The snow had picked up since I went down. I looked everywhere for them. They were simply gone. No trace of struggle or a fight. Then I noticed the foot prints going to the mountain. I followed them by air. I walked into the mountain and started looking for them there. Finally, I found them. They were in my room. Nobody goes in my room! I quietly flew in and saw them all standing at my bed with my mace on it, heads hanging.
“What are you guys doing?” I asked
“Mourning the loss of Alex” Wally asked, not looking up
“What happened?” I asked
“After she went down with the snowball, we looked for her. All we found was her mace. Connor couldn’t find her with his thermal vision and Megan couldn’t find her aura. After an hour, we gave up” Wally said
“Really? She was under for an hour?” I said putting an arm around his shoulder. By that time, everyone had looked up to see who Wally was talking to. They saw me and they all gaped. I smiled and shook my head, a clear sign not to tell Wally. I rubbed his back with my wing. I could see the gears in his working a thousand miles an hour and I held up three fingers. I put them down one at a time, counting down. At zero his head whipped up and looked at me.
“ALEX!!!!!!” He exclaimed. The team rushed to hug me and for once, I didn’t care guys were hugging me. I needed all the warmth I could get. When everyone started leaving, I grabbed them back, wanting more warmth. Suddenly, I started to feel faint and I felt sick. I swear if I didn’t vomit, I would pass out. I felt my nose and felt something wet. I took my hand away and looked at it. Blood. I walked over to my bed and passed out, blood still running from my nose. I heard Wally yelling at the team to get tissues and a thermometer. Then, everything went silent. My dreams were filled with the strange guy who helped defeat the beast. I now know him by ‘Night Wing’, though what he wanted or why he was there still evaded me. For some odd reason, I was fascinated by him. It was strange. There was something inside of me that just kept wishing to think of him. It was weird. I tried to identify the feeling, but I couldn’t. Was it curiosity? No, that feeling made me feel more giddy then wanting. I could only think of one other feeling that would do this to me, and I hated it. I refused for it to appear on men unless they were family. It was the worst feeling in the world. I think I had overly positive feelings for Night Wing. And by that, I mean-as the pretties would say- I had a crush on him. And since I repelled boys all my life, this was a horrible discovery. My head was suddenly filled with images of love. My eyes suddenly snapped open.
“NO!” I yelled as I sat bolt right up. I looked around; white walls, white curtains, white floor tiles. The infirmary. The only colour was a bag of blood and the guy in a black suit with the blue bird on it standing at the door. Wait, WHAT?!?! Blue bird?! Black suit?! It had to be an illusion, a trick.
“Night Wing?” I asked. He grinned.