Robin would come and caress the baby.
I woke up fealing really sick,I was in the bathroom throwing up.
I herd Robin enter.
Ro-Robin?I don`t feel that good today.
"Yeah I know,here take this and read the instruccions take 5 then tell me what it says got it?"
Yeah,I think.He gave me some pregnancy tests I took all five of them and they all said Positive.
Robin Im pregnant I whispered.
"What?!Let me see them."He looked at them all with a shoked expresion.
Robin maybe it was you know last night?
"Probably,How are we going to tell Batman and The entire Teams the 2 of them?"
Thats a horrifingig thought.
"Yeah but we can`t tell them until your stomagh starts getting biggger by the month."
Okay so when im at my most we tell them?
"Yeah,in the mean time say your sick."
But what about M`gann she can read your mind but not mine.
"True,block mine."
Its not that easy you have to think about a barrier blocking your everysingle thought.
"Thats it?"
Yeah pretty much.
We used the portal to go over to Mt.Justice we had guilty expressions.

Recognized Robin B01 FireBlaster B07
M`gann came runing towards us with a Furious expression.
"I know that you have a baby,and the wedding is in two weeks!"
M`gann keep it low Wally is the last one that should find out.
"Everybody in the team knows"
Who the hell told cause only Robin and Alfred!!!
"No I read your mind and you had two brains!"
We keeped walking trying to ignore the fact that we are going to get pumeled by words.
"Okay we get it we messed up bad!"
Aqualad put his hands on our shoulders:
Thats not the problem its is that you did`nt trust us enough to tell us what happened.
"We did it there happy?"
Robin!More polite don`t say it like that!
"Well its the truth."
Ever heard of a white lie?
"Nop I lie no white lies."
Wally came over and bent down putting his ear on my stomagh.
Wally what are you-he cut me off.
"Im litsening to its heart beat."
I doubt it.
"Haaah in your face it does have one!!"
Robin came next to Wally triying to litsen.
"Its true its like a humming birds heartbeat."
Next in line was Conner but he did`nt wanna move closer.
Conner its okay you can litsen also.
He smiled and bent over litsening
"Its a fast heartbeat."
Kaldu`r did`nt want to litsen but it did`nt bother me its better than having four guys with they`re ears on your stomagh its emberasing.

The weeks passed and we moved the wedding until next year.Robin would sit with me caresing the baby all day.
I stayed behind on all the missions.
It was a blessing and a curse.
Months passed by until the nineth one.
R-Robin I stayed at Mt.Justice with everyone that month.
Robin!Everyone woke up and started picking bags and Conner carried me to the bioship and everyone rushed.
Conner Roaring:
She is going to give birth!we need a Doctor stat!
They took me away and it was horible I had no idead it hurt that much.
Then a Baby was crying.
"here you go,your baby girl."
Thank you,can you call my family in.
Everybody was happy Robin sat next to me and she opened her eyes they were purple.
"She`s beautyfull just like her mother."
She has your smile.
Conner looked at her and smiled I sat straight up and showed her to him.
See Conner,Wait what name should we put her?
NightFire.That one should blend with her.
shes dark like the night.
She grabbed my finger and tightened her grip on it.
She has super strenght.
She has super strengh.