and studied it a moment before putting it on. 
"Why are we wearing this, again?" Rene turned to see Silver standing in the doorway. She was outfitted in a similar uniform- black face mask (tinted glass, to support her secret ID), camouflage sweatshirt, dark denim jeans, grey gloves, and combat boots. 
Rene shrugged, "This...
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posted by XxKFforeverXx
Yes, I did base him off angel beats. No, he isn't the same, just looks and personality!

Name: Hinata Kennedy :3
Alias: Hinata
Age: 18
Powers/Skills: -Posses a bit of magic, whenever he says "Godskill lvl 1,2,3,4 or 5" some sword or bostaff, will appear in his hands.
-Sword fighting
Weakness: He has his physical limits.
Past: Hinata grew up a happy and healthy child, but that all changed at the age of 5. Hinata went through a untreated case of untreated rheumatic fever, resulting in two of his aortic valves to stop working. Soon after, Hinata had to have surgery to recieve two metal aortic valves,...
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