“What do you think you’re doing?” Batman asked
“Uh, I uh we…” I started
“Wait, we? Oh, now I know what you were doing” Batman smiled
“You do?” Robin asked
“Yes, and I’m sorry I ruined your alone time” Batman said. “Ah, young love”
“Woah, whoa, whoa! Love?!” My whole face turned red. I looked at Robin and his face was the shade of a cherry.
“Listen, Bat’s we weren’t having alone time. I was trying to find out what you were doing and he followed me!” I explained
“Mhm. Yeah, right” Batman walked away “Anyways, I have a mission for you. I was about to ring the mission bell when I heard a shush” At that point I glared at Robin. When I looked back to Batman, he was in the centre of the mission room, about to ring the bell. We walked in. Well Robin walked in. I walked over to the bathroom, then remembered that I was wearing my costume underneath. I flew into the rafters and quickly changed, putting on my mask and taking off my regular clothes. I flew back down, ready for work and apparently, Robin did the same as I. The rest of the team was already there. I looked at Wally, and for once, he looked away. That was odd. Usually he winked. I shook my head and focased.
“Team, Bane has escaped. He has set up a series of explosions in Times Square in New York and is going to blow them at midnight.” Batman said
“Wait, as in the Bane that killed my mother?” I asked
“Yes. That is him. But beware, he has grown in strength since you last faced him” Batman warned us “Dismissed” We all headed to the bio ship, me in the lead. Finally, I would avenge my mother. We all entered the bio ship and I sat in my seat in between Connor and Kalder. While everyone else talked, I sat in silence. I was planning on how to take down Bane. I would not kill him, no matter how much I wanted to. I would make him pay though. That, I was sure of. I looked out the window. I saw the giant Christmas tree set up in the middle of Times Square. I looked around for the man that took my mother from me. And I saw him alright. He was setting up bombs everywhere!
“I’ll take Bane. You guys take the explosives” I volunteered
“Alex, you don’t have to do this alone” Kalder said
“Yes, I do. It is the only way to get my sorrow and despair out.” I whispered
“Fine. But we’ll be as quick as possible” Kalder agreed
“I wouldn’t expect any less” I smiled and got up, readying myself to go down and have a little ‘talk’ with Bane. I flew down and landed behind him.
“Hey! Ugly! Stop what you’re doing and turn around” I said. Bane turned around just as I picked my mace up. He laughed. I smacked him with my mace and he hit the ground with a thud. ‘Easy’ I thought. Until he got up.
“Hey! Ugly! Stop what you’re doing and turn around” I said. Bane turned around just as I picked my mace up.