NightMaster walked away holding Alex`s hand I was left alone with a bunch of people I didn`t know. Except for one person. "Xhadow long time no see!Hun?" "Wa-I mean Kid Flash hi."He hugged me realy tight."What luck."I said rolling my eyes. "You can`t still be mad At me for that little stuiped joke."He asked. "Thanks to you I can`t even look at a body of water... ofcouse I`m still mad." I wanted to walk away but had no were to go. Weather I liked it or not he was the only one who could help me get though this."You can go back to whatever you were doing" Bat Man said. Everyone walked off.I folowed.We were in a room that looked like a kichen."Cookies!?" A verey bubbly girl with green skin said."Ok." I said then took one."I`m Me`gann"She told me then walked off. She can cook I thought.

" These cookies are realy good!K I say takeing anthore one. "Thanks."She said. "There not as good as you! Kid Flash said smileing at her. Me`gann started to say something but I cut her off."GROW UP! You have binn flirting like that since you were nine!" I yelled at him. And you think after five years of lame pick up lines he learns they don`t work. "Well somebody gets me" A blond girl said."My name is Artamis by the way." I shook my head up and down slowly."Since were introduceing our selfs I`ll go next my name is AquaLad.Its nice to meet you.I heard a lot about your older sister Claire.""Cool." Welll look at that Claire has a stalker. This is a lot of names to remeber.

"You forgot two people." Kid Flash said putting his arms around two guys. "Well aren`t you two going to ontroduce your selfs!""I`m Super Boy."Said a tall boy with blue eyes and black hair. He was pretty hot but looked too old for me. I said hi back. Then a boymy age with a black mask stood next to him."I`m Robin.I like your outfit."He said."Ahhh...Ahh...Thank.Name.Xhadow...I think it is..." I turned and walked away. To emmbarrest to look back.Thata was wired I thought. I neverd talked to a boy like that ... ever!