We got in the bio ship and went to my old house. I went inside and grabbed the list of important phone numbers off the fridge. I ran back to the bio ship. I brought out my cell phone and dialed the number.
“Hello this is the operator. Who would you like to connect to?” asked the operator
“I’d like to speak to Hera my old babysitter. My name is Alex.” I said
“Okay. I’m putting her through” said the voice
“Alex? Is that you?” said a woman voice
“Hera? Is that you?” I asked at the same time
“Yes, of course it is!” she said
“Hera, my mother just died. I need an old friend. Please meet me at Happy Harbor in New England at the docks at –“ I checked my watch “at 3:00”
“Anything for you sweetie” Hera said gently and hung up. The team was silent. I looked out the window, hoping my signal was clear: I did not want to talk. I heard foot steps and Robin was beside me. I looked at him, and he looked back at me. A single tear dribbled off my cheek. One day, I would avenge my mother. And that day would be soon. Very soon indeed. I got Megan to drop me off at the docks. It was 2:59 and Hera was no where in sight. I sat down and looked into the water, not expecting to see what I did. In the reflection I saw Hera sitting next to me. I turned and saw her for real. She was in her favorite jeans with her white blouse. Her brown hair was braided with gold thread, which I figured was fake considering that real gold weighed like a million pounds. I looked at her with tears in my eyes. She sat down beside me and hugged me as I started to cry again.
“How can the Fates be so cruel and bare to live with themselves?” I managed
“It is not all the Fates that are cruel, just Atropos, cutter of the string of life” Hera caressed my head. I sniffled as I stopped crying. Hera looked upon my face.
“I have a present from your mother” She brought a locket out from behind her back. She put it on my neck.
“Your mother gave this to me and said if anything were to happen to her, to give this to you” I opened the locket to find a picture of my mother and my father. But this was no simple locket. It was real gold, and had two more slots then a regular locket.
“Hera? I have two questions: What was my fathers name and can I have a picture of you? I need to put it in here” I smiled
“You fathers name was Katar Talique. And of course” she smiled and reached into her bag. She brought out a picture of her in a beautiful dress that almost shimmered in the light. I put it in the locket and hugged her.
“To honor her, I will plan your mother’s funeral” Hera said “I will invite any other family friends or neighbors. But for now, let’s go get some ice cream” Hera said as she helped me up.