I didn`t know were I was going. I just kept walking then Bat Man came on the loud specker. "Please come to the misson room...NOW!!" Thank God I wispered to my self and ran into the misstion room. Everyone was already there. Wow they move quick I thought."Now that everones here..." Bat Man beggings. "We need you to investagate a lab in central city. Its rummord they are makeing a drug that can give you superpowers and make you high. But it only last five minest and has a terribel and perment effect on the body. Turing them into monsters...strong ones. If the rummors are true we need this team to down lod a file onto this USB. Then get a sample of that drug. It should be like your never there. Don`t try to take any one down thats the leage. Am I clear?!" Yes everyone answerd. This misstion sonded crazy. But I`ve bin on crazyer with my old team back at home.