“Your tough chica, but Bane is tougher! I was sent to face the justice league. I was trained to face Super Man!” Bane gloated
“I’ll just have to get creative then” I said, flying high. I spiraled down at some what astonishing speeds and bashed Bane. I could hear the team struggling with the bombs. It was already 11:45. I kept attacking Bane, trying to get all my anger and sorrow out. This was the Bane that took my mother from me!. I kept smashing until he pulled me to the ground and kept me down, punching me. 11:58.
”Wait! I’ll make a deal!” I said as he raised his arm to strike me.
“What’s your offer chica?” Bane asked
“If you don’t blow the bombs and give the remote to my team, I will give you myself” I bargained.
“Hawk Girl, DON’T!” I heard Wally yell. It was followed by a chorus of protests. Bane considered for a minute.
“You make a good deal chica. Okay, I agree” Bane nodded, throwing the remote at my team. He let me up and I followed him to a car. I tripped and fell under the car. He pulled me out and shoved me in the car. I rolled down the window and looked out. The team was watching me. I waved good bye and gestured to the now leaking oil. I managed to sabotage his engine by accident while I was under there! I saw Kalder nod in acknowledgement. My sacrifice was not in vain. I knew that when I saw KF find all the bombs and Kalder deactivate via the remote. I kept the window rolled down so I could watch the scenery go by.
“Hey Bane! Where are we going?” I asked. Then I got an idea.
“No where you need to know” Bane said. It was risky, but I knew it would work. I looked out the window. We were on an empty road in the middle of nowhere. Perfect.
“Do you mind if I sing? I’m a very good singer!” I said
“Sure. Go nuts” Bane dismissed me. I started to sing; but it wasn’t a song I was singing. It was a single note that made humans sleepy. I sung it for twenty seconds before Bane passed out. I pushed him out of the front seat into the passenger seat. Then I got another idea. I opened his door, pulled him out and threw him into a barren field. Then, so he couldn’t get back for a while, I started driving back to New York. I opened all the windows and the sunroof and turned on the radio to listen to some music. After a while of driving, I pulled into a Wal-Mart parking lot and walked over to the doors. I walked in and grabbed a cart. I walked down the gardening tools aisle, grabbed some chains, then walked down the food aisle and grabbed some chips. Pringles to be exact. I paid then got in the car, drove back to Bane, chained him to a tree, pulled out a permanent marker from the glove box and wrote: Merry Christmas on the chips and left them with Bane then drove away.
It wasn't a song as much as a single note