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Fan fiction by brown-eyed-girl posted 9 months ago
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Wally entered the cave, coming back from the Halloween party at Megan and conner's school. He had a lot of fun, especially when Megan, Conner and him scared that kid that was pranking the school with a fake invasion. The look on that guys face was priceless. Wally checked the time on his watch; his parents weren’t expecting him for a few hours so he had time to kill. He thought of calling Rob to see if he was busy. Wally pulled out his phone and called Robin. After a few rings Robin picked up.
“Hey Rob, It’s me. Are you busy?”
“Uh, kind of”
“What are you doing” Wally asked.
“Uh, I’m on patrol” Rob replied sounding very nervous. Wally could hear something in the background. It sounded like laughing. He could make out a few voices.
“Dude did I just hear Trick-or-Treat? Are you Trick-or-treating?” Wally asked. The boy wonder, Mr. I’m-not-a-kid is trick-or-treating?
“What! No! I told you I’m on patrol. I’m watching the trick-or-treaters. You know making sure they’re safe. This is Gotham, the most dangerous City you know” Robin said.
Fan fiction by brown-eyed-girl posted 9 months ago
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Artemis was walking down the porch of the west house. She had come over to tell Wally’s parents what happened to Wally in Antarctica, that Wally was gone. She had spent a few hours there mourning with them.
“Artemis” Mary, Wally’s mom called out. Artemis turned and saw at the door way was Wally’s parents.
“Are you sure you don’t want to stay?” Mary said. Her eyes were still filled with tears.
Artemis knew she should stay. They had just lost their son and she lost her boyfriend. They all needed each other. But Wally’s parents reminded her so much of him and the whole house just felt like Wally, she couldn’t stand to stay any longer, and besides his parents had each other and Artemis really wanted to be alone right now.
“I’m sure. How about I come over for lunch tomorrow?” She asked.
They nodded. Artemis waved goodbye and got in her car. She was about 5 minutes from her place when the car started slowing down.
“No, no, no” Artemis murmured to herself as she started turning the wheel to an empty parking spot. She had managed to park the car in the spot before it stopped. Artemis checked the fuel. It read...
Fan fiction by Robin_Love posted 9 months ago
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The team trooped out of their mountain as the time for fireworks came closer. Their mentors had given them the day off seeing as how it was Independence day and some of the League members had not yet returned. Most of the others had decided to watch from the top of their home minus Connor who decided to stay inside due to his superhearing. Cassie decided to sit on the grass rather than join everyone else. The night was cool and she wanted to be alone. So much had happened since she had joined and with Diana off somewhere, Cassie felt a little alone. Besides, it might do her some good. She hadn't heard or seen Robin come over, so when he touched her shoulder, she jerked away.
“Sorry,” he apologized when she saw his face.
“It's okay. I just thought you were with the others.”
He shook his head with a smile that she returned. It was quiet for a few minutes before he spoke.
“How are you?”
“I'm okay.”
He tilted his head at her and she hoped the darkness his her blush.