“Now stir until the batter is nice and gooey”
“Remind me why we’re learning how to bake?” I asked Megan as we all put flour into our bowls.
“Because you said if you taught me how to play Call of Duty, you would let me teach you something. So, here we are!” Megan finished with a sunny smile. “Now stir until the batter is nice and gooey”
“I never thought I’d see the day when Robin was in a flower apron!” Alex teased me. Artemis and Megan laughed while the guys smiled. I started to stir. I wasn’t paying attention, so when I looked down, my batter was too watery. Alex saw and looked at me with pity.
“Hey Megan! I think I stirred my batter too long. How do I fix it?” Alex asked
“Add a bit more dry ingredients, then stir them in for twenty seconds” Megan instructed. I did what she said and it helped a lot. My batter was amazingly gooey. Batman walked in.
“Team. I need to speak to Alex” she walked over, followed by the rest of us.
“Alone” he added. We all looked at each other.
“I’ll be right back” she smiled. She walked out of the lounge with Batman. We saw her expression change when Batman finished talking. She started saying something, then broke off into tears. We all rushed over. She broke down onto the floor, sobbing like a lost child. I went over to comfort her, as she did for me when I was told I was the third Robin. She collapsed into my arms, still crying. I looked at Connor. He shook his head. Fine, if I wasn’t going to find out what happened from him, I’ll go to the source.
“What did you tell her?” I demanded. Batman looked at Alex for permission. She nodded.
“Her mother just died in an explosion… caused by Bane” Batman said. We all gasped and crowded around Alex to comfort her.
“I- I have no more family. None” Alex sobbed
“What dose she mean?” Wally asked Batman
“All of her relatives are dead. She has no grandparents, no aunts or uncles, and no siblings” Batman explained
“Uh… yes, she dose. She has us. And Shayera. And Red Tornado and Black Canary” I said, trying to cheer her up.
“Wait. There is someone I know who could help” Alex said quietly “But It’ll be tough to find her.”
“I’ll help find her. We all will” Kalder smiled and helped her up.
“Who is it? I asked
“An old family friend. Someone who took care of me as a kid.” Alex sniffled
“Who?” I persisted gently
”Hera. My old baby sitter” Alex managed
We saw her expression change when Batman finished talking.