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Fan fiction by banefan43 posted 20 days ago
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" So whos that guy " Artemis asks

" Deadshot " I reply " One of the deadliest assassins ever born an old enemy of your uncle Green Arrow. An old enemy of mine to. "

" Okay so you seem to know him the best. Lets see what you can do you take lead in this one." said Robin

I nodded " Aqualad you and robin take the duke try emp's or open him up a bit than short circut him,Artemis you and I will take Deadshot shoot im but dont stop running if you do your good as dead. I'll get em with my little toy here when he's distracted" I say holding a syringe

Robin and Aqualad attacked first " Now Artemis! " I shout

" On it " she said then ran while firing

Then I got my dart gun out put the syringe in it and shot. It landed on the back of his head. I then walked up to him and pulled on my metallic skeleton mask.

" Sorry forgot the mask earlier. And now Deadshot tell me do you feel the fear coursing threw your veins all from that little needle. " I say
Fan fiction by banefan43 posted 21 days ago
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(okay so this take place at the end of episode four after Bane is caught)

My name is grey the 15 year old heir of Bane many may say he is a bad man but he isn't when you get to know him. when i was young me and my parents were caught in a fire Bane saved me from under a large wooden beam and raised me as his student his friend his son. The bird and his friends have trapped him on the hill when I went to free him he was gone except for a note.

It read "Hello my amigo over the past few years I have taught you much but i may not keep you in the life of a villain any longer so with this heavy heart that I tell you to go with those young heroes join there team do good so you are not like me.

Until we meet again my son and amigo"

Astounded by this i do as told i walk down to the landing pad were the team of young heroes is. The robin sees me first.

" woah! who are you? " he asks

" I am Nightmare student of a man called Bane . I have come to ask to join your team, if you will have me." I ask
Guide by Dmazin_Kid8 posted 7 months ago
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We have to bring Young justice back to prevent cartoon network from becoming a "strictly goofy" channel. If were going to bring this show back and running we have to state our case until further notice. If all of the fans come together and act the show will be back.

Here's my plan
1. Go to cartoon network
2. Scroll down until you see Contact us click it
3. Then in category choose Programming
4. then topic choose other shows
5. After wards type your email
6. Put the positives of why YJ should return, talk about the outcomes of having a season 3, etc....

All you need is an email and your good. This will work if we spam them to the point of aggravation.
You can use your email more than once.